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I'd like to point something out, 'Geet. Focus Sash Weavile to Garchomp or Rayquaza who Dances on the switch...

Obviously Chomp hits first and gets Weavile down to 1 HP. Then...

252 Atk Weavile Ice Punch vs 4 HP/0 Def Yache Berry Garchomp: 67.88% - 80.45% (2 hits to KO)

252 Atk Weavile Ice Shard vs 4 HP/0 Def Garchomp: 73.74% - 87.15% (2 hits to KO)

So yeah, Weavile hits back with a weakened Ice Punch, then uses a priority move to KO Garchomp. This is pretty much the same thing that happens with Yache Rayquaza, just different percentages. So yeah... your point is kinda moot there.

And no, you can't just assume that Sandstorm will always be up.
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