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Jessica released her lip, swelling with satisfaction. The stars had answered her prayers, it seemed, and forwarded them lots of luck. But it wasn't just fate that won them; it was the courage and fortitude her fighter showed throughout the match, which Jess now fully recognized as proof of her independence. Pride and momentum would have propelled her onto the field to retrieve her little - no, grown-up victor in a swinging embrace, but the ref's warning look and threat of latent geysers gushing stayed her. Instead, she serenely pointed her Pokéball at Pip, who exchanged a weak but warm smile before restoring to her home for a much-needed rest. Planting a soft kiss on the red surface, she whispered, "Good job."

Pocketing the capsule, she turned to trace the edge of the perimeter in order to reach Balmund's side and thank him for a hard battle, congratulating his prowess. (She was far too elated to notice any concerned looks at this point.) After giving her gratitude to their referee, she began to head back down the mountain, eager to go home and tell her sister the good news...

OoC - Picking up my Beginner Trainer Battle Trophy and +2 Levels for Piplup, raising her from Lv. 22 to Lv. 24. Thanks for a great match, Balmund! And thanks for breaking my character's mind reffing, Stacey! <3
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