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On Eternal Duelist Soul (YGO 5?) for the GBA, I used to run a mean Maha Vailo deck. IRL, the only Yu-Gi-Oh cards I own are the ones that came with that GBA game (Angel Dice, Skull Dice, and some other card) and then the old school Yugi and Kaiba pre-constructs that I purchased in 2007 when YGO fever flared back up. In other words, I don't own shit. But digitally, I had an awesome deck.

And yes, Raigeki is an amazing card. Learning from kids in college that Raigeki was banned was pretty much what killed any interest I may have ever had in actually buying YGO cards. And then they banned Change of Heart ... and Monster Reborn ... and restricted Giant Trunade ... and the whole game just went to shit (sayeth the outsider).
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