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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
They were milking it in the past. It's just that the milking's only gotten worse.
3 times worse from the previous era (GBA/GC)! Does that mean there'll be 90 games between the 3DS/RevU -_-?

Originally Posted by phoopes View Post
Pokepark Fishing
A downloadable game for the DS. Limited download in Japan only.
Wow thats really interesting. When I saw download I assumed DSiWare but that... not only is it the first PokéPark but I can't be purchased/owned! In that case I wonder if it should count. Wonder why they didn't make it a DSiWare release or a permanent Nintendo Channel download.

Pokemon Battle and Get, Typing DS
Yes, typing really is a game. You can acquire over 400 different types of Pokemon in the game, as the Serebii page says. While it can't interact with any of the other games, it's a standalone title where you can catch Pokemon.
Thats good enough for me!
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