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Round 4

Rocky was barely holding on as he knelt on the cold hard floor a fine sheen of sweat covering his body. James wasn't looking too hot either after that last battering he took but was able to slowly get back to his feet to stare at his opponent. Both shared a look of admiration of the other. Neither were backing down and both had proven their strengths in this battle, now the end had come and it was time to see who had the metal to finish the other.

Rocky makes it back to his feet and amazingly pushes through his paralysis to take his Frustration out on James who is beginning to look terribly bruised from all these physical assaults. He swayed on his feet at the end of the assault but remained righted. He began to concentrate on Rocky and to Absorb his health but the Rhydon had prepared for this and Detected the move preparing to dodge. Unfortunately his luck had run out and his body locked up allowing James to drain his remaining health. Rocky collapsed to the ground unconscious from his multiple injuries. The referee frowned that the match was over already but began to swish her way towards the downed behemoth and checked him for signs of movement before holding her hand towards James.

"The Rhydon is unable to battle, Keith and his Vileplume are the winners"

Health: 01%
Energy: 10%
Status: KO'd from his injuries

Health: 08%
Energy: 21%
Status: Spd - Ice Energy Depleted

Congratulations to Missingno. Master and James who played well to their advantages to win their very first battle. For your victory James received this Expert Trainer Trophy . James receives two TM's from the Coins for Prizes for his victory

Commiserations to Yuki.N and Rocky. You were unlucky with the type matchup but did really well and had some good luck for the most part to really make MM and his Vileplume work for his victory.
Rocky receives 1 XP for participating in the battle.
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