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Originally Posted by kusari View Post
Graceful Charity has been banned for quite some time if I recall correctly.

As has been said in the TO, I played a cliche Burn deck years ago, then switched to Nurse Burn for a while. After that came trying out other cards that people who follow the meta like a religion said I was retarded for using just because they were anti-meta. That lead to my extreme disdain for meta and my quitting the game. Though as of late, I'm considering casually playing again. Won't touch competitive play.

Also, I hate the Xyz mechanic. Who's with me?

I'm with you. Fuck this franchising of the XYZ Dragon Cannon into a whole slew of fucking monsters. It pissed me off almost as much as the "Elemental Hero" phase. No, it pissed me off more. It was stupid as fuck... When I found out about that I faceplamed hard.

I don't think you're dumb for using anti-meta, I think it's bold and unique.

I hated the Nurse decks. They were always OP, and when I got one, I tried to make a Nurse burn deck, but failed miserably because a. I lacked the cards necessary and b. didn't care enough. So I stashed it in my binder and never looked at it again.

I also tried a DD Chaos deck (loved warrior lady and Bazoo the Soul Eater. Also Dark Ruler Ha Des was fun).
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