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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Daily Pick Results*
Ticket #16 Flame Mistress – Wins 1 Candy

Flame Mistress (200 coins each)
Spin #01: Yellow Pichu (0 coins)
Spin #02: Yellow Pichu (0 coins)
Spin #03: Green Wynaut (0 coins)
Spin #04: Red Togepi (600 coins)
Spin #05: Blue Pichu (0 coins)
Total Win: 600 coins

Fixed Lucky Draw Members
Ticket #16 Flame Mistress – 18 draws remaining
Yaaaaaay *scoops up Candy and 600 coins* Too bad about the coins though. Oh well, at least I got that lucky Candy. Moving on.*

Paying 600 coins on the Roulette, 120 per spin, all on Yellow Pichu. Taking back 1x Candy to the Bank, and that's all. Thanks!
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