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Originally Posted by Hayward View Post
Question: What are the properties of the Relic Band I received during the Gen V DW event? Is it simply similar to the games and merely a cashable item?

Just curious about Gen V Pokemon birthdays... will the calendar be updated to include the new releases, or will it be re-written? I have a feeling it will probably be the first option, but was just wondering.

The new items have been added to the CE. Sorry for the delay, I completely overlooked them. Additionally, while adding them I've revamped the exchange rate on most items to closely match the games so you'll all see a difference there.

As far as the relic items go, I didn't realise just how valuable they were in-game until looking up the exchange rate so I have an idea for an FB use for them which I'll need to run by Arn and Arc first so don't be too quick to cash them in just in case we come up with an alternative use for them which may be even better.

The Calendar has also been updated.

Originally Posted by blazeVA View Post
If my Pokemon has two different abilities, like Rock Head and Sturdy, can I choose which one my Pokemon has?
Yes you can.

Now for everyone's reference, mostly the newcomers as this will only be affecting them, I've finally updated the Starter Packs to include more coins. It was formerly 100 coins, it's now 3,000 (just like the games). It's been something I keep meaning to do each time registration opens but I forget every time so it's finally done.

I'll backdate this to January 1 2012, so if you've already picked up your starter pack simply edit it to include the additional 2,900 coins and don't forget to edit your Coin Exchange post as well. If your CE Balance has already been updated by me just post again with a link to this post so I can credit you the additional coins. Sorry for the messing about, but hopefully this will help you out in these early days.
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