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Re: Flavour of the Month

Originally Posted by enchantress
With it already being the third day of January it's time to get this done.

Shadowshocker and Joshua have tied for first place giving them a choice between one Triple Move Tutor Pass and a Rare Fossil Aerodactyl Trading Card, OR 3 rare candies, and TM's Avalanche & Ice Beam.

Unfortunately FOTM has once again failed to succeed in bringing in enough entries or to keep enough judges in order to stay on as a long term addition to FB which means that we're closing up for now. Perhaps one day we'll give this another go, but now doesn't seem to be the right time.
Pity about the Flavour. Thanks to all involved in this little sector of FB, and congrats as well to Joshua.

Picking up 3 Candies to feed the gapingly empty repository, as well as TM's Avalance and Ice Beam.

mfw no more mill rogue
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