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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Yeah, this sounds like Vintage blue decks in MtG. With the right opening hand, the game is over on Turn 2.

Dunno why you'd even want to play such a game. Or how you're able to find others who would want to play with you. Is it really fun to you? Sounds pretty dreadful, to be quite honest. I wouldn't mind playing Deoxys in an old school block (and I'd still probably get my ass handed to me), but I don't think there's even any point in playing your deck if it's something that says, "Turn 1, you only have two cards in hand and it's only going to get worse from here." If I can't draw, I can't play. If I can't play, then fuck the game. At least in MtG, if a combo deck is going to shut down card draw, the victim at least has a good opportunity (3-4 turns minimum) to see it coming and maybe do something about it. This ... this just sounds like a waste of time.

I agree, that doesn't sound fun at all. It just sounds like it boils down to whoever has the most OP cards in their deck, not strategy. I'd be down for an old school duel Talon, that would be refreshing. I don't think you'd get your ass handed to you, by the way, I haven't aged well with the game. I would have a very difficult time playing again without practice, even in 2007-2008 style rule sets.

I did get into MtG a few months ago because of some friends and because the guy at the local comic shop gave me four free Planeswalker decks. It's fun, but I began to sink money into it and stopped myself immediately from pursuing any further. Nowadays my friends and I will just bust out a huge box of cards and play 3 man EDH. Fun as hell, drinking makes it better.

Also, Tdos and phoopes, nothing quite like MSTing an MST that MST'd your other MST that was trying to stop _____, am I right?
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