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Ollie's New and Improved Squad Summary

Trainer Level 3
C Rank Referee

Wins: 12
Losses: 9
Draw: 1

47 KOs/100 TP/0 SP

Current Battles

Matches under my Supervision

Spoiler: show
Level 4

Theodore: Level 4 Male Steelix

Coope: Level 4 Male Gallade

Level 3

Agnus: Level 3 Male Haunter
Spoiler: show
Bio: This Gastly was the first Ghost Pokemon I captured, and the inspiration for my dream to lead a Ghost Gym. He’s incredibly spirited and loves to battle worthy opponents. Agnus respects powerful Pokemon and aims to become stronger with each foe he faces. Instead of becoming upset when he loses, he trains harder to overcome his obstacles. Out of battle, he’s always in a jolly mood and thinking of ways to help the team have fun after a round of serious training. Agnus’s happiness is infectious and refreshing after a long day.
While training to become stronger in battle, Agnus developed a soul-stirring battle cry that gave him some interesting advantages.

Sig Move: Haunting Call
Agnus gives a rousing battle cry that gives him a minor boost in Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed. It takes 1.5x the energy of a Howl and can be used twice in a battle.

Louis: Level 3 Male Croconaw
Spoiler: show
Bio: While traveling through Pastoria City in Sinnoh, I stopped to take part in the Great Marsh to catch some rare Pokemon. While struggling through the swamp, I began to lose my mind. Or so I thought. I heard music coming from the depths of the Cyprus trees. It couldn’t have been real though. It sounded like a sax, but who would be playing jazz in the middle of the marsh? As I trekked further into the thick of the woods, I saw the source of the sound. It was a Totodile. A Totodile that sang and mimicked the sound of a saxophone. I couldn’t believe my eyes…or ears. So I had to catch him. It wasn’t easy; he still had all of the ferocity of a Totodile and his movements were rhythmic and tricky. It was an even bigger surprise when he used moves like Sing and Hyper Voice on my squad, but in the end, we managed to add him to the team. Louis took to the environment quite nicely. He’s a great battler, but enjoys singing and dancing more. He loves performing for the squad and having an audience; all of the wild Pokemon wouldn’t have anything to do with him because of his quirky nature. One day, he’s gonna be on stage and play jazz like one of the greats.

Sig Moves: (lol Disney)
Louis can use the moves Sing , Hyper Voice, and Teeter Dance twice per battle (once for Sing, of course), but he forsook Screech and all of his slashing attacks(Slash, Dragon Claw, Shadow Claw, etc…) because of their lack of entertainment value. He cannot perform any combination of the moves more than twice in a match

Augustus: Level 3 Male Skarmory
Spoiler: show
Bio: Augustus, though a new member, has already experienced a few tough and interesting battles. He's been exploded on by a Magic Conch, electrocuted by a sentient weather balloon, and KO'd a Quagsire while knocked out himself. He's quite reckless brave, often believing that as long as he hits the opponent hard, any recoil he receives is of minor consequence. However, he also knows that to win his battles, he must be careful with his health, and has trained to reduce these consequences by quite a bit.

Sig Ability: Power of Bravery
Augustus can perform any self-damaging attack without suffering any recoil once. The second attack will only inflict half the normal recoil. Any other attempts after that will deal the usual recoil.

Wicker: Level 3 Male Torkoal
Spoiler: show
Bio: Wicker has been with me from the start, and is my most reliable companion. His determination has a ferocity that defies even powerful Water Pokemon. When we were traveling Hoenn with my older sister, we were forced to camp on an island south of Mosdeep City during a terrible storm. We set up camp near a nest of ferocious Marshtomp without realizing it. To defend their territory, they attacked. Wicker fought adamantly to protect my sister and I, keeping the amphibious Pokemon at bay until help arrived in the form of my uncle, a sailor that lives in Pacifidlog Town. Wicker will battle to the bitter end, either taking his opponent down with him, or making the competition an easy target for his allies. He’s usually very serious, even outside of battles. Despite his lack of good humor, he means well and would do anything to help his team. True to the defensive prowess of his species, he’s quite capable of taking hits. Unlike most Torkoal, however, he’s capable of dishing them back out.

Sig Move: Bide
Wicker can use Bide.

Hughes: Level 3 Male Dratini
Spoiler: show
Bio: Hughes is very gentle and mellow. Though he doesn’t express a profound joy like Agnus or Abigail, he still shares the same good mood. Very few things disturb him, so he has a solid disposition in battle. Despite Gemini’s history with dragons, the two get along very well and train with each other often.

Sig Moves: Mellow Yellow
Hughes can use Calm Mind, Zen Headbutt, and Focus Energy. He cannot use Swagger, Dragon Rush, or Hyper Beam.

Alepo'i: Level 3 Male Shiny Pikachu
Spoiler: show
Bio: I found this fun-loving Pikachu on the shores of California. This mouse was quite adept in surfing the waves, and even better at creating his own with his Surf attack. This wild Pikachu appeared to have been trained in the art. My entire squad was as drawn to the Pikachu as I was. Eventually, we met him on the beach. We invited him to join us for dinner that evening, and we all enjoyed a hot meal on the beach. The next day, he was back to surfing again. As I watched him, I came to realize that he was proficient in many different Water-type moves that a Pikachu doesn’t normally learn. It became clear to me that this Pikachu must have had a trainer to teach such moves. So, we continued to spend time with this surfer in order to further understand his ways. He was often very serene and easy-going when on land, opting to take things slow and steady. But, the Pikachu changed completely when he was around water. There was a gleam in his eyes that expressed a joy so pure, that I couldn’t properly describe it. Still, I wondered about his trainer, for he surely must have had one. Finally, after spending a week on that very beach, I began to interrogate the locals to see what I could discover. Many of them turned the cold shoulder, and a few only shook their heads and showed pained expressions. I was getting ready to give up on it altogether. Then, I was approached by an older gentleman. He asked that we have dinner at his house. We were accompanied by his Golduck and Kingler while we ate. After dinner, he escorted me outside and told of a sad story.

“The Pikachu’s trainer was quite the surfer. The mouse inherited his love of the water from that young woman. She had raven hair and blue eyes, and her skin was dark. A lot of the local men were infatuated with her beauty and frivolous attitude. She only had one Pokemon, that was this Pikachu. The girl raised him from the day he hatched from his egg. She would go on to teach him how to surf as she did, and pass down her great love of the water.
But one day, a tragic accident fell upon them. They were surfing among a more treacherous shore, littered with jagged rocks and scattered debris. It wasn’t like her to take such risks, but she was feeling needlessly daring that day…I suppose. She seldom made a mistake on her board. By some cruel misfortune, it was that day that she slipped and fell among the rocks, wrapping her arms around her Pikachu to protect him.”

The man had shed a tear now. It was clear to me that he knew the girl, or was related to her, so I offered my sincere condolences. The man scrutinized me for a moment before speaking again.

“You should take care of that Pikachu.”

The next morning, we found the mouse at his usual spot, surfing the waves. He recognized us immediately and approached again. The joy that illuminated from his face became a lazy curiosity when I held my hand out to him. When I asked him to come with us, he appeared shocked at first. Then, a brief sadness washed over his face. I thought I might lose him then, but before I knew it, he had jumped into my arms and nudged one of the extra Pokeballs in my vest.

Special Training: Pikahuna (Water)
Alepo’i is familiar with Water energy similar to a true Water-types familiarity with Ice energy. As such, he is a better and more agile swimmer than other Pikachu, but cannot breathe underwater for any longer than a regular Pikachu could. Along with this familiarity is access to the moves Water Pulse, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, Water Gun, and Soak. Alepo’i does not know how to use Sing, Teeter Dance(He’s trained all of his life to be balanced), Iron Tail, Encore, Zap Cannon, Charge, Volt Tackle, Brick Break, Toxic, Double Team, Rock Smash, or Fake Out.
Alepo’i will never evolve, for his current form represents the memories that he shared with his previous trainer. He is considered evolved from a damage perspective only.

Watson: Level 3 Male Riolu

Mary: Level 3 Female Flaafy

Kennedy "The Gentleman": Level 3 Male Electabuzz

Penelope: Level 3 Female Remorade

Montgomery: Level 3 Male Druddigon

Sarah: Level 3 Female Shieldon

Beatrix: Level 3 Female Scyther

Freya: Level 3 Female Cloyster

Level 2

Holmes: Level 2 Beldum

Harlequin: Level 2 Female Wartortle

Level 1

Iop: Level 1 Male Fletchling

Ragnarok: Level 1 Male Honedge

Carmine: Level 1 Female Sableye

Azalea: Level 1 Shiny Female Mawile
Spoiler: show
Mega Stone: Mawilite

Baldur: Level 1 Male Durant

My Squad and Stats

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