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Originally Posted by kusari View Post
They made a comeback. And clusterfuck of one too.


Yep. I remember the Keepers/Samurai vividly.
Hilariously, after over 6 months of Samurai and Gravekeepers being distinctly tier 2 decks, and the format being relatively balanced between dinorabbits, tengu plants, TG stun, darkworlds, and other decks, with Wind-Ups and Inzektors dominating now, Samurai and Gravekeepers are now the two most effective ANTI-meta decks... It's a hilarious twist of fate in my opinion. Samurai's wreck Inzektors, and Gravekeepers wreck Wind-Ups, but neither can efficiently counter both decks unfortunately.

Edit: with that, i'm heading to bed... Have a tournament tomorrow xD

Thanks Pengy!

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