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Stardust Fields

King Ghidorah

The battle keeps on going, as Venonat attempts another Tackle move on Krabby, who takes it directly, a little too tired to even try to dodge. Krabby staggers back a bit, then uses the remaining of its Rock reserves for another AncientPower, knocking Venonat backwards, and it weakly gets to its feet. Venonat, tired of being hit, tries a different tactic, releasing yellow Spores from its antennae that float over to Krabby. Krabby, as he is Stunned, gasps. And gasping can be dangerous if there are deadly spores in the nearby air, as there are right now. Krabby inhales the Stun Spore and instantly his body begins to lock up in paralysis. Fortunately, Krabby doesn’t need to move to perform his next technique and he opens his pincer wide to allow a high pressure stream of Bubbles to be released, not very different than a Beam which soar towards Venonat, popping with large impacts when they reach it. Venonat cannot take the pain anymore and collapses, knocked out as Krabby’s paralysis wears off. Krabby clicks his pincers happily and you toss a Pokeball at the fainted Insect Pokemon. A red light envelops and absorbs Venonat as the Pokeball falls to the floor and a ping sound is made, and it seems you have caught the Level 05 Female Venonat. Level up for Krabby.

Now that you have Venonat, what will you do?

”WHOOOOOOOOOO!” exclaimed Hugo. Finally, the first capture has been made. Hugo walked to where the Pokeball lay on the ground and grasped it. Venonat would make quite the addition to the team providing new and exciting modes of attack, but being a female, she broke up the boy’s club team Hugo had going and provided a little estrogen to the group. As they say, hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.

“We did it, Krabby!” Hugo exclaimed to his starter. “I’m so proud of you! I knew you had it in you!”

Hugo turned and looked to Krabby, who smiled and raised it’s pincers in celebration, but the wear and tear of battle with Venonat, not to mention the first encounter with the Galvantula was showing. He was scratched up and bruised after the hard fought victory, and Hugo knew that in order to keep going he needed to get Krabby some rest and medical attention.

He walked toward the crab Pokemon and lifted it up, cradling it.

“You did good, buddy,” Hugo said. “And I thank you for your hard work. You need some rest.”

*click…click * responded Krabby, agreeing with a sense of exhaustion.

“Venonat, too. We need to get her all healed up as well,” he said.

*click click click click click * said Krabby.

“I know,” responded Hugo intuitively. “I want to find out more about this Silver character, too. This guy has a serious attitude problem and he thinks he’s so great. Arrogance is a fatal flaw. There’s got to be more to this guy. I want to find out what his deal is.”

“Let’s find you some help and see if anyone knows anything about this guy. If he’s really as strong as he appears to be…and he certainly thinks he is…other people around here have to know something about him. So let’s go find out what that is.”

With that, Hugo, Krabby, and the newly captured Venonat tucked inside her Pokeball, set out to learn more about this mysterious character.

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