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Re: Tis the season.....

Originally Posted by enchantress

On the first day of Christmas
Arnie Claus gave to thee
Two yummy candies of the rare variety.

On the second day of Christmas
Santa Loki gave to thee
A pretty Heart Scale that he fished up from the sea.

On the third day of Christmas
Elfish Wayney gave to thee
An Ice Beam TM that is sure to freeze.

On the fourth day of Christmas
Fiery Tessie gave to thee
A Cranberry Memory Berry plump and juicy as can be.

On the fifth day of Christmas
Big Boss Arnie gave to thee
An Icy Rock that makes Hail fall consistently.

On the sixth day of Christmas
The Devourer of Koalas gave to thee
A Double Daycare Pass for raising your pogeys.

On the seventh day of Christmas
Our special Wayney gave to thee
One shiny golden Nugget to make everyone happy.

On the eighth day of Christmas
The Sexy Ninja gave to thee
Promo Articuno Card detailing an icy legendary.

This Promo Articuno Trading Card is a rarity indeed for those of you who appreciate the value of collectible items. You won't be seeing it appear in FB very often, if ever again, so now is the time to claim one of your very own. For those of you who are more interested in it's battle statistics, you can find its details here.
Not sure how much of this I ought to have quoted, but ...

Collecting 1 Promo Articuno Trading Card all the same. Thanks!
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