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This time, it will be right! Right right right. Two matches completed.

Welcome to the ParanoiDome! Here, schizophrenics and psychotic have been constantly monitored as part of an ongoing government experiment to observe the activities of these disorders in everyday life! I would advise against drinking the water, and every sprinkler has a rainbow in its spray. In the center of the stadium is an elliptical field, and this is where we'll be battling today. Step on the platforms there...and there! And let those little helicopter blades carry you to a nice, safe position, as the field is quite small.

To begin, we have two relatively veteran competitors, one by the name of Talon87 and the other by the name of Satan. This ought to be a close one, determining from Satan's unholy reputation and Talon's swift demoralization of the Time Out thread. Let's begin!

Originally Posted by Talon87
Level 6 Male Absol
Level 6 Male Spiritomb
Level 6 Male Gengar
Level 6 Male Weezing
Level 6 Male Chandelure
Level 6 Male Tyranitar
Originally Posted by Satan
Level 6 Male Tyranitar
Level 6 Male Tentacruel
Level 6 Male Spiritomb
Level 6 Female Banette
Level 6 Male Dusknoir
Level 6 Male Houndoom

Houndoom, strut your stuff and eat a few souls while you're out there, mmkay? Show 'em what a real hellhound is like.
Originally Posted by Talon87
That's sooooo predictable Tyranitar, Stone Edge followed by a Direct Contact Earthquake!
Originally Posted by Satan
Not so fast! Take the Stone Edge, but Counter the Earthquake and respond with Rock Smash! Give him HELL!
Oh, dear Lord. I mean great Satan! Please don't kill me! As our two competitors take the field, they both appear to be pretty evenly matched. This is going to be a tough fight. One sends out a Houndoom, the other a Tyranitar. They're both scary, so let's look at stats instead.
Houndoom: (Dark/Fire) Any burns caused by a Houndoom’s attack do more damage than usual. A Houndoom can see in the dark, and has sensitive hearing, at the expense of increased vulnerability to sound attacks. Much like the Growlithe family, while more reluctant to bond, they are fiercely loyal to those who earn their trust. Houndour and Houndoom have a unique language (composed of barks and howls) that only they understand. In events like the Grand Melee, trainers may order their Houndour or Houndoom to deliver a message in such a language. Only trainers with Houndour or Houndoom will be able to understand the message.
Tyranitar: (Rock/Dark) Having gone through various stages, Tyranitar are now very powerful. Their Earthquake attacks are the most powerful among Pokemon. It also carries over its tough hide from Pupitar, which reduces all damage it receives from physical attacks.
Well, should be an interesting fight. Yay!

Starting off, Tyranitar roars a challenge. The hellhound squares off, readying himself in preparation for the next move. Tyranitar takes the initiative with an evil gleam in his eye, stomping the ground. His foot crackles with energy, which spreads out in a pattern around his massive body. The energy connects with the rocks in the soil, raising a cloud of stony chips that form into clusters and shoot out at Houndoom. Houndoom yips in pain, sliding back a little from the intensity of the assault, but shakes himself off and returns to the field, prepared for anything. As per orders. Tyranitar, filled with a towering rage, charges faster than anything that size has a right to be, charging a fistful of Ground energy for Houndoom to take...and the hellhound glows red, growling low, as the enormous lizard slams its fist into its body. Satan's minion grits its teeth in anguish, taking terrifying damage, but the attack rebounds straight into Tyranitar's middle! The tyrant lizard is thrown back, roaring in pain and anguish. Not wasting a second, Houndoom charges Fighting-type energy into his head and rams Tyranitar's sturdy, hard body, dealing a considerable blow. The two competitors square off again, making frightening noises below as Tyranitar roars a challenge and Houndoom replies in the screams of the damned, fired up and prepared for battle..

"It looks like Houndoom will not be playing fetch in hell tonight; a little R&R is more like it. He's still fairly fresh in battling terms, though, and he'll muster up some energy yet. The Stone Edge/earthquake combo was a nasty blow to Houndoom's health, dealing obscene damage and placing Houndoom a little ways past the midpoint. Energywise, he's a little ways into his second quarter, and his Fighting energy is entirely gone. Might fuel another Counter if it's something like Scratch or Tackle, but somehow I doubt those kinds of moves will show up. Fresh and raring to go.

On the other end of the field, Tyranitar is doing poorly. He took a metric ton of damage from the Rock Smash and Countered Earthquake, placing him a light way above the quarter mark. Another super-effective hit of any kind and he's a goner. Energywise, he's doing well, only into his first quarter, and if it weren't for the awful damage he took he'd be utterly fresh. As it is, the two opponents are evenly matched.

I expect to be paid in fresh souls for this. Especially you, Talon, I know you're more efficient at ensnaring the newer ones (not that I don't enjoy a vintage soul and would snap one up given half a chance)

Elsie: I'm really not quite sure what to do with're clearly perfectly capable but you keep engineering the most ridiculous scenarios. Message me your calculations behind this (Damage, anything you RNGed during the reffing) and we'll go from there...

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