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As I've only just discovered this thread I've got to backtrack to comment on posts that I would have commented on if I had seen them at the time.

Also a good way to procrastinate!

I don't like singling myself to one genre or anything but I guess if I had to at a push I'd definitely say like Popy/Dancey/Electroy Music like Girls Aloud or Ellie Goulding. I absolutely music that you can just get up and dance to. But, like most people, I like artists from many different genres so my iPod is quite diverse. I also have a really big love of acoustic music. And I'm quite into artists like Adele and Alicia Keys. I'm not really massively into really heavy music, so if I'm ever a fan of a rock band it tends to be the less rocky rock bands that real rock fans would look at and be like 'that's not a real rock band'. But I'm ok with that.

I've recently become quite obsessed with this girl called Gabrielle Aplin who is from the city where I go to university and she is trying to make it 'big' and she makes kinda acousticy music which is mostly her and her guitar but she is also still exploring her sound. But it largely has quite a raw, almost-but-not-really folky vibe. Her new EP comes out tomorrow so I'm excited to get my hands on that~

And my other new obsession is Lana Del Rey, who releases her album at the end of the month, I'm also expecting big things from this year. Her first two singles were really good and I love her whole image. Though, her live performances I've watched on Youtube seem quite lacklustre but maybe she is still getting into the swing of things? But yeah she's pretty great~

And now onto the posts already posted:

Originally Posted by deoxys View Post
Oooh yeah Muse are brilliant. They're releasing a new album in October (or late 2012 anyway) and I'm pretty excited~

Originally Posted by Lonely Cubone View Post
Most recent album purchases for me (yes, I still buy albums) have been The Vaccines and the new Hard Fi one, which are pretty good Indie fare, more dancy from Hard Fi but still good.
That Hard-Fi album was really good, really glad I bought it~
I saw The Vaccines performing on a TV Show the other month and I kept meaning to check them out properly. I'll have to remember to listen to their album soon.

Originally Posted by DaveTheFishGuy View Post
I've recently picked up a few newer albums from up and coming artists, including some of this year's big breakthroughs such as The Vaccines and Ed Sheeran, along with the new albums from The Wombats, Friendly Fires and Example. Not had much chance to listen to them since the radio dominates most of my listening time.
Ed Sheeran is amazing. His old EPs were really good so I had reserves about his album but it thoroughly impressed me. I don't know why I had reserves considering many of his old EP tracks do appear on the album in. But yeah he's pretty good. And I love Friendly Fires and Example too, I've seen Example twice and both times he's been hilarious and his two latest albums are pretty good. The Friendly Fires latest album was also probably one of my 2011 album highlights too.

Originally Posted by Handymankg2 View Post
Constant favourites for me have been what I like to call 'Radio 2 Music', including the likes of The Feeling, The Killers, Keane, and more recently Mumford/Two Door Cinema Club. I listen to some more indie stuff as well. But the main sploge of my music is either stuff I've inherited from my brother/parents, or Synthpop/Britpop as I'm a huge fan of both. (The Human Leauge, Pulp, Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Blur etc).
All the artists mentioned in this post. Especially Two Door Cinema Club. At first I was really unconvinced by Mumford And Sons and really found them overhyped, then one day I find myself singing Little Lion Man and now they've just really grown on me. I'm excited for their follow up later year this.
And you can never go wrong with The Pet Shop Boys and The Human League <3

Originally Posted by Patches View Post
As for music, lately it has been just a huge amount of anything. Found myself very into Arcade Fire though. o.o;;
I find myself in a love/hate relationship with Arcade Fire. Though 'We Used To Wait' from their newest album is an amazing song.

Originally Posted by Roglef View Post
Spotify is great too. if you guys want invites to that, I can hand them out. I'm listening to a bit of Alfred Reed and Muse/Coldplay. Getting ready for Coldplay's new one next month!
Obviously since you posted this Coldplay has released that album and it was pretty great. As much as I love Rihanna I was unconvinced that Coldplay/Rihanna would work but with the direction they took for the album it worked perfectly. I think it's probably my 3rd favourite Coldplay album. Because Rush Of Blood To The Head is my favourite, followed by Parachutes, followed by this one, followed by X&Y followed by Viva La Vida And Death And All His Friends. Which is my least favourite by a fair mile, because there are some killer sand out songs on it like Lost and Viva La Vida and Violet Hill, something for it for me just didn't work.
But Mylo Xyloto is a fine piece of music.
And Coldplay are probably one of my favourite artists ever. Definitely in my Top 5. I saw them live once and it was just indescribable. Chris Martin is a legend.

Originally Posted by Ethereal View Post
No Doubt
No Doubt are awesome. They're doing a new album this year aren't they?
I'm going to hold my reservations until I hear it but I'm a bit sceptical because they were apart for a long time. But you never know, they could restrike gold.

Originally Posted by PikaGod View Post
- Florence + The Machine's new album
- Kelly Clarkson's new album
Yes to both of these~
Florence + The Machine, like Mumford And Sons, took ages to grow on me. I listened to Lungs about 3-4 times before I finally 'got' it. Now I absolutely love her. I don't know what it was that took me so long to like about it. But I just absolutely love her voice. And the new album didn't disapoint either. My only real criticism was that Lungs was more spontaneous, like Kiss With A Fist was like 2 minutes of pure energy. But like every song on Ceremonials is like 4-6 minutes, but Lungs would have like some long 5 minute songs and some short like 2 minute songs. So I feel Ceremonials could have benefitted from some much smaller more sponetaneous energetic songs rather than a whole album of these really long massive songs. That said though, it is a really good album~

And Kelly Clarkson is just great. Her latest album was great. Except my favourite album of hers though is probably My December, just because she had to fight her label so hard for it to be released and it was a really different side to her. So I'm excited for the day she leaves the label she is with so she can follow this direction further, because she always talks about at gigs and stuff how she can't wait to do more stuff like that.
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