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Going to start a HG Nuzlocke. Will be going by these rules:

-No starter (Get rid of starter once first mon is caught)
-No duplicates

VM me or something if you want to be named as a mon.

Edit: Started it last night.

So I picked my starter, a Totodile, so that my rival would have a Chikorita and breezed through the beginning part which was talking to Mr. Pokemon and Oak, followed by an epic level 5 showdown with Silver. After getting mah ballz I went into the grass to catch some pokemanz. Ended up finding a Hoothoot, whom I named Noctum. After training him a little, I went into Route 46 hoping to find a Geodude, instead I found a shitty Rattata, Ronan. When I arrived at Cherrygrove we said goodbye to the Totodile and headed into Route 30 where we found a Spinarak, cool I've never had one before. After weakening it a bit with Noctum, I switched to Ronan to weaken it even more, except Ronan critted that little spider to death D:. Moving even further we came across a wild Hoothoot with a decent level at the time. I sent in Ronan since he was still level 2 and needed the exp but the rat was critted to death, Karma's a bitch. Moving even further, we found another Spinarak (yay) which was successfully caught and named Spira. In Dark Cave, I caught a Geodude which I named Blaze because Blaze wanted to be a rock. Stopped after arriving at Violet City.

Noctum - Level 7 Hoothoot (M)
Spira - Level 4 Spinarak (F)
Blaze - Level 2 Geodude (M)

Ronan - Level 2 Rattata (M)

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