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Archetypes can still be fun as you can grow attached to them and do everything you can to make that archetype or deck theme succesful despite all the new decks. For Example, one of my favorite archetypes is called Reptiliannes... They're terrible. Despite how bad they are, when I wanna play casually, I try to build them up so they can play competitively, as a challenge. Usually I do bad, but sometimes I win with them, and that's fun!

The other challenge is in finding NEW combos, which is really challenging. My friend had an idea for a deck using Elemental Heroes a few months ago, and gave the idea to one of our friends who made top 8 with the deck at Nationals. Completely original deck using cards he enjoyed, and now that deck is a big threat. It shows that anything is still viable.

One of the newest decks coming out soon runs Blue-eyes White Dragon and Curse of Dragon because of the need to summon normal dragon type monsters. I thought it was pretty cool

Thanks Pengy!

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