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idk who or what you use me as, just try not to kill me.

Edit, I guess I'll update.

I just defeated surge in Heart Gold, was relatively simple, except for the wtf Magnet Bomb OHKO of Kuno. ;; that was going to be the 4th gym he'd soloed, damn that Magneton. caught Kairne the Magnemite outside of Vermillion, but after Kuno died just haven't been into it really. Afterwards, Rangeet and I_D wrapped things up, but Rangeet was also nearly killed by a crit shockwave, he lived with 2 HP though.

anyway, team ASB after vermillion

I_D (Gloom) Lv.59
Rangeet (Machoke) Lv.50
Quintowill (Girarafig) Lv.56
Brandan (Gyarados) Lv.52
Stblk (Skarmory) Lv.51
... I don't know who to add here?

Daisy (Beedrill) Lv.32
Firewater (Noctowl) Lv.48
Weebos (Nidoking) Lv.45
DTFG (Slowpoke) Lv.35
ABL (Persian) Lv.31
Kratos (Drowzee) Lv.22
Muyo (Dragonair) Lv.34
EmpoleonDynamite (Ampharos) Lv.46
Kush (Typlosion) Lv.45
Roseheart (Voltorb) Lv.23
SP.Eevee (Weepingbell) Lv.43
Treep (Tentacruel) Lv.45
Kuno (Graveler) Lv.52
PASBL: Record: 61-55-8, 361.5 TP, 174 KO, 2.5 SP, Trainer Level 5
My ASB pokes

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