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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
I'm stuck in the past, I think, where the four-star elites were Vorse Raider and Gemini Elf. I can only imagine that, in an effort to get kids to keep buying cards, there are probably four-star monsters now that have stats like ATK 2500 DEF 2200 or ATK 3300 DEF 1700. Crazy shit that wouldn't have even qualified for 6-star status back in the day, it'd have been deemed too good.

My attitude is, "Let me just play you with my old school deck." But unlike with MtG where old school = most powerful school, I get the impression that with YGO there's probably crazy trap and monster shit I'd never have even dreamed they'd print that would make me rage pretty hard if you sprung it on me.

Talon: I swing with Vorse Raider and Summoned Skull.
Tuner: I block Summoned Skull with Pyero the Wicked. (ATK position, ATK 1700)
Talon: That's it?
Tuner: That's it.
Talon: Okay, then. Well I--
Talon: Excuse me, what?
Tuner: It's the Trapsplosion phase.
Talon: "Trapsplosion phase"?
Tuner: Yeah, didn't they have Trapsplosions back in your day?
Talon: No, I thought you were just being silly.
Tuner: No, dude. It's Trapsplosion time.
Talon: So what happens.
Well, since you attacked Pyero the Wicked with a Fiend, that means I gain 3000 life points.
Talon: Huh!? Why?
Tuner: Because I activate my Trapsplosion card "PYERO'S FIENDISH DESSERTS!"
Talon: 'If your opponent attacked this turn and you blocked with Pyero the Wicked in attack position, you lose no life and instead gain 3000 life points.' What? That's bullcrap!
Tuner: Yeah, and it gets better. Check this out! "RELEASE THE KROOKEN!"
Talon: Release the
Tuner: Yeah, it's a reference to a monster from Forgotten Realms.
Talon: "Forgotten Realms"?
Tuner: *sigh* ...
Anyway, it says that all of your monsters die now.
Talon: What.
Tuner: And you lose life points equal to their attacks.
Tuner: Squared.
Tuner: Plus 200 more for every card that's still in your--
Tuner: Well geez, you don't have to be so crabby about it.

That about sums up my feelings on it. Fuck everything after the "Cybernetic Revolution" set, and even that is a stretch. Cyber Dragon was a great card, but OP. 4 stars, 2200 attack, can only be summoned if your opponent has one more monster than you (I think, may be wrong).

I still have my good deck somewhere, but last time I tried to find it (a few months ago), I failed horribly. I'd like to go through it and write out a list of what I used to share it with you guys for opinions...
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