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Re: Jirachi's Casino

Originally Posted by Arnold
Lucky Draw Results
Ticket #55 Xuande – A Figy Berry

Xuande (1,000 each)
Spin #01: Violet Wynaut (0 coins)
Spin #02: Yellow Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #03: Red Pichu (15,000 coins)
Spin #04: Orange Azurill (0 coins)
Spin #05: Blue Togepi (0 coins)
Total Win: 15,000 coins
Collecting 1 Figy Berry and 15,000 coins. Reinvesting 5,000 coins on Roulette (1,000 coins per spin), all bets placed on Red Pichu. Taking the remaining 10,000 coins back to the Coin Exchange.
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