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In case it gets deleted prematurely, I'm going to go ahead and leave the current tally here:

Originally Posted by UPN room on P-O
Keep this message. Up to 20 names. List starts here: T Y M T B T D S Y K T D S D T
B = Blaze
D = Daisy
K = Kuno
M = ?
T = Talon
Y = Yuki

Pretty sure people have signed in and not left their name behind but w/e. ^^; The purpose of the experiment was for me (well, for anybody, but mostly for me ) to gauge how often I was signing in relative to others since I feel like I don't sign in very often, maybe once every two weeks or so. But according to this, I sign in at least as often as people who remember to update the topic also sign in.

When we hit 20, feel free to change the topics freely again. But be sure before you do that to copy over the final list here. Thanks.
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