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Demise: Level 3 Male Houndoom
Special Training: Man's Best Friend
Demise is fiercely loyal, and determined to get the job done. Because of this, he cannot be confused. He is so determined to follow through with his orders however, that 'if' orders conflict him too much, because he is afraid to make the wrong decision. Because of this, Demise cannot be ordered an 'if' order.

Lumiere: Level 2 Male Litwick *Shiny
Lumiere has gone long periods with its flame on serving as a guide through dark caves, and relief through the night. Because of this, Lumiere is not used to keeping his light off.
Special Training: Bright Light
Lumiere's light burns brighter than the average Litwick's. This means that any attempt from a foe to use a visual move on her (Leer, Mean Look, Glare, et cetera) will result in temporary blindness on their part akin to the effect of Flash. However, her flame cannot be turned "off" so that it does not produce light, and she is therefore much easier to spot in dark and low-light areas.

Phantom: Level 2 Male Gastly
Special Technique: Shadow Switch (GH)
Using a significant amount of energy, Phantom can dissolve into the shadows and return to his pokeball much like Baton Pass. This switch does not carry over stat changes.

Kermit: Level 2 Male Croagunk
Special Training: Determination
Kermit is a determined pokemon and will always deliver one final attack before fainting due to damage. This final attack is often less powerful, depending on the situation.

Flutter: Level 2 Male Beedrill
Special Attack: Hidden Power (Rock)
When Flutter was a young little Weedle, he was carried off by a Pidgeot who was looking for a snack. Miraculously, as Pidgeot was heading to his nest, a bunch of Geodude threw rocks at it, and saved Flutter. To help him out, the Geodude taught Flutter how to defend himself against flying type pokemon in the future, in the form of a Rock typed Hidden Power attack.

Pepé Le Pew: Level 2 Male Stunky
Special Training: Pepper Diet
Pepé loves to eat jalepeńos. Because of this, he is used to hot things. His constant familiarity with high temperatures gives him an affinity to the Fire-Type, granting him much more fire energy(refs discretion on the ammount) than usual.

Rhapsody: Level 2 Genderless Metang
No Signature Move

Eggs: Level 2 Female Chansey
No Signature Move

Tentastu: Level 2 Male Tentacool
No Signature Move

Natural: Level 2 Female Roselia
Special Attack: Petal Switch (Grass)
Using good energy, Natural Surrounds herself with petals before returning to her pokeball in a similar fashion to 'Baton Pass'. Unlike Baton Pass, stat changes are not carried over to the next pokemon. Natural can only use this twice per battle.

Nightwing: Level 2 Female Zubat
No Signature Move

Hefty: level 2 Male Trubbish
Special Training: Awful Smell
Hefty's stench is TRULY horrible. In addition to the chance of flinching caused by his species characteristic, his scent has a 15% chance of poisoning any pokemon close enough to smell it, including allies in a double battle.

Mobius: Level 3 Male Slowking
No signature move

Pinkie Pie: Level 1 Female Sableye *Pink color
No Signature Move

Duckie: Level 1 Female Cranidos
No Signature Move

Captain Pollution: Level 1 Male Koffing
No Signature Move

Completed matches:


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