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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
I don't hate them ironically, and most people don't. I dislike their abuse of the four chord song, usually G C D E or B, and yes, many bands do, but they use it as the basis behind almost every song. And then they throw on some lyrics about sex, drugs, or getting drunk, and apparently that's enough to call it a song. Also Chad Kroger produced one of Daughtry's album, so, no surprise there as to why they sound like Nickelback... I mean, if you really like them, then that's good, but I won't lie when I say I sincerely thought you were trolling.
I don't like any songs that are blatantly about sex, drugs or getting drunk. I know they've done a few, and while I find the "music" entertaining enough, I dislike the lyrics. I'm not studied enough to make any judgements on their song technique though, I just like it. Their uplifting songs though, which I'd listed, I especially love.

I had no trolling intentions though, I liked all the bands I listed, and had no idea they could be considered trolling points..

Anyway, not going to continue as to keep this topic on topic.

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