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Originally Posted by Tuner89 View Post
Talon, you have NO IDEA how right you are, as painful as it is to admit it. Yugioh is a VERY fast, broken game now. My deck forces you to start your first turn with only 2 cards in your hand(after drawing) and the other top deck right now destroys 2+ cards on the field every turn, while summoning 2500+ beaters every turn.

Although, the highest level fours are still 2000 ATK
As an old school duelist, fuck your deck and fuck Konami for making it possible. That sounds OP as fuck and I want no part in it.

I'd play again if I could play with the way it used to be, with the old cards only. I wouldn't want to even see any of the new cards. Like I said, YGO died to me after Cybernetic Revolution.
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