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Re: Happy Chrimloween FB!!!!

Originally Posted by Arnold
The night where you should all be tucked up safely in your beds,
the night where evil santa wakes the dead,
where Zombies roam in the new year air
everyone takes that last single prayer
until the Arnie god comes and kicks some Ass!!!!

YES I may be drunk, but that doesn't mean you all miss out on some new year cheer, in FB we want to bring out the best, we are the best and we want to kick ass into the new year so this year, you shall recive from Arnie is a Goodie bag of epicness that will hopefully tantalize your taste buds and let us go forth and continue:

in that is:
x 2
Energy Ball TMx1
x 2,000 coins

and thats your lot for the year, I hope you've had a good one, I know I have and I hope you have a great new year with soem epic stuff happening for ya =D
Collecting a Goodie Bag, with the following contents:

x1 2008 New Year's PokéBall
x2 Rare Candies
x1 TM Energy Ball
x2000 Coins

In 30 more minutes, it'll officially be 2008 in FB.
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