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Dewott Slash's ASB Summary of Summariness

Slash's ASB Summary of Summariness

Spoiler: show
- TL5 Accomplished Dec 4 2014
- TL6
- beat Sneezey in a fair fight
- Someday have all my Pokemon completely leveled
- A Few Tokens
..- Seasonal (Firebreather's)
..- Type-Enhancing (Twisted Spoon, Metal Coat)
- Own Three Badges
- Buy a Six-Pack of Slots

Trainer Level 5
Trainer Points : 376 (TL6 req met, 44 to TL7)
Knock Outs : 134 (6 to TL6)
Service Points : 1 (30 + Gym Match to TL6) (6 debt to Miror)
Wins : 50 Losses : 36
Draws : 10
Pokemon Slots: 56 (56 filled)

Spoiler: show

Fundamental Badge
Global Badge
This Badge represents the perils and dangers a new Trainer must face, earned by besting Slash in the tall grass.
Badge Effect: Basic Perils
Statuses and debuffs inflicted by the badgeholder's Pokemon are more potent and harder to dispel. While these effects are still subject to diminishing returns, they are slightly less affected by them.

Spoiler: show
Reaper's Token
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Birdkeeper's Token (10 SP):
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Candymaker's Token
The Candymaker's Token drips with syrupy sweet sugar and hums with the pleasant aroma of fresh baked poffins. It can be attached to Fairy-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. The bearer will become acutely attuned to almost any arena and use techniques which manipulate the environment for half the usual energy cost and with much greater effectiveness than usual. Techniques which aid an allied Pokémon are similarly diminished in cost and enhanced in effect. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fairy type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2014 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

New Life Token
The New Life Token symbolizes the exhuberance of youth and the energy and joy that springs from new life. This token can only be attached to Pokémon that are not fully evolved (i.e. are able to evolve further but will never evolve) and will prevent their evolution. Pokémon holding this token will feel slightly more energetic than average, allowing them to go without a one-mover or rest for one round longer than average, akin to the Fighting-type's resistance to tiring. In addition, their tenacious nature will allow them to negate any evolutionary bonuses they find themselves faced with. This token may be purchased during the Eater 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Bugcatcher's Token
The Bugcatcher's Token represents the youthful vim and vigour of the Bug type and its traditional aficionados. It can be attached to Bug type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The bearer will gain a large boost to the accuracy of their moves and will be able to see in any environment, whether dark or hazy, without increased vulnerability to Flash or similar moves. The bearer's status inflicting moves will be 30% more likely to inflict a status, which in turn will be much more potent than usual, and the bearer will become highly resistant to statuses themselves. Bearers which specialise in unconventional movement types will be granted increased mobility and speed. This item causes the move Fling to deal Bug type damage if it is thrown. It may be purchased during the Christmas 2015 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Sculptor's Token (10 SP):
The Sculptor's Token symbolises one's skill in navigating and manipulating the beautiful surroundings of a winter wonderland. It can be attached to Ice type pokémon only and greatly enhances their species characteristics. The wearer becomes very sure footed and will maintain full mobility and stability regardless of the condition of the arena floor. Ice type moves which have a secondary effect such as freezing or stat drops are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. The token also provides fortitude and good cheer, rendering its wearer more resistant to moves which negatively affect its mental state such as Supersonic and Swagger. This token may be purchased during the Christmas 2013 event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.

Cameruptite (Attached to Camerupt)

Swampertite (Attached to Swampert)

Spoiler: show

Cute Ribbon


Spoiler: show

Main slots:

Gym Battle:

Bought Slots:


Spoiler: show

vs. Ψosiden SPPf
4v4, finished April 4 2011.
DQ but knocked them out on my final allotted move.
netted: 4 KO, 8 TP

vs. TheSequelReturns
3v3, DQ in my favor, finished July 5, 2011
netting: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs. Foodguy SPPf
5v5, DQ in my favor, finished September 27, 2011
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs. biggggg5 UPN
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished October 1, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs. Sneezy12 UPN
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished October 2, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs DragonMaster123 SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished November 29, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs biggggg5 SPPf
4v4 Doubles, win by KO, finished December 6, 2011
netted: 4 KO, 8 TP

vs Roserade Raider UPN
3v3 win by DQ, finished December 6, 2011
netted: 2 KO, 4 TP

vs CyberBlastoise SPPf
1v1 Realistic, win by KO, finished December 22, 2011 (happy Yule)
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Morning_Twilight SPPf
2v2, win by DQ, finished January 17, 2012.
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Haymez SPPf
3v3, win by KO, finished February 13, 2012
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs quintowill SPPf
1v1, win by KO, finished February 15, 2012
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs brandan UPN
3v3, win by DQ, finished February 19, 2012
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Atluss UPN
3v3, win by KO, finished March 9, 2012
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs KantoMasta SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished March 10, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs StonE Edge SPPf
1v1, win by KO, finished March 14, 2012
Netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Midgeorge UPN
4v4, win by forfeit/DQ, finished March 14, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Phoopes UPN
3v3, win by KO, finished May 22, 2012
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs biggggg5 UPN
6v6 Doubles, win by DQ, finished July 24, 2012
netted: 6 KO, 12 TP

vs Phoopes (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished August 11, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs gmoyes UPN (GT Defense)
4v4, win by KO, finished August 25, 2012 (Happy Birthday to me)
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs Phoopes UPN (GT Defense)
4v4, win by KO, finished September 16, 2012
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs biggggg5 UPN
4v4, win by KO, finished September 24, 2012
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs Charminions SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished September 29, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Hen da man UPN (GT Defense)
4v4, win by KO, finished October 14, 2012
netted: 4 KOs, 4 TP

vs Shuckle (UPN)
3v3, win by KO, finished August 16, 2013
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs Alto
2v2, win by DQ, finished September 16. 2013
Netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs biggggg5 (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished January 28, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Chiko (UPN)
4v4, win by KO, finished May 2, 2014
netted: 4 KOs, 8 TP

vs luxigal (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished May 12, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Lucario188 (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished June 10, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Kush (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished June 18, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Cherche (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished June 22, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Myles SPPf
2v2, win by KO, finished June 22, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Kindrindra (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished August 2, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Kyro (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished August 15, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Mean Mr. Snorlax (UPN)
1v1, win by KO, finished September 1, 2014
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

vs Redpanda (UPN)
3v3, win by DQ, finished November 13, 2014
netted: 1 KO, 2 TP

3v3, win by KO, finished December 4, 2014
netted: 3 KOs, 6 TP

vs kingo (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished January 6, 2015

vs EliteKnight (UPN)
2v2, win by KO, finished July 27, 2015
netted: 4 TP

vs MedMana (SPPf)
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished August 27, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs AJ (UPN)
2v2 Doubles, win by KO, finished December 28, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs Celebii151 (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, win by KO, finished January 2, 2016

vs IronThunder (UPN)
4v4, win by KO, finished January 30, 2016

vs Beautiful Savage (UPN)
3v3, win by KO, finished February 5, 2016

vs Mr Mach (SPPf)
5v5, win by KO, finished April 17, 2016

vs Resolute (SPPf)
2v2, win by KO, finished September 4, 2016
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

2v2 Doubles, win by DQ, finished October 12, 2016
netted: 2 KOs, 4 TP

vs dirkac (UPN)
2v2, win by DQ, finished January 2, 2017
netted: 4 TP


Spoiler: show

vs. PokeLegend SPPf
2v2, finished July 28, 2011
netted: 2 TP

vs. Rangeet SPPf
1v1, finished August 5, 2011
netted: 1 TP

vs. biggggg5 SPPf
3v3, finished August 24, 2011
netted: 3 TP

vs. Atluss SPPf
4v4, doubles, finished September 7, 2011
netted: 4 TP

vs. DaveTheFishGuy SPPf
3v3, finished October 18, 2011
netted: 3 TP

vs. Celebii 151 UPN
5v5, finished November 4, 2011
netted: 5 TP

vs. ShadowShocker SPPf
4v4, finished November 7, 2011
netted: 4 TP

vs. milotic111 UPN
2v2 Doubles, finished December 12, 2011
netted: 2 TP

vs XanderKetsu UPN
6v6 Doubles, finished December 13, 2011
netted: 6 TP

vs Mercutio UPN
6v6 Switch = OK, finished January 1, 2012
netted: 6 TP

vs empoleon dynamite (GT match) UPN
4v4, finished January 3, 2012
netted: 4 TP

vs Tuner89 UPN
1v1, finished March 20, 2012
netted: 1 TP

vs DavetheFishGuy UPN
6v6, finished July 20, 2012
netted: 6 TP

vs Torkoal Stu UPN
1v1, finished July 30, 2012
netted: 1 TP

vs Sneezey12 UPN (Gym Defense)
4v4, finished August 10, 2012
netted: 4 TP

vs Haymez UPN (Defense)
4v4 Singles, finished November 20, 2012
netted: 4 TP

vs desert spirit SPPf
2v2 Singles, finished February 15, 2014. Loss by forfeit
netted: 1 TP

vs Red Panda UPN (Defense)
4v4 Singles, finished February 20, 2014. Loss by forfeit
netted: 2 TP

vs Sneezey12 SPPf
6v6 Singles, finished April 24, 2014
netted: 6 TP

vs Haymez (UPN)
2v2 Singles, finished May 10, 2014
netted: 2 TP

vs Charm (UPN)
3v3 Singles, finished May 11, 2014
netted: 3 TP

vs Celebii151 (UPN)
2v2 Singles, finished June 1, 2014
netted: 2 TP

vs Sneezey12 (SPPf Gym Match)
6v6 Singles, loss by forfeit, finished October 10, 2014
Netted: 1 TP

vs Apollo (UPN)
2v2 Singles, loss by KO
netted: 2 TP

vs Apollo (UPN)
4v4 Singles, loss by KO, finished December 4, 2014
netted: 4 TP

vs Miror (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, loss by KO, finished December 4, 2014
netted: 3 TP

vs captainmisato (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, loss by KO, finished April 5, 2015
netted: 3 TP

vs Lost(TM) (UPN)
2v2 Doubles, loss by KO, finished April 9, 2015

vs Whimsy (UPN)
1v1, loss by fun, finished August 11, 2015

vs Miror (UPN)
3v3 Doubles, loss by fun, finished September 26, 2015

vs TheKnightsFury/austoman (SPPf)
2v2 Doubles, loss by KO, finished November 29, 2015
netted: 2 TP

vs austoman (SPPf)
2v2, loss by KO, finished December 31, 2015
netted: 2 TP

vs Kamen (UPN)
2v2 Doubles, loss by KO, finished December 31, 2015
netted: 2 TP

vs bigggggggggggggggggggggggggggg5 (SPPf)
2v2 Doubles, loss by Chiko's lack of kinkiness (also KO), finished February 7, 2016
netted: 2 TP

vs austo (UPN)
loss by DO, finished Jan 2, 2017
Netted: 1 TP


Spoiler: show

vs Ethereal UPN
2v2, finished January 12, 2012
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs kusari UPN
2v2, finished July 7, 2014
netted: 1 KO, 1.5 TP

vs Lost SPPf
4v4, finished October 5, 2014
netted: 1 TP

vs Zelphon (UPN)
2v2, finished November 18, 2014
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs Red (UPN)
2v2, finished February 20, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs Fallen (UPN)
2v2, finished March 28, 2015
netted: 1.5 TP

vs Luka SPPf
4v4, finished March 31, 2015
netted: 2 KOs, 3 TP

vs Lost (SPPf)
4v4, finished April 4, 2015
netted: 4 KOs, 6 TP

vs biggggggggggggggggg (SPPf)
6v6, mutual draw, finished October 14, 2015
netted: 1 KO, 1.5 TP


Fluffy: Torterra Lv 5 (F)
*Prize Pokemon from Cute Contest*
Fluffy was a prize from the Cute Contest. As this was pre sig wipe and she was never assigned a sig by LOs (and a new Contest is now being pushed so it's prety much seemingly forgotten), I am taking it upon myself to at least script out the sig idea. I don't find that as unreasonable. Prize guidelines say she can have a slightly more powerful sig than normal.
Fluffy was a prize from the anticlimactic battle between Sylveon and Mega Altaria, a battle also known as Ribbons vs Fluffy. So, instead of being a normal-looking Torterra, Fluffy has floofs of floofy white cotton fluff in place of her leaves, and carries a different colouration. The normally green bits of her shell are a soft baby blue, and the brown parts of her body and tree trunk are a gentle pale pink. Now, despite this colour scheme of (lightish) red, white, and (baby) blue, she's not really the aggressive sort. She'll fight if she has to, but she much prefers to be there for her friends and allies if she's needed.
Attached: Harvester's Token
Hidden Power Fairy
Sig: Special Technique: Fluffy Ribbons (GR)
Fluffy shoots six seeds up into the sky/near the ceiling, causing six big fluffy cotton clouds to sprout. Starting next round, at the end of each of the next six rounds, glowy ribbons will slip down from one cloud into all Pokemon on her/her trainer's side of the field. These can have one of three effects, each with an equal (~33.33%) chance of happening: all Pokemon on this side of the field will regain moderate health, all Pokemon on this side of the field will regain moderate energy, or all Pokemon on this side of the field will be relieved of any status, curses, or otherwise harmful conditions and become more enthused. This is selected randomly, and, after this happens, the cloud doing so will disappear, which totals the six rounds it is active. This can only be used once per battle, and costs a heavy level of energy to use.

StA: Marowak Lv 5 (M)
StA, as in Surface-to-Air. StA has always had this distaste for Pokemon who fly. While some may think it's envy, it's really not. He just doesn't like them. They seem cocky, arrogant. They think they're better than everyone else just because they have harnessed the power of the skies. So his rage is more about equalising the playing field, turning their advantage into his. So he did some studying.
Using his knowledge of weaponry from his years of bone use, he decided an anti-Flying weapon would serve him best. But how to go about it? Of course, he could always just shoot them out of the air, but that didn't seem like as much fun. He didn't want to ground them, he wanted to make their very abilities a thing to target. So, in his weapons training, he came across an idea thaat just might be crazy enough to work.
Sig: Special Attack: Volant Axe (GD)
StA focuses solid Ground energy and forms it into a few energy projectiles that take the form of three-bladed throwing axes, which he hurls at the target. He can sling these from his bone (not getting the bone boost but traveling a bit quicker), or shoot them from his hands. These have an odd property to them: being made to take down fliers, they deal Super effective damage on the Flying type (all other parts of the type effectiveness chart stay intact, this works under Freeze-Dry rules). This does solid damage. Being energy-based, they deal special damage, but they are fueled by his fighting spirit and emotions and are thus fueled by his physical attack power.

Gaara: Hippowdon Lv 5 (M)
Gaara is a warrior of the sand. He's also pretty funky. But what makes him stand out as a warrior of the sand is the way he uses it for versatility. He has learned to bend sand to his will better than most can, in a sense becoming one with his sand.
Hidden Power Ice
Sig: Special Technique: Demon Sand (Ground)
Demon Sand is essentially a Ground-typed version of Psychic, the aura being brown and appearing grainy to resemble sand. He can use this both like a telekinetic Psychic, with the deftness and control of a Psychic-type's control over their telekinetic Psychic, and its default form as a wave of energy, dealing significant Ground damage for significant Ground energy and having similar knockback to offensive Psychic. While he has the level of control a Psychic-type does with the telekinetic version of Demon Sand, he doesn't have the sheer amount of focus or Psychic sense, making fast-moving and hidden targets more difficult to lock onto and manipulate, and his stamina for manipulating objects and foes is not quite to a Psychic's level. The telekinetic version is slightly easier for him to handle in sandy environments and/or during Sandstorms, however.

Quagmire: Swampert Lv 5 (M)
Quagmire: noun. a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot.
Synonyms: swamp, morass, bog, marsh, muskeg, mire, slough
It also happens to be the name of one of the filthiest characters in cartoon history, Glenn Quagmire. Giggity.
Quagmire the Marshtomp is quite accurately named. He is quite the filthy Pokemon. He enjoys playing in the mud, coating himself in the slimiest, ooziest substances he can. He feels he can absorb the power oh the mud and bring it inside himself. Make it a part of himself. He took a dip in the sludgiest waters (if you could even call them that) he could find, sampled them, found the mixtures he liked best. He became almost a connoisseur of muck, finding the best ones to soak in for the right occasions. He is the top muck expert.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Mudskipper
Quagmire's Sludge Wave uses 2/3 the amount of Poison energy it would normally use, but its general energy cost is not reduced, staying at significant. His Sludge Wave and Muddy Water will not lose power in intense heat. As a Swampert, his sludge moves will gain the same benefits as his mud moves. However, he does make some sacrifices for this. He loses Scald, Hydro Pump, and Stealth Rock.

Mamoswine Lv 5 (M)
As opposed to most Swinub, this one here was raised in a desert. This has informed his battling abilities.
Attached: Sculptor's Token
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: Arid Fighter
Mamoswine is now perfectly comfortable in even hot, arid environments and neither he nor his moves suffer any negative effects due to such conditions.

Odin Dark: Nidorino Lv 5 (M)
Odin Dark, warrior of darkness and slayer of EVIL! The darkness in his blood causes it to ache and burn with desire to slay. He has a hard time keeping his sword hand in check, because HIS SWORD HAND TWITCHES! His Aching Blood and theatrics have made him seem, to others, like quite the odd character, but he's a good guy under all the dramatic flair.
Hidden Power Dark
Sig: Special Training: Aching Brand
As he's already crazy, Odin Dark is immune to confusion and the hallucinatory effects of Hypnosis (sleep-inducing Hypnosis will work as usual). However, despite his name, he's actually a very nice guy who refuses to use unsporting Dark moves, losing all access to them. He also can no longer inflict confusion on a foe (even with Confusion).

Ophelia Dusk: Nidorina Lv 5 (F)
Opehlia Dusk is an heir of a royal line, and a paragon of heroic lines. She carries the power of the exalt's legacy in her blood, and can tap into the energies of her lineage, activating the aching blood in her veins.
Hidden Power Dark
Sig: Special Technique: Aching Blood
Ophelia expends good typeless energy to trigger her aching blood. This causes her Special Attack to increase two stages and hones her focus for the duration of the boost. Regular boost stipulations apply.

Aurora: Flygon Lv 6 (F) (uplevel)
Aurora grew up in the frozen north, so she quickly became quite accustomed to the frigid temperatures of the region. However, this did not prepare her for the other challenges she would go on to face later in life.
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: The Cold Never Terrible Memed Me Anyway
Aurora has gone from having a 3x weakness to Ice to taking neutral damage from the type. However, she has lost her immunity to Electric, taking neutral damage from the type. This has also left her with a 2x weakness to Bug, however.

Dugthreesome: Dugtrio-Alolan Lv 5 (M, M, M)
Chillax, brah. The trio that surfs both sands and beds always tries to make sure the party's always going on. Just look at his fabulous hair. Maybe he's born with it; maybe it's Alobeline. He's by several magnitudes more chill than any normal being in Dedenndam could legally be. He's just so very chill, folks ask him if he's on something. "It's all natural," he says truthfully. Plants are part of nature: by definition, natural.
Hidden Power Electric
Sig: Special Attack: Chill Pill (Ice)
Dugthreesome channels considerable Ice energy into a large construct somewhat resembling an icy blue pill. This deals solid Ice damage to the foe. However, this move was developed to teach Fire-types a lesson for having literally no chill, and does Super-effective damage against the Fire type instead of being resisted by it. All other weakness and resistance modifiers are left intact; this works under the same rules as Freeze-Dry. This same effect prevents it from being weakened in hot, arid environments. He can use this twice per battle only, and his level of chill has made him abandon learning any Poison moves at all.

Kantoslash: Sandslash Lv 4 (M)
Kantoslash is, of course, the Kantonian version of Sandslash. Unfortunately, he has some envy over the awesomeness that is Alolan Sandslash, and wishes he could be one instead. Sadly for him, then he would no longer be a Ground-type and thus Gym-useless, so I won't let him (was that too meta?). So he figured the next best thing was using the alt-forme's typing for an attack.
Sig: Special Attack: Alola Aether Slash
This technique comes in two variations: a Steel-typed one called Alola Sol Slash, and an Ice-typed one called Alola Luna Slash. Both use major energy of their respective type to deal heavy damage of said type, and each have a different secondary effect. Alola Sol Slash restores 75% of the damage dealt back to his health. As a draining move, Alola Sol Slash is subject to the same diminishing returns as others. Alola Luna Slash ignores any Defense or Special Defense buff the foe may have (via stat boost, SC, or any other reason) for its damage, and, if one is present, negates it for three rounds. Such a versatile power comes with downsides, however. He loses all other Steel moves, and can only use each variation once per battle. His cold-weather cousin has also worn off on him a little, causing him to take an extra 50% damage from Fire moves, instead of his original neutrality.

Petrapod: Pupitar Lv 5 (M)
Quite the odd one, here. As a Larvitar, he was very glad to be wrapped up in a cocoon of safe stone. In fact, he was so fond of it, his best friend was a Metapod, whom he envied. Bug was such a glorious type, it had its natural defenses against potential threats, and had some wonderful tools to use. He learned a lot from this Metapod, and taught him a lot in turn. They ended up parting ways eventually, with the promise that they would meet again sometime in the future. And, despite the parting, Petrapod was still fascinated with studying the Bug-types of the world, intent on pursuing this passion. He found big, strong bugs that could ram and trample all day. He found large, surprisingly fragile buzzy ones, although they weren't very fun to play with. There were Bugs who huddled for warmth in the cold seasons, Bugs who formed a matriarchy with a very family-oriented dynamic, even ones that could adapt themselves to any environment. These beautiful creatures were like objects of dreams to him. He made many friends, and exchanged much knowledge, experience, and services with them. One night, he got comfortable in his hard shell, wrapped in a thin coat of spun silk, a gift a friend spun over him earlier that evening, to help keep him warm. Apparently, it's also quite healthy for the shell. The next morning, he felt weird as he woke. His silk coating had soaked in, and hardened. He had evolved into a guarded Pupitar overnight, but a much different one that is typical.
Attached: New Life Token
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training/Type Change: Genesis
Petrapod is now a Bug/Ground type, with the weaknesses and resistances of such. With the loss of his Rock typing, he now only carries a bit more energy of the type than is standard for Ground-types. He is able to jet air from his body to move himself in short bursts with a fair amount of speed, but no real agility to speak of, only able to jet in one direction at a time. He gains access to String Shot, Struggle Bug, U-turn, Bug Buzz, Quiver Dance, Silver Wind, and Pin Missile. He can no longer evolve, staying in the Pupitar stage forevermore. His Bug aspect is imperfect, making him retain a weakness to Fighting. He also loses access to Crunch, Payback, Dragon Dance, Stealth Rock, Power-Up Punch, Rock Polish, Dark Pulse, Superpower, Iron Tail, and Stone Edge.

Donphan Lv 5 (M)
Donphan is a passionate beast, warmed from within by the flames of love. Love for passion. Yes, he is so very passionate about passion. Has passion stopped looking like a word yet? Passion!
He feels the feels he feels very strongly, and wears his heart on his sleeve. He isn't one to hide his emotions, no! He wants the whole world to feel as he feels, once more, with feeling. While this heated, passionate nature can get him into trouble at times, it does have some benefits.
Sig: Special Training: Hot-Blooded
Donphan has gained access to Lava Plume, and cannot become burned. However, he has lost access to Fissure, Head Smash, Superpower, and Knock Off.

Trinity: Wormadam-Sand Cloak Lv 5 (F)
[2:36:33 PM] Jeri Chee: Yeah Wormadamn is really not good at all even with all the cloak m oves.
[2:36:44 PM] Jeri Chee: I would even give you unlimited use of the other two STABs
Hidden Power Electric
Sig: Special Training: Triforce
Trinity can now access the moves of all three Wormadam cloaks' movepools. She also benefits from having STAB-level energy of the other two cloaks (Grass and Steel) due to this innate familiarity. She gains access to a Hidden Power of each cloak type (Ground, Grass, and Steel). However, she loses access to Toxic and Venoshock.

Gliscor Lv 5 (M)
Gliscor is a master of a special and sacred art: the Drunken Fist. No-one is really quite sure how, or why, it works, but from ingestion of "elixir" and "soda pop", the "bubbles go straight to his head" and he gets the hiccoughs. He also becomes a most fearsome warrior for a short time as a side effect, a very dangerous opponent.
Sig: Special Technique: Drunken Fist (XX)
Gliscor uses solid typeless energy for this technique. This move grants him great offensive prowess, raising his Attack and Special Attack by two stages each for four rounds. His movements will be more erratic, and thus he will more easily be able to dodge incoming attacks and is less likely to have his own dodged. However, his focus will be rather unstable, not allowing him to charge any move that has variable charge above the lowest option. As well, when the boost fades, he will be intensely confused, more potent than standard confusion that will require a moderate amount of extra damage to be inflicted upon him in order to be cleared by taking damage. This confusion also cannot be self-alleviated by moves such as Focus Energy or Calm Mind (if he somehow obtains them).

Swimmer: Whiscash Lv 4 (F)
Swimmer isn't much of a swimmer. It's one of those ironic names, like a big guy named tiny, or references to Applejack as not-a-background-pony.
Anyway, She wanted to learn now to swim. Somehow, she decided a desert was the best place to learn. And against all odds, it totally was
Sig: Special Training: Sandswim
Swimmer can now move by "swimming" through sandy and loamy areas, and soft earth, though she cannot "swim" through things like solid stone. Firmer terrains, such as thick clay, will not be as easy to "swim" through as looser ground like sand, making her slower and less agile in thee former, though still capable. However, this focus has led to her ability to swim in water being compromised, her being only half as capable in the water as normal. She also loses Muddy Water, Water Gun, and Blizzard.

Ghazan: Camerupt Lv 5 (M)
An avid anarchist, Ghazan wants to watch organised society burn. He feels that those in power have had power for too long, and that morality should come from the core of one's being, not an institution that seeks its own interests above the individuals' well-being. So, in his bid to burn down the barriers and the power structures of the world, he has learned a way to channel his lava affinity to apply to this role, while building his own barriers of defense.
Hidden Power Grass
Attached: Cameruptite
Sig: Special Technique: Lava Cloak (FI)
Ghazan uses significant Fire energy to create a bubble of lava around him from his hump. Then, he can either launch the bubble at the foe, dealing only moderate damage but causing severe burns, or he can use it to absorb a single attack, like Safeguard. He can use either kind twice per match, but loses all access to Steel moves.

I Can't Think of a Name (ICTN for short) Rhyperior Lv 5 (M)
I Can't Think of a Name, rather self-explanatory. No, it's not due to laziness, it't not just an attempt to be witty, it's because no name could truly ever describe him. There are many like him, of course, but he stands out from the crowd regardless. There are many Rhyperior, but this one is mine.
The story starts how many of these things do. A young Rhyhorn, hatched prematurely, who just could not keep up with the others of his kind. His hide less thick, less secure, than his brethren, and it definitely got him down. While his friends, his family, loved to ram into each other for fun, he found he just couldn't take it. He didn't seem to have the innate resistance the others did to impact.
They tried not to judge him, they were open-minded and accepting, but there was always this social pressure. He was not what he was supposed to be, what was expected of him, and everyone knew it, especially himself. So, after a time, he ended up deciding he could not live with himself this way. There was a cave, nearby, that was known to be extremely dangerous, even deadly, to his kin. There were heavy metal deposits that put off an energy, a Steel glow, that would weaken them substantially, and there were dangerous creatures in there, Pokemon who were as deadly as they came. It was even rumoured that there was a hidden treasure, some sort of artifact sacred to their herd, that was lost in that cave generations ago. He sojourned into this cave, hoping it would be as deadly and dangerous as promised. But as he explored it, he felt himself rather unaffected by these supposedly dangerous mineral deposits. And these Pokemon, they weren't nearly as deadly as was promised. In fact, for him, it seemed like exploring this cave was safe and easy. For once, his different nature seemed to be working to his advantage. Over time, he grew to no longer desire to end his existence. And while he never went after this supposed treasure, he found something better: himself. He returned to his herd, no longer ashamed of his differences, confident in himself, and this seemed to be what was missing. He grew to love himself, and, as a result, they grew to truly love him, too. He was more confident in his less rocky, grounded state.
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Training: Generic Pure-Ground Rhyperior
ICTN is now a pure Ground-typed Pokemon, shedding his Rock type. Along with the loss of his Rock type, his energy pool for the type itself has shrunk down to only 2 HB of familiarity, and he loses access to Stealth Rock and Rock Slide, His hide is no longer as rocky as it would be, no longer benefiting from the defense boost he would have had, but in turn also losing his susceptibility to techniques such as Rock Smash. However, his transformation is slightly imperfect and as such he still takes 1.5x damage, though not full super-effective damage, from Fighting moves. He will draw in Electric moves with his horn in all stages, not just Rhydon, but will also always take neutral damage from Electric moves, aimed at his horn or not, completely losing his immunity. He also loses access to Focus Punch, Hammer Arm, Shock Wave, Poison Jab, Outrage, Rototiller, and Thunder.

Anna Molly: Quagsire Lv 4 (F)
A weird little gal, Anna Molly. She's the fire in the attic, the proof of the prize. Oops, I misspoke, I mean, she got caught in a fire in an attic, and from what she endured there, she ended up with quite a prize.
Sig: Special Resistance: Illuminated Attic
Being exposed to such a blaze has changes some things for Anna Molly. Despite normally having a neutrality to most Ice-typed moves, now, Anna Molly carries a .5x resistance to all Ice-typed moves. However, she now no longer resists Fire moves from that exposure, taking neutral damage from them. Due to Freeze-Dry's different properties, she does not resist it, taking neutral damage from it instead. She loses access to Iron Tail.

Videl: Garchomp Lv 5 (F)
Videl has always had an almost unhealthy exception with afterlife realms. Hades, Hel, Valhalla, Paradise, Purgatory, et al. She's quite frankly a total nerd on the subjects of life after death and death after life. Those known for infamy being given appropriate retribution for their acts, those who were particularly stand-out getting a just reward. She was particularly fond of the idea of enforcers: between life and death and yet in a position neither could truly experience. So, she decided to whip something up, for her "resumé", despite every one of her friends' insistence of that not being the way it works in any way.
Sig: Special Technique: Reaper's Grip (NO)
Using a high amount of Normal energy, Videl creates intangible energy constructs of several chains in the arena. If applicable, these chains will come out of any solid surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, and especially floors. These will attach to the foe from all sides, not binding them up like a Wrap attack, or stretching them like a rack, but more or less linking to their body as it touches them, weighing them down and keeping them from moving too far away from where they were. This will make movement more difficult for them (but far from impossible) for the next four rounds and prevent them from moving more than a meter or so in any direction from their location as of when they are hit with this move, as well as preventing them from switching out by any means. Ghosts hit in such a way are, until the attack fades, locked into whichever physical or ethereal state they were in when struck, though if per chance one is hit while invisible, they will be rendered visible for the duration of the move. These cannot be broken by traditional means, however, a use of Defog directed at the foe's side of the field will reduce the length of time it lasts by one round. A single Reaper's Grip can only have its round timer dropped by one round total through this manner, even if multiple Defogs are used. This can only be used twice per battle and only once per individual foe. If Videl switches out conventionally, Reaper's Grip will immediately fade as soon as the replacement Pokemon comes out.

Mac: Mudsdale Lv 5 (M)
Mac wanted to increase his strength, so he decided to emulate the most epic, powerful move, ever. Or something. He of course chose the move by which all other moves are judged.
Sig: Special Training: Hyper Beam Scale
Mac can now use Hyper Beam

Mosaic: Palossand Lv 4 (M)
If you ask what is the most beautiful art form that exists, you will surely get various different answers, as personal tastes vary quite widely. For mosaic, well, his name makes it obvious. He loves arrangements of coloured glass so very much, so when he learned that glass can be made from types of sands, he was over the moon. He practiced making his own masterpieces.
Sig: Special Attack: Glass Beam (FI)
Calling upon his sandy heritage and memories of summer heat, Mosaic gathers fire energy into a beam, infusing it with his body sands. This brilliant rainbow beam hits the foe, dealing significant Fire damage for equivalent Fire energy. However, as an added feature of this move, it will also leave a small level of surface "glassing", a light layer of multi-coloured glass on the part of the foe it hits. This works similar to surface freezing, though slightly more solid in exchange for not chilling the foe, and, as it is not ice, it is not so easy to just melt off. This means it will take a tad more force or effort to break off than surface freezing, but not by any significant margin. Also, similar to freezing in wet or rainy environments, use of this move in a sandy arena and/or during a sandstorm will likely make the "glassing" somewhat more potent. He has the Fire energy reserves to use this twice per match.

Scarlet Rain: Golem-A Lv 5 (F) (Red)
Scarlet Rain, the Red King. She is known far and wide for her ranged proficiency, known as the immovable fortress because she rarely has to move to obtain victory. She has placed large emphasis on increasing her ranged abilities, to the detriment of her close combat prowess.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Attack: Stone Pulse (Rock)
Scarlet Rain shoots a ball of significant condensed Rock energy out of her rail gun apparatus (if in a lower Equiall where she is not Golem, she merely shoots it from her body). This move can be used in its standard "Pulse" form, merely a ball of energy that does considerable Rock damage for considerable Rock energy, with a 20% chance to cause confusion, however, in a vein similar to Water Pulse, it has a secondary form. It can be fired at the ground at an angle, causing a large number of sharp boulders to hail down, dealing considerable physical Rock damage to all foes caught in it. This secondary form has no confusion chance. Like with her Normal/XX moves, she can "Galvanize" this move, in either form, causing them to deal Electric damage for Electric energy (an electrical charge around and between the hail of rocks dealing the brunt of the physical damage in the "wave" form). This will not give it a paralysis chance from being fired from her rail gun.

Petey: Sunkern Lv 2 (M)
Petey is small and cute. This is a fact.
Petey also likes to brighten up peoples' days. He is like a little beam of sunshine. But wait, he realised. How can he be a little ray of sunshine when he couldn't even use sunshine to its fullest extent? He decided he needed to learn how to use it if he wanted to truly be the little ray of sunshine he wanted to be. And thus, like the cavemen, he wondrously discovered the majesty of fire.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Training: You Are My Sun(kern)shine
Petey has gained access to Ember, Fiery Dance, Flamethrower, and Flame Charge. He is also familiar with the Fire type. However, as his wish is to remain small and cute to brighten people up, he has vowed to never evolve, and will always remain a Sunkern. He also loses Double-Edge, Light Screen, and Seed Bomb.

Escaliver: Escavalier Lv 5 (M)
Escaliver, the infamous typo. It's no gminigearsh, but not as low-key as Clefairyfs, either. It's the kind of typo you never live down if you're an Escavalier, while all the other Pokemon get all the glory. That should be his glory, instead of him being the butt of a joke. In fact, maybe he could steal that glory back for himself. Just maybe he could steal something relevant.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Technique: Hook Shot (ST)
Escaliver uses considerable Steel energy to shoot several metal hooks at the foe. Normally, this will deal considerable Steel damage. However, if the foe has any external resources supporting them (such as screens, both cubic and panes, Aqua Ring, Defend Order, etc, but not actual boosts from moves like Iron Defense), these hooks will instead latch onto them and steal them for himself, and deal no damage to the foe. However, he loses Knock Off, Double-Edge, Reversal, and Pursuit. This move can only steal such things once per battle; if used again after he has already stolen something with it, the move will revert to its standard damaging form.

Lemon: Watchog Lv 4 (M)
Lemon, the adorable Watchog. While some might not find him cute, he knows he has a place with me on my team, and, if no-one else, I find him to be quite the charming young fellow.
It's not easy being yellow, though. He's had to struggle with being hated. He's had to suffer the cold indifference of the folks who shun him in favour of the other regional rodents, more popular Pokemon like Furret and Raticate. He's also had to endure the fiery hot passion of those who actively hate him, those who call him ugly, or creepy, or find the concept of needing a token regional rodent a deplorable artifact that is past its time. He found a way to turn the tides on his detractors, however, using their own hot and cold reactions against him.
Now, as the Golden Watchog award sits proudly on Slash's mantle, it has motivated Lemon to go even further with his "fuck the haters, I matter" attitude.
His idea was *shades* Golden
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Technique: Golden Watchog Award (NO)
Lemon expends a decent level of energy, forming the energy into the shape of several glowy golden Watchog statues, which he launches at the foe. They explode when hitting the foe, dealing no damage, but moderate causing burns where struck. In some cases, such as striking a burn or in hot sun, the burns can be more severe. The attack will shatter Reflect without hitting the foe, but are walled harmlessly by Light Screen.

Segundo: Ariados Lv 5 (M)
Segundo, the second shiny I ever owned. And shiny he is. He even found another way to make himself shine: sparky sparky boom zap.
Attached: Bugcatcher's Token
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training: Infamous Error
Segundo can use Thunderbolt twice per battle.

Hero: Heatmor Lv 1 (M)
Hero is a bit of an odd bird... er, anteater. He was always fascinated with water, but not just water. No, he was really fascinated with what happened when you mixed water with fire. With just the right blend, you could create steam. He liked steam. He wanted to become friends with the steam. So he developed a way to play with steam for fun.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Steam Healer (WA)
Hero uses heavy Water energy to shoot a plume of steam from his mouth or tail at the foe. This deals heavy Water damage to the foe. It restores 75% of damage dealt back to his own health. As a drain, it is subject to the diminishing returns of all drain moves. However, he loses access to Superpower and Belch. He can use this move twice per battle.

Mellifera: Beedrill Lv 6 (F) (uplevel)
Mellifera is a queen bee. She commands around her royal subjects and is eternally worshipped by them. However, even a queen gets bored. She found herself that her normal, pedestrian poison was just so... pedestrian. This got her to thinking... was there any way she could work out a different way of using it? She knew some toxins paralysed their victims, but that's not what she was after. Perhaps... she did remember hearing of toxins that caused itching and stinging and burning. If only she could find a way to do that...
Sig: Special Training: Apitoxin
All of Mellifera's damaging Poison moves that have a chance to poison now instead have an equal chance (including things such as Characteristic modifiers) to burn. To clarify, her damaging Poison-typed moves no longer poison at all, but have whatever chance they had to poison, they now have of leaving burns. As this is done with a burning toxin, Venoshock will still be triggered by these burns, but Pokemon resistant or immune (barring Poison-types themselves, which are affected normally) to poisoning are similarly resistant to this effect. She loses access to Fury Cutter, Roost, and Ominous Wind.

Marvell: Espeon Lv 2 (F)
From hatching, Marvell always showed a great talent for psychic prowess. She seemed to have this gift for interpreting portents and reading tea leaves. She knew early on what her dream was: to be an Espeon.
But one day, when she was sending out waves to read someone's intentions, and they sensed it. Not just that, they fought back. She'd never had a mind-battle before, and while strong, was unskilled. She was being beaten handily until something in her snapped, and she found herself sending out a wave of energy that took her mental foe by surprise. When she looked up, she saw him cowering and running away, with burn marks on his face.
Sig: Special Attack: Burning Resolve (NO)
Using solid energy, Marvell creates a wave of energy and shoots it at the foe. This deals good damage and carries a 30% chance to cause burns. While a Normal-typed move, as an Espeon, she will also be able to use it in a Psychic variant. However, she does not want to be slowed down, so she has lost access to Curse.

Aldis: Flareon Lv 3 (M)
Aldis was always fascinated by the power of flame. Not only the destructive potential, but it's ability to cleanse and heal. He learned how to use it for these ends.
Sig: Special Technique: Cleaning Flame (FI)
Aldis gathers a major level of energy and breathes out a vast, white flame. This encircles either himself or an ally. This white flame burns away any curses or status ailments, and restores a significant level of energy to the target. This counts as his one healing move per battle. He loses access to Wish.

Sarat A'lch: Glaceon Lv 5 (shiny)
Sarat A'lch, or A'lch for short, was always fascinated by the crystalline structures of ice. This is why he worked tirelessly to find an Icy Rock in order to evolve into the only Eeveeloution he knew he could be: a Glaceon.
Hidden Power Steel
Sig: Special Training: Fun With Crystals
A'lch can use Rock Tomb, Stone Edge, and Rock Throw. However, these re made of a hard ice instead of rock, and are considered Ice moves instead of Rock moves for both damage and energy. He can generate them like a Rock-type would be able to generate the unaltered versions. Though they are ice instead of rock, they are no less sturdy. And though they are ice, they cannot freeze or even chill the foe. Their names reflect this, now having the "Rock" or "Stone" in their names replaced by "Ice". These are not considered the unaltered moves for the sake of moves such as Mimic. However, he loses the less crystally Blizzard, Water Pulse, Drumpf Card, Roar, and Double-Edge.

Celeste: Sylveon Lv 5 (F) (shiny)
Heiress of a noble line, Celeste grew up in the lap of luxury. She had all the time in the world to do what she wanted, and she found a hobby in learning the art of the dance.
However, nobles have a job, as well. They must be able to show their might and force, and, although she was not a son, as the only child, the burden of carrying on her lineage and her family's seat rested upon her shoulders. While there were cousins, they did not have the lineage of the main branch, and were thus unfit to pass the pure line. She incorporated her warrior training with her dance regimen, and became a skilled and fierce battle dancer.
However, as these things happen, her clan was wiped from the face of the earth. Now she walks the earth, standing up for what she believes is right. Although hot-blooded, she has a warm heart and still carries the memories of her clan close.
Sig: Special Training: Legacy of the Blade
Celeste can now use Razor Shell, Leaf Blade, Swords Dance, and Bind with her ribbons, able to use the off-type moves added twice per battle. Her ribbons are a decent bit longer, stronger, and more dexterous than normal, giving her some greater range, skill, and speed with moves using her ribbons, and making it a bit easier for her to circumvent things like panes and physical obstructions with such moves. However, she loses all Psychic moves and Last Resort.

Norma: Delcatty Lv 5 (F)
Norma is colourblind; she has been since birth. She has never been able to see the energy glow of moves, so she has a hard time telling what type some are. This has affected some of her moves.
Sig: Special Training: Normalize
All of Norma's attacks are completely devoid of any type, using typeless energy and dealing damage unaffected by any type modifiers, completely neutral on all counts. This includes all moves she uses, including ones called by moves like Assist, or those Mimicked. These moves retain all other effects. Purely cosmetic, her attacks and glows are all clearish in colour.

A Pimp Named Slickback: Mr. Mime Lv 6 (M) (uplevel)
His name is Slickback?
No, it's "A Pimp Named Slickback." Like A Tribe Called Quest; you say the whole thing: "A Pimp Named Slickback"!
A Pimp Named Slickback is a smooth operator. His cute and innocent appearance is deceptive, however: in his core he is a cold-hearted creature, and a literal pimp. He does not let his employees step out of line, and has developed a disciplinary technique for them: the classic slap.
A slap comes in many ways, shapes, and forms. There are affectionate slaps, there are slaps to get attention, and there are even affectionate slaps meant to get attention, among others. He made a point to master all his slaps.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Pimpslapping
All of A Pimp Named Slickback's moves that include "Punch" in their name are now considered slaps, and their ordered name now reflects that (such as Thunder Slap and Mega Slap). This name change is merely flavour, as Thunder Slap is considered the same move as Thunder Punch and thus Thunder Punch can be Mimicked from his Thunder Slap, etc. He can charge his Mega Slap or Double-Slap with either of his STAB energies,, making them Psychic- or Fairy-typed, but doing so takes a 10% premium in energy for the conversion. All his moves containing the word "Slap", both preexisting slaps and converted Punch moves, carry a 20% chance to lower Attack one stage.

Slurpuff Lv 5 (M)
The nameless Slurpuff I need to name is a fun guy. Not in the way a Paras is, but still. Although funny thing about Paras, he once saw a Paras spinning string. String, like Slurpuff, is made of good fun. Very good fun. So he adapted his own abilities to play off that fun idea.
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Training: Fairy Floss
Slurpuff can now use String Shot, Spider Web, Pin Missile, and Struggle Bug. However, instead of being Bug-typed moves, they are exclusively Fairy-typed moves in damage (where applicable) and energy. Struggle Bug is renamed Struggle Fairy, but this is purely flavour, it is still functionally identical to Struggle Bug. However, he loses Gastro Acid and Energy Ball.

Leo: Gardevoir Lv 5 (M)
Leo isn't a fan of brute force. He'd rather help others. And with his ability to support, he decided to make himself a little more useful for that.
Attached: Candymaker's Token
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Support
Any move Leo can use on himself, such as boosts and heals (but not Teleport), he can now use on an ally that is out in the current battle, making them gain the same benefits he would. If a health-restoring move is used in this fashion, it counts as Leo's one healing move per match.

Code: Aromatisse Lv 5 (M)
Code is named after a signature Armani scent, of which I have only whiffed the generic but I liked it so screw trying the actual brand I like it. Even if by now I have no clue what it actually smelled like because it's been years and I don't buy crap like that.
Code is, like the Armani artificial smell thing, both very fragrant and surprisingly masculine despite the fact of what it/he is. Something something he smells like perfume because he's literally perfume I don't even know
Hidden Power Flying
Sig: Special Training: Signature Stench
Moves that Code uses that provide a wind or mist (including the wind created from moves such as Energy Ball) carry with them a milder form of Sweet Scent's effects of foes, slowing them and possibly reducing evasion temporarily, though without the possible hallucinations no-one ever refs with Sweet Scent anyways. This also affects his Sweet Scent, making it more potent and making him more easily able to influence foe's senses with it and making targeted hallucinations actually somewhat probable, though his Sweet Scent also rises from decent to solid energy cost.

Superz: Togekiss Lv 5 (M)
Superz likes Starz. Superz Starz, even. He considers it science to put things and add them into stars. While that's questionable, it suits him, and that's good enough for him. He sees it as one of the latest, greatest innovations of science, among the large hardon collider, indoor plumbing, the fleshlight, flaming drinks, and legalisation of marijuana worldwide.
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Superz Starz
At a 20% general energy premium, Togekiss can form many of his ranged moves into a barrage of several pretty Swift-like stars, though they keep other aspects such as effects, reactions, and colours. This lets them be more accurate and quick off the mark, and the hard edges of the stars will make breaking through barriers, shells, and panes easier. For example, he can use a Starz Toxic, which will travel faster and have a better chance of breaking obstructions without losing potency before it impacts causes poison, a Starz Shock Wave, which will do the same and then bombard the foe with electric shocks, or a Starz Sweet Kiss or Starz Growl that create a stream of projectiles that emit the confusing hearts or cute/intimidating growls. This cannot be done with any contact moves, or Zap Cannon. This variation will not add any power to the move's damage level or effect chance. While Starz bears no limit on using this variation on STAB and Normal/XX moves, he can only adapt offtype moves to this variation three times per battle.

Patty: Haunter Lv 5 (F)
As a Gastly, Patty decided she wanted to make some of the moves she had that were traditionally physical have a real physical presence. She was able to will herself to create pseudo-physical fists of energy, almost like extensions of her body, but it still wasn't enough for her. She wanted to really affect things on the physical plane, to really be a part of it.
She decided that might be a bit much but that she'd still do well at physical striking.
Attached: Reaper's Token
Hidden Power Fighting
Sig: Special Training: Patty Cake
Patty's punch and claw moves hit for full damage, completely physical, even when she is in the ethereal state, she does not have to go solid to preform them moves, and they get a 1.2x damage bonus for the standard 1.1x increase in general energy use. Poison Jab is considered to be a punch. Her hands can extend a significant distance further than normal, without any penalty to energy, or power of moves used with them. She can never evolve into a Gengar. She also loses access to Thunder, Payback, Dark Pulse, and Thief.

Coconut Fred: Sudowoodo Lv 3 (M)
Coconut Fred is a creature of chaos and randomness. His philosophy is: "why be normal when you can drag others into your insanity?". It really is best shared with others, after all. So, he thought of how to mess with people the most, and remembered he, a Sudowoodo, had Calm Mind. Already a mindfreak, he decided to milk it. He'd flip expectations, he'd flip styles. He'd flip the whole damn physical/special spectrum just for the head-turning weirdness of it.
Sig: Special Training: Insanity Ensues
Coconut Fred's offensive moves are henceforth considered to be flipped on the physical/special spectrum, both in what stat fuels them and how defenses interact with them. This means, for example, his Hidden Power is powered by his physical attack, will break Light Screen, ethereal Ghosts will take reduced damage from it, and it will hit a foe's physical Defense, etc. Moves that would be fueled by special attack and hit physical, such as theoretical Water moves, will likewise be flipped, hitting as though special and being fueled by physical power, with all the trappings of such. This is always active and affects only offensive moves of his, not any other Pokemon's.

Korra: Smeargle Lv 5 (F)
Sketched moves (21/22): Roost, Hyper Beam, Focus Energy, Confide, Safeguard, Bide, Baton Pass, Barrier, Psychic, Spite, Focus Blast, Dynamic Punch, Giga Drain, Struggle Bug, Aeroblast, Sacred Fire, Magma Storm, Water Shuriken, Rock Tomb, Defog, Twister
Korra, the last and/or first Avatar. Possibly the first Avatar since Wan to actually know who in the world Wan was, and also the last one ever able to commune with him because the plot said so. She worked somewhat hard to master some of the elements, but mostly coasts by on her innate talent for Water, Fire, and Earth until she actually learns how to play with Air. Because the previous Avatar was Air and so they had to show an Avatar mastering Air since Aang had that built into his backstory. Despite the jokes, Korra's pretty awesome, and she has definitely worked to preserve her legacy.
Sig: Special Training: Element Blasts
Korra can fire an energy beam of Water, Ground, Fire, or Flying energy at the foe, which deals considerable damage for considerable energy of the chosen type, with no secondary effects of special quirks. She has slightly more energy of these types to do so with.

Perdita: Houndoom Lv 5 (F)
Perdita is a hound of hell, wreathed in unholy hellflame. She decided to use this more... chaotic side, to channel a darker aspect to her moves. In fact, as a way of embracing the side of chaos. And, as she thought, what could be more fun or chaotic than flipping the STAB options of a Pokemon? It's really the perfect solution.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Technique: Lead Sails Paper Anchor (DARK)
Perdita expends considerable Dark energy into an aura, releasing it in a pulse that covers the entire field. For the next four full rounds, STAB moves of dual-typed Pokemon will undergo an odd and chaotic transformation. All moves of a Pokemon's primary typing will use energy and do damage of their secondary typing, and vice-versa (for example, Perdita's Flamethrower will be exclusively Dark-typed, and her Crunch will be entirely Fire-typed). All other attributes of their moves remain intact (such as effect chances, or formerly-Water attacks still being wet). Signature moves are not affected, but moves granted or type-shifted by signatures are. This will not change XX moves, as they carry no typed energy, but will affect Normal moves if a dual-typed Normal is on the field. Single-typed Pokemon, of course, do not have any change to their moves' types. A subsequent use when this is already in effect will reset the timer back to another four complete rounds before the effect fades. This effect does not require Perdita to be on the field to stay in effect. As this is not a Room, weather, or terrain move, it is usable in any arena and uses of such moves will not negate it.

Gorgon: Serperior Lv 5 (F)
A Gorgon is said to be a legendary creature who could paralyze, turn enemies to stone, with but a glance. Gorgon the Serperior, well, she heard about it, and decided to try to emulate that kind of technique. She couldn't quite find a way to do so, not really, but she did develop something with some similarities
Hidden Power Fire
Sig: Special Attack: Petrifying Roar (RK)
Gorgon gathers significant Rock energy in her mouth, and lets out a loud breathy roar. This energy-laced breath washes over the foe, dealing good Rock damage. The loudness of the roar will freeze any Pokemon who hears it in place for a few seconds, possibly interrupting an action. Even notably brave or intimidating Pokemon will freeze in place briefly, but not as long as most. The wave of breath also has a 20% chance of creating a partial coating of stone on the foe (basically partial freezing without the cold or chill). This can be chipped off or broken out of like moderate freezing would. She can use this twice per battle.

Santa Mozz: Delibird Lv 5 (M)
For Christmas, or Yule, or Solstice, or Saturnalia, or Chanukkah, or Kwanzaa, or whatever the hell you celebrate and/or don't celebrate, many people give and receive gifts, of all shapes, sizes, and colours. Delibird has observed this occurrence for years, seeing the different ceremonies and
customs, and, especially, the gifts received. Little Bobby playing with his new Lt. Surge action figure, little Suzy playing with her dress-up Joy (available in both Chansey and Audino editions!), and little toddler Bebe ignoring the actual presents, playing with the pretty, shiny, colourful paper, and making a fort of the discarded boxes. Meanwhile, the parents had different interests. Mother was looking at herself in the mirror, a new diamond necklace adorning her neck with earrings to match, while Father sets up his new plasma-screen in his man cave, case of beer in the corner. So, he was thus inspired to expand his horizons to fit each and every need that may arise.
(Birdkeeper's Token intended to be attached, is not yet approved in misc thread)
Attached: Birdkeeper's Token
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Technique: (Type) Gift
Delibird may use a variant of Present, which, instead of standard typing, may by charged with any type he has access to, such as "Ice Gift". This functions as Present, only affected by type modifiers of the type selected (as a variant of Present, he can manipulate the power and function just like he can with Present). The healing Present variation also works on this variation, with standard SE scales, healing more health on a Pokemon that is "weak" to the typing (so, Ice Gift would heal a Dragon-type more than a Fire-type). He can only use this technique in an off-type variation three times total per match. He cannot, however, use the Healing variation of this move on himself, though he still can with his normal, non-type-influenced Present. He can make the energy take on a fitting colour, and explode in a shower of fireworks, although this won't really affect any standard battle in normal conditions, it just looks pretty.

AXEFACE: Haxorus Lv 5 (M)
AXEFACE, he's got a big axe face.
He's got the body of an axe and the face of an axe
And he cuts through his foes 'cause he's got an axe face
AXEFACE is quite clearly named for the sharp, axe-like tusks on his face. Face-axes are quite the rage these days, it seems, and he's embraced that wholeheartedly. Not surprisingly, he's even looked into ways to enhance this feature. And as he knows, the hardest of steels is forged in the hottest of flames. So, in his mind, that meant he should sharpen his tusks against metal while standing in a fire. As he trained, he made sure the flames were increasingly hotter, day by day. Slashing, cutting, swiping his powerful tusks against the sturdy metal, working through the pain, through the burns and exertion, single-minded in his goal. He was so focused on training and sharpening, he didn't even notice when the flames got so hot that the sturdy metal he was practising on started to go oozy. Oozy led to gooey, gooey led to liquidy, and then one day, the metal completely melted as he was having a go at it. It washed over him, causing significant damage and burns on him, but as he recovered, he noticed his hide had absorbed some metallic properties. His tusks absorbed even more, the metal hardening over and into his tusks, which had already been made sharper and more resilient from his training.
As soon as he recovered, he tried to continue this regimen with even stronger metal, but he found himself more vulnerable to the flames than before, and the pain became too much to bear. So, while this training was complete, he was still set on finding more insane and stupid ways to train himself.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training/Type Change: Tempered Metal
AXEFACE is now a Dragon/Steel type, with a sturdier hide and shiny face axes. He has gained access to Magnet Bomb, Flash Cannon, Metal Sound, and Meteor Mash. However, this does come at a cost. He retains neutrality to Poison moves, and he loses his resistances to Electric and Water moves. He gains no new resistance to Steel. He also loses his access to Grass Knot, Superpower, Dig, Dragon Dance, Rock Tomb, and Rock Slide. He is also a bit slower than usual.

Caprina: Popplio Lv 1 (F)
Caprina fancies herself a pop star, but she's far more versatile than that. She is also a practicing earth witch, and uses both of these talents together to express her two passions in life.
Sig: Special Attack: Nature's Aria (GD)
Caprina sings a high melody about the beauty of the world and all its life, imbuing significant Ground energy and her music into a series of rings that fly at the foe. These hit the foe for considerable Ground damage, and have a 30% chance of reducing the foe's offensive stats a single stage, in awe of the beauty of her song. She has the Ground energy to use this twice per match.

Cannonball: Pikipek Lv 1 (M)
Cannonball has trained to become a sniper of renown. He flourished with natural talent and worked hard to perfect his abilities with them.
Sig: Special Training: Astra (Ground)
In a process similar to Bullet Seed, Cannonball shoots a barrage of Ground energy projectiles from his beak, costing considerable energy. These explode at the foe and deal considerable damage, and the flash from the explosion may cause some slight temporary blinding to the foe. Astra is usable twice per battle.

Raikahuna: Pichu Lv 1 (M)
Raikahuna wants to be the rockingest psysurfer in the world. Every world. All of the worlds. So he decided to develop a technique based around that idea.
Sig: Special Attack: Psysurf (PSY)
Raikahuna forms a large wave of Psychic energy that heads out to wash over the opponent, dealing heavy damage for heavy Psychic energy. He may send a Psysurf wave out ahead of him or choose to ride on it as it travels. As a Pichu or Pikachu, he will be restricted to a single use per battle, but as an Alolan Raichu, he will only be limited by his energy reserves, as it will then be STAB. He cannot become a non-Alolan Raichu.

Bowser: Turtonator Lv 1 (M)
From the PokeDex: "It gushes fire and poisonous gases from its nostrils. Its dung is an explosive substance and can be put to various uses."
Yup, poop throwing. And since I pulled the Dex entry from serebii, it's totally SPPf-safe.
Sig: Special Attack: Sugar Honey Iced Tea! (GD)
Bowser throws his dung at the foe, which explodes on contact and deals considerable Ground damage for heavy Ground energy. As the explosion deals the brunt of the damage, even a near miss will do a large bit of the damage. The explosion has a 20% chance to burn the foe, and a 20% chance to inflict Toxic-level poisoning on them, though it will only inflict one status or the other, never both. This move is also very disgusting and Pokemon like Minccino who are obsessed with cleanliness will be horrified. He can use this twice per battle.

P'Li: Charizard Lv 5 (F)
"You've shown me what true freedom means."
P'Li, from a young age, learned she had a special gift. She had an overdeveloped third eye chakra, an excess of built-up chi located there. She honed her talents using her third eye as a focal point. She developed a technique, a unique fighting style all her own, by focusing her power through her third eye, and out.
Attached: Charizardite Y
Hidden Power Bug
Sig: Special Attack: Combustion Blast (Flying)
P'Li compresses Flying energy into a thin beam, and shoots it out of her forehead, at her third eye chakra. When this hits the foe, the super-compressed energy creates a small but powerful explosion, dealing considerable damage. The concussive force, due to the force of the blast, will almost certainly cause significant knockback, with even the likes of an Aggron being knocked back a foot or two. This costs considerable Flying energy, and her usage of this move is limited by her natural Flying energy reserves. Due to her innate familiarity with this technique, she has about as much control over the beam as an Alakazam has over its Psybeam, able to control its path with her mind with little effort and focus, however, any significant change in path will take up to a light amount of extra energy to compensate.

Ming-Hua: Cloyster Lv 5 (F)
Ming-Hua lacks arms. This is quite a significant challenge, seeing that Pokemon battles often take place on land. She tried to remedy this as best she could. The jury is out on whether she accomplished this, or just made everything weirder.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Training: Water Arms
Ming-Hua naturally forms semi-solid tendrils out of water, with which she can do such things as walk on land (similar to Tentacruel's walking), use for physical attacks, and shooting Water or Ice-typed moves (such as with Icicle Spear or Water Pulse). Generally, she only has 2 or 3 active, enough to allow for movement and possible offense, but with more focus and available water can increase the number slightly. This costs her a light amount of energy per round to maintain, but if there is a body of water in the arena, or rain is falling, this cost is waived. While damage levied against the "arms" will not damage Ming-Hua, all electricity moves (basically, most Electric moves, but not Hidden Power as it is pure energy) that even score a glancing blow on the arms will net a full hit on her, as the electricity travels through the tendrils. These tendrils are somewhat easy to break through with an attack, but are not slow to reconstitute themselves, especially if water is present. She loses Shell Smash.

My Little Rapidash: Rapidash Lv 3 (F) (pink flames)
I used to wonder what flametrails could be. 'Till My Little Rapidash rushed hard and fast, leaving some beautiful trails of flame behind her. It was quite beautiful, and so I helped her use them better.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training: Flametrail Is Magic
My Little Rapidash now creates pink flame trails, not just with her Agility, but with all rushing, charging and ramming moves, These flame trails are wider and last longer than normal, and contact with them carries a 10% chance of burn. She loses Iron Tail.

Vulcan: Magmortar Lv 5 (M)
Vulcan, so named because of his fascination with volcanoes. He loved to watch them and study them. So, imagine his surprise when he discovered underwater volcanoes. He couldn't study them directly, of course, but he could read all about them and even look around at hot springs heated by geothermal heat. The combination of heat and water was fascinating to him, so he learned all about it.
Hidden Power Ground
Sig: Special Training: Krakatoa
Vulcan can use Scald twice per battle, and it is not weakened by hot or sunny conditions.

The Swordsman of Landstar: Samurott Lv 5 (M) (purple scalchops and armour)
The Swordsman of Landstar is, of course, named for his trainer. He is gifted in the art of the battle fan, having learned from the best masters in the world.
It started when Landstar was a young otter, just growing up. He was a bit of an anime geek, or an otterku. Now, as you cringe with the force of that pun, I'll explain a little better.
He watched a lot of sword-related anime, but, although it was nice, it just wasn't striking home for him. Dragonair Ball and, to a lesser extent, Dragonair Ball Z, were fun for him, particularly due to the versatility of the Power Pole and how well the protagonist used it, not just for offense, but for defense as well. Still, it just wasn't hitting home.
Robotech didn't pique his interests, either. He was never a fan of flying, and he never saw the charm of lasers.
Still, through this anime, he did grow a love for weapons, particularly those that could be used defensively. When he grew old enough for a weapon of his own, he went to a weapon smith and took a look at the stock. There, he found something beautiful, something he would never forget: a set of battle fans.
These were expensive, far too much for him to spend. But he looked at them whenever he went there, longingly.
At this time, he sought out training, and he found a proper sensei. He was able to find one that could teach him the art of the fan, and he grew with it quickly, learning first how to use one in his right hand, and then in his off-hand, and finally how to wield two at once. It was around this time he evolved, and this made him all the better at it.
He was too hard on his natural scalchops, however, and he knew he had to obtain another pair, lest they break on him. He found a helpful Kabutops and a generous pair of Shellder. The Shellder shed their shells, and Landstar worked with the Kabutops to clean, carve, shape, and sharpen these new, purple scalchops. These were much more sturdy, and they helped him gain an even greater mastery of the skill, having bonded with them due to working so hard on them. Still, he continues to fight and train, as he always will.
Hidden Power Grass
Sig: Special Training: Battle Fan
The Swordsman of Landstar's mastery of the battle fan has caused a couple changes to his battling style. For one, his scalchops/scalswords are more sturdy and slightly wider (and purple!), making him better at blocking attacks with them, and he is much less likely to drop them in the process. He can throw them for attacks that could feasibly be used with them, without losing any damage or requiring an energy premium, but they of course can only travel in a straight line. Due to his personal connection with them, if they are out of his arms or sheaths, they will be drawn back to him, getting back to him in about half a round's time. However, he loses Blizzard and Megahorn.

Peridot: Blastoise Lv 5 (M)
A lover of gems, Digimon, Korra, Supernatural, and a whole host of previous sig ideas, he decided it was time to move on to something a bit different. And shiny. And pretty. Pretty pretty shiny shiny.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Technique: Prism (NO)
Peridot uses good Normal energy to create a prism out of energy in front of him and any allies. This is not tangible, cannot block attacks, etc. The purpose of this prism lies elsewhere. When an attack fueled by Special Attack is used by himself or an ally with this prism active, it passes through the prism. They come out the other side glowing with a rainbow pattern, beautiful and colourful, though this doesn't really affect battle. What does, however, is that they also come out the other side slightly larger, offering no boost in damage, but increasing the spread of the move and improving the move's accuracy significantly. The prisms created last three rounds before they fade.

Ganonpork Emboar Lv 5 (M)
Ganonpork is, quite frankly, a hotheaded idiot. He's got anger to spare, and doesn't know what to do with it, so he channels it in the worst way possible.
Hidden Power Water
Sig: Special Technique: Drumpf Card
Ganonpork uses moderate energy for this move. He turns orange, his flames flare up to look like a terrible wig, and he says something so phenomenally offensive and stupid that the foe is shocked out of their next move. This is usable once per foe. When this move is reffed, the ref much refer to him as "Mister President".

The Green Man: Chesnaught Lv 5 (M)
A Pre-Christian tradition that may seem superficially at odds with, but instead, carries the weight of rivaling and mentoring its spiritual younger, the Green Man is a nearly universal symbol. This particular Chesnaught hails from the eldest and most noble line of green men, directly descended from the Chestnaught who was the Green Knight in Arthurian times. Due to his heritage and connection with plantlife, he has some tricks not normal to his species.
Hidden Power Rock
Sig: Special Training: The Green Life
The Green Man, while still having vines hidden on his head, also carries 4 quite different vines under his shell (in low Equiall, these will come from his woody back). These vines are bulkier and a little longer, and are able to easily be used for many physical moves he'd normally need to use his body parts for, such as punches and kicks. However, these cannot grip as well as his more slender vines and are less agile, leaving them less versatile other than for offense. He loses Synthesis, Leech Seed, and Iron Defense.

Baudelaire: Gothitelle Lv 5 (M)
"C'est l'Ennui! —l'śil chargé d'un pleur involontaire,
Il ręve d'échafauds en fumant son houka.
Tu le connais, lecteur, ce monstre délicat,
—Hypocrite lecteur,—mon semblable,—mon frčre!"
- Charles Baudelaire
Baudelaire is a symbol of gothic elegance and beauty. He named himself after the famous poet, and is a particular fan of his work, Les Fleurs du Mal. The Flowers of Evil. He became quite enamoured with flowers and what they represent. But as beautiful as the rose is, he found the influences of Japanese art very beautiful as well. In particular, the cherry blossom, or sakura petal. He found that they always added just the right dramatic flair to a moment, and decided to use that beauty as a weapon.
Hidden Power Fairy
Sig: Special Attack: Senbonzakura (Grass/Steel)
Baudelaire forms several pink swords out of energy around the field. These then split into thousands of sturdy, needle-sharp sakura petals. These petals then shoot swiftly at the foe. This can target multiple targets, but will suffer appropriate damage reduction if it does so, like moves such as Heat Wave. These hit as a physical move the petals hardened into a solid state, but are fueled by special attack, and can leave sore spots all over the foe's body, although they usually won't cut very deep, being mostly surface scratches. This does significant damage for significant energy. This can be either Grass-typed (Verdant Senbonzakura, whose pink petals have a slight light green tint), and or Steel-typed (Gilded Senbonzakura, whose pink petals have a slight gold tint). He has the energy to use each form twice per battle. Focusing his Grass energy on this, he never learned Grass Knot or Energy Ball. He also loses Gravity and Magic Room.

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