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A lot of stuff happened. Basically I got the first 4 badges and a lot of pokemon died (mostly because of critical hits D: ). In one incident, I was battling this guy with a Slowpoke. He setted up with Curse about five times while I kept Leering it to cancel out the defense boost but his attack was so crazy that it swept half my team before I killed it D:. I also traded back and forth with an old comp. friend to evolve Blaze the Graveler into a Golem so he can live to his fullest potential . I'm not sure of what I should evolve Eevee into. I'm thinking an Umbreon since it's bulky but then he would've be that useful against Chuck. At the moment I'm just grinding before I face Chuck.

Millie - Level 29 Milktank (F)
Blaze - Level 26 Golem (M)
Aquaman - Level 21 Quagsire (M)
Shuckle - Level 20 Shuckle (M)
Frodo - Level 16 Oddish (M)
Bud - Level 5 Eevee (M)

Kara - Level 20 Magikarp (F)
Zuzu - Level 6 Zubat (F)
Fleur - Level 6 Hoppip (F)
Burgh - Level 10 Caterpie (M)
Paola - Level 20 Poliwag (F)
Tentacles - Level 15 Tentacool (M)

Ronan - Level 2~4 Rattata (M)
Oliver - Level 5~12 Gastly (M)
Omlet - Level 1~15 Togepi (M)
Spira - Level 3~15 Spinarak (F)
Scrambles - Level 9~11 Exeggcute (F)
Swagsire - Level 6~17 Wooper (M)
Artemis - Level 13~15 Stantler (F)
Noctum - Level 2~19 Hoothoot (M)
Teach - Level 12~22 Nidorino (M)
Helios - Level 14~24 Growlithe (M)
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