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Originally Posted by Torkoal Stu View Post
Florence + The Machine, like Mumford And Sons, took ages to grow on me. I listened to Lungs about 3-4 times before I finally 'got' it. Now I absolutely love her. I don't know what it was that took me so long to like about it. But I just absolutely love her voice. And the new album didn't disapoint either. My only real criticism was that Lungs was more spontaneous, like Kiss With A Fist was like 2 minutes of pure energy. But like every song on Ceremonials is like 4-6 minutes, but Lungs would have like some long 5 minute songs and some short like 2 minute songs. So I feel Ceremonials could have benefitted from some much smaller more sponetaneous energetic songs rather than a whole album of these really long massive songs. That said though, it is a really good album~
It was definitely the same for me originally. I heard 'Dog Days Are Over' and decided that I had to go and listen to the rest of their songs. After a couple of run throughs of her album, I realised that I had fallen in love with her voice and since then I have absolutely loved Florence + the Machine.

Now as for what I am listening to:

- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
- Lykke Li
- Rent OBC
- Avril Lavigne
- Glee
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