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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
Trading a Dusk Stone and a Lv03 Murkrow (M) {w. 10 BPs and 10 points in each Contest Stat Category} to Rotom310 for 4x R. Candies.

Attacks: Brave Bird, Confuse Ray, Drill Peck, Featherdance, Perish Song, Screech, Peck, Astonish, Dark Pulse, Twister, Heat Wave, Spite, Uproar, Air Cutter, Vengeance, Snatch, Thief, Embargo, Payback, Roost, Pluck, Whirlwind, Razor Wind, Sky Attack, Ominous Wind, Fly, Defog

Trade Confirmed.

Thanks, and enjoy, mate!
Trading Candies for Murkrow & Dusk Stone~

Thanks again Hayward~! x3

--_--Trade Closed--_--

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