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Originally Posted by Arnold View Post
Happy Easter to all, hope you don't get too much of a stomach ache with too much choccies

- When given to a Pokemon it raises it's level +3.
- Very Hot Cross Bun: When eaten by one of your Pokemon the said Pokemon learns the Move Crossfire

Crossfire (Fire)
Much Similar to the move Cross Chop, but with an added fiery bonus, when used the user's arms engulf in flames, when hit the opponent takes the same damage as Cross Chop and has a 10% Chance of being burned, the user if not a fire type takes small damage from the move for every second it's used and also has a 10% chance of being burned.
Contest Effect: + 2 Points if user is last to appeal
Appeal Points <3 <3
Jam Points <3

x1 which includes
x3 Mysterious Gummi
x3 Purple Gummi
x3 Black Gummi
x3 Sky Gummi
Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

That mischievous Easter Buneary has again visited the FB Staff Lounge in the dead of night to leave pressies for you all.
Arn, Arc and I have divvied them up and will again hand out our share.
From me this year you will receive:

x1 Super Pass for all your training needs (Non-Tradeable) Expires 10th April 2012.
x1 2012 Edition Chocolate Pokeball which is made of 100% pure chocolate and works like a normal Pokéball.
x1 Golden Egg which you can either cash in for 3,000 coins or use as a base decoration. Cashable value expires on 10th April 2012.
x1 Chocolate Pokéblock that will give +40 Cute Stats to the Pokémon who eats it. Expires 8th July 2012.
x1 Chocolate Memory Berry which, when eaten by your Pokémon, will allow it to pluck information from its own DNA to help it relearn four moves it has forgotten through evolution or to learn four egg moves it wasn't born with. In some instances, your Pokémon may even learn a combination of Relearned and Egg Moves (Non-Tradeable) Expires 10th April 2012.

And finally, as a bonus gift, your choice of EITHER:

x1Trading Card Palace Pass to the value of 75,000 coins (Non-Tradeable) Expires 15th April 2012.

x1Egg House Pass which will allow you to hatch a guaranteed Rare Pokémon from your chosen egg (Non-Tradeable) Expires 29th April 2012, and you don't need to have your first zone capture in order to use this pass.
Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Happy Fizzby Chocolate Bunny Day!!
(Otherwise known as Easter)

Woohoo CHOCOLATE!!!! *eats all the treats to be given away*
Ooops, my bad. I just can't control myself around a bar of delicious melt in the mouth cocoa and it looks like I've eaten everything ;-;
Oh wait .... I forgot about the Hampers I kept in case of such emergencies. You don't have to go without after all. Yippee!!

The Chocolate Lover's Hamper
Within each hamper are the following goodies:
1 x Silver Egg (Cashable for 1,000 coins or can be used as a pretty base decoration)
1 x Chocolate Milkshake (Teaches a Pokemon a new EM or MT move they have yet to learn)
1 x Chocolate Candy (Raises a Pokemon 3 Levels when eaten)
1 x White Chocolate Candy (Raises a Pokemon 4 Levels when eaten)

And ... a Choice of ONE of the following:

Chansey Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Softboiled)
Togepi Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Metronome)
Pidove Chocolate Figure (when eaten teaches Featherdance)

All items and their uses expire on the 15th April and are NON TRADEABLE

Enjoy the sugar rush ... I am *bounces off the walls* ^-^
WOW!!! So much for free?! You guys are so awesome!! ^_^ Thank you!

Arnold -
- Picking up a Hot Cross Bun
- Feeding a Very Hot Cross Bun to my Growlithe to teach him Crossfire
- Picking up the Gummi Bag with x3 Mysterious, x3 Purple, x3 Black and x3 Sky Gummies

Tess -
- Picking up a Super Pass
- Picking up a 2012 Edition Chocolate Pokeball
- Cashing in the Golden Egg for 3,000 coins
- Picking up a Chocolate Pokeblock
- Feeding a Chocolate Memory Berry to teach my Growlithe the egg moves - Crunch, Iron Tail, Heat Wave and Double Kick
- Picking up a Trading Card Palace Pass

Arc -
- Cashing in a Silver Egg for 1,000 coins
- Letting my Tangela have the Chocolate Milkshake to learn the Egg Move Giga Drain
- Feeding a Chocolate Candy to my Growlithe to raise him from Lv.7 to Lv.10
- Feeding the White Chocolate candy to my Tangela to raise her from Lv.4 to Lv.8
- Feeding a Togepi Chocolate Figure to Tangela to teach her Metronome

Thank you so much all of you!!! Love You and Happy Easter Fizzby!!
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