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Originally Posted by Muyotwo View Post
I always kept a BEWD in my Heart of Exodia deck (I actually invented that archetype! It was a good time) just for shits and giggles. I really enjoy coming up with decks to use the old monsters, I had a REBD burn deck that was all right (though not as good as my regular burn decks). My favorite decks are still the Heart of Exodia, Normal swarm and machines- but I imagine with all the synchro shit they'e put out there's no way Limiter is still at 2 or three per deck *checks* yep, restricted. Sad times indeed.
That reminds me, speaking of old decks.

2006, two of my friends and I go to a mall tournament. These three kids come up to us, want a two on two battle, winner keeps the opponents rarest cards. 2000 life points each.

My friend stupidly says "yes", and I sit down and we go this thing. My other friend just watched. See, he was running a dragon deck based around old school cards.

What comes next was nothing short of a miracle. I shit you not:

they play their monsters, and look really smug, then I go, then he. He shuffled well and everything.... plays Lord of D., Flute of Summoning Dragon, summons 2 Blue Eyes, pulls out another card (forget which), but it allowed him to summon a Blue Eyes from his deck to the field. In one move, 4 monsters, 3 Blue Eyes.

The two kids grabbed their cards and ran with their friend.

We reported them to a judge, and the judge went to track them down and gave us three free boosters each.


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