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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Loved the turnout this week, thank you everyone who has entered.

3rd ~ DaisyInari wins TM Natural Gift + Blue Apricorn

And our monthly winners get these nifty goodies:

1st ~ DaisyInari wins TM Overheat + 2 Rare Candies + (choice of a Triple Daycare Pass or Base Booster Pack 4)

Just a quick note, please don't edit posts from three weeks ago with scores for this weeks games or you will be skipped. After a shop has been updated you cannot edit a post made prior to it whether it be the Arcade or another shop. From now on I will only be accepting scores submitted after the last update made in the thread.
And for Daisy, you've been a member for more than two months now and haven't yet opened a Bank or Coin Exchange account. If you can please make sure you do so ASAP I'll appreciate it because all of your coin and candy transactions need to be posted in the appropriate threads, especially now if you're also going to be taking part in the Arcade and possibly winning coins and/or candies.
D: Yeah, sorry about that. I am creating them as I type this though! Still...

Picking up these prizes (I chose the Daycare Pass)! They're wonderful, thank you~

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