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Had a bit of a relapse recently and picked up Cities and New Surrender by Anberlin. One of my favorite songs.

I don't expect it to be a band anyone here would enjoy, but maybe I'd be surprised, who knows. I must admit Talon, I'm a bit surprised that you have two Nightwish albums, and good ones, too. I've never heard the song you linked before, and I've never heard of the band... it's not bad, but not exactly my cup of tea. It's funny, my musical tastes actually vary quite a bit. I appreciate a lot of music and enjoy quite a bit on all sides of the spectrum (except country. Eugh.) So I guess you could say I'm a mixed bag :P

Other than that, not much. I'm planning on going through and listening to the Scott Pilgrim: The Game soundtrack later. Love Animaniguchi.
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