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Eclipse of the Night

Kin: Male Human
"Even if you can't save the world, you can at least try."
"You will do something ten times. Nine, you will do flawlessly. The tenth, you will mess up. And that will be the only time anyone will remember."
A young and naive boy. Formerly the Gym Trainer of Dave's Dark Gym, winner of the Pokebowl Z, and all around fairly lazy yet full of heart.

No Sig

32W/22L/7D - 278TP/104KO/12.25SP (3 lent to blaze, 1 owed to Kamen, 2.5 owed to deh, also blaze gave me a forkton)
-Breakwater Badge obtained-
-Pokebowl Z Badge obtained-

Spoiler: show
Yang: Level 5 Male Umbreon
"Kin, is this really the best idea?"
Yang, my very first partner. That little pest would some day become one of my closest friends. Who knew? I think back to how we met, when I caught him stealing my stuff and booking it. When I discovered where he was running off too. The first time I gave food to him, rather than having it taken. The first time he let cuddle him. When I set out on my journey, and he followed. When he cleared Yin's name. When he sniffed out Lily. Our first battle. Our enthusiastic attempts to develop his own 'Special Move'. One day, it occurred to me. Where had he even come from? Surely he hadn't always been living under my mailbox. I'm fairly certain that we'd have known if there was a family there, too. And the place was hardly fit to be called a 'den'. And so I asked him. He didn't know. I was shocked. Hastily, I charted out a trip back to our home town, and began gathering information immediately. As I searched, the answer became apparent. A smuggler's band, long thought to have been disbanded, had in fact been working in the era up until very recently. I pressed as hard as I could, but could find nothing about where they smuggled from or to. The only thing anyone seemed to know was the base ruthlessness of the bandits. I could find nothing else, and solemnly apologized to Yang for getting his hopes up. He scolded me for worrying about it, and told me with a smile that he didn't care about his past. The memories that had shaped who he was and what he wanted were what were important, and he wanted to strive forwards on our own merits, not based on some mysterious past which had nothing to do with him.
...I lied.
Once, there was a girl who's life had been torn apart by a group known only as The Collect. She set out to bring them down. She was a genius of the field of battle, and one foe after the next fell to her intellect and her partner's might. They destroyed those that had preyed upon them, and cornered them to one final destination. The group's headquarters, hidden away in a town no one would give a second look. She declared her intent to the townsfolk, then strode into the belly of the beast. The group's domination of the streets ended, and most all thought they were gone for good. But the girl and her partner were never seen again.
Her partner was a Flareon.
...But I'll never tell Yang this. The truth might break him.
(On a completely unrelated tangent, hilariously enough pretty much every sig Yang's ever tried to develop is a variation on one of two themes and that's hilarious. They all have to do with creating darkness, inverting the type chart, or both. Suppose it's suiting for his name, but still.)
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Negative Ion Sphere [Dark]
Yang constantly emits a sphere of energy which moves around with him. Three meters (~10 feet) in diameter, the sphere inverses any type matchups of those inside it's influence, obviously including Yang. Weaknesses will become resistances, resistances will become weaknesses, and immunities will also become weaknesses. In exchange, Yang's total general energy reserve is smaller than typical to his species, the difference equivalent to a fully charged Hyper Beam. It should be noted that the sphere also totally negates any other bonuses granted with immunity- For example, Yang can be detected by psychic-types while under this training's influence. The sphere is a constant, subconcious effect and as such Yang cannot be ordered to turn it off.

Krystal: Level 5 Female Sableye
"Ah, welcome to my shop! What would you like?"
Krystal the soulsmith. Renowned for her amazing technique, warriors would come from all over in the hopes of a blade custom made by her expert eye. She took payments all kinds of denominations, from gold, to silver, to gemstones, or even rights to your soul. She quite liked that last one, and even offered to forge souls into weapons, for a particularly hefty price. Warriors meeting her in person for the first time where often thrown off by the cheerful worker at seeming odds with her reputation, but were impressed all the same by her craftsmanship. When I heard of her, I was fairly apprehensive, but decided to visit all the same, as I have a strange interest in metalwork. She was fairly surprised when I told her that I hadn't come for a weapon, just to look around. And so I simply camped out around there for a while, watching her work when possible. I asked her a lot off things, not all of them related to her craft. When I asked her about her hungering for souls, she impishly told me that she was 'working on something'. Shrugging, I decided to leave it at that. I was fairly surprised when she approached me and told me that she'd like to go to the customers which couldn't come to her, and that she believed that traveling with me would be a good way to do that. It's not like I had a reason to deny her request, right?
Hidden Power - Steel
Attached - Sablenite

Signature Move: Mist of Souls [Dark]
Krystal expends significant energy to exhales a thick cloud of dark energy particles, similar to Smog. Aside from obstructing vision (although the particles simply absorb light, and don't act as visual impediments themselves, so Pokemon with lowlight vision should be fine), the particles greatly increase the energy usage of Pokemon breathing them in (1.3x), like a Super Poison Gas. Being an ethereal construct, the cloud is extremely resistant to being cleared, although after five rounds it starts to lose its potency, eventually fading away altogether. This attack requires considerable energy to perform. Dark-types are immune to the effects of this cloud because no duh their bodies take no objection to the particles. This technique can be used only once per battle.

Nihilia: Level 4 Female Liepard
". . ."
Nihilia has always been a quiet one. She's not really 'cold' in the usual sense of the world... But she certainly doesn't socialize very well. It's almost impossible to discern what she's feeling at any time, which would lead one to think that she's hiding her emotions. However, after spending time with her... I think she simply hasn't learned emotions yet, somehow. While I wish she would get a little more involved in team meetings, I have to admit that her lack of empathy does make her fairly pragmatic when it comes to taking out the opposition.
Hidden Power - Steel

Signature Move: Dark Forest [Dark]
Nihilia stabs her claws into the ground, injecting a heavy amount of dark energy directly into the ground. The energy quickly ferments and expands before exploding from the ground in the form of a massive and thick tree composed entirely of solidified dark energy (she can manipulate and control the manner in which this accelerated growth occurs). This tree can be manipulated by Nihilia as well as a Trevenant, if not better than, and she can perform melee moves such as Night Slash with its branches.

Kayuun: Level 5 Male Honchkrow
"Ah, good sir. What say we make a bargain, you and I?"
Kayuun is a good fellow. A proper gentleman, of sorts. He believes in bonds. Strong bonds. Bonds bathed in mutual respect and tied with blackest ink.
Kayuun, hand over the keyboard. You really don't know how to paint yourself in a flattering light. Kayuun comes across as a bit of a creep, sometimes, with tendency to try and corner people into entering into contracts with him. As such, he has a reputation of somewhat of a conman. Well, except for those he manages to force into it. His contracts are engineered more to inspire trust and brotherhood between people, a fact I've questioned him on on numerous occasions. He might be a little odd, but I've gained respect for the guy. Most of my team has, at this point.
Except Aster. Aster hates him. He reminds her of things which she would rather forget. So there's a bit of a one-sided rivalry between the two of them. Can't say that his specialty technique has helped her opinion any...
Hidden Power - Poison

Signature Move: Fine Print (Dark)
When Fine Print is used, Kayuun expends significant energy to place a dark curse on the opponent pokemon, restricting their actions. After the conclusion of a round in which Fine Print is successfully used, both battlers send a PM to the ref selecting one move in their opponent's movepool (a move from the target's movepool for me, and a move from Kayuun's movepool for the owner of the afflicted pokemon); As long as Kayuun and the afflicted pokemon remain conscious (not Knocked Out), Kayuun and his target cannot use the moves selected from their movepool, and attempting to use the move will fail as though the move had been Imprisoned. To clarify: Only the ref has knowledge of both sets of forbidden moves, and accidentally trying to use one of the forbidden moves is a very real risk for both sides. Fine Print can only be used once per a battle.

Fenrir: Level 5 Male Houndoom
"You thought that hurt? There's a lot more where that came from."
Fenrir is one of the few wild pokemon I've ever encountered who used to have a trainer. Past tense. His original trainer was a real strong guy, big and tough, with a heart to match. Fenrir was his right hand man, and the two formed a potent combo, both on and off the battlefield. Rick, the trainer, wasn't a man lacking in pride, and he dedicated his muscles to many a cause, from building villages to competitive wrestling and mixed martial arts. In fact, he quite climbed the ranks when it came to pitting his strength against others. Fenrir doesn't like to talk about the accident much. Says it makes him queasy. Knowing Fenrir... I'm not sure I want to know. I still remember finding him. He didn't even resist capture, and his eyes were those of a dead man. 'Remake me however you wish. But my name. Let me keep that, at least.' was his only request. It's been quite a while since then, and I've managed to earn the privilege of seeing him grin from time to time. It's never noticeable- It'll just slip onto his face and hesitate there a moment after hearing some snark or another, but it's an improvement, and one I'll happily accept.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Move: Right Straight (Fire)
Fenrir opens his mouth wide, creating a giant fireball by focusing a ridiculous amount of fire energy. The attack takes about a second to create, but remains difficult to avoid due to the sheer size of the attack, being about four feet in diameter. However, the attack's unique trait is not it's size, but rather the fact that the attack is consisted of almost purely 'hard fire', acting much like Psyshock in that it uses Fenrir's special attack but impacts the foe physically, and is solid enough to push the target along with it, with a 200lbs pokemon being pushed about four feet, lighter pokemon being pushed further and heavier pokemon being pushed less. Right Straight deals damage equal to and takes energy equal to Flamethrower.

Damion: Level 5 Male Drapion
"A man's strength is measured by those he strives to protect, not those he defeats."
A dedicated veteran of many a battle, Damion is the big-hearted leader of the famed warrior's guild. Very few can match him in solo combat, and testing his strength is a point of pride for him.
But who was he before all this?
A young fighter, dedicated to justice. Dedicated, yet naive. Despite his ideals, he didn't even know what he fought for. He didn't truly know what justice was. But, as he grew, his mind changed. No longer was he quite so concerned about some abstract ideal. He fought for his friends, and he counted on them to set him straight when he wandered off the path.
...Maybe he found his 'justice', afterall.
Hidden Power - Grass

Signature Technique: Master Warrior (Fight)
Damion has learned Iron Defense and Dynamicpunch and has gained the fighting energy to use the latter twice per battle.

Chief: Level 5 Male Crawdaunt
"I dunno, fella. Ya dun look 'ike you'll be much o' a challenge."
Chief's always been a tough dude. He came from a tiny little backwater pond. Routed the neighbourhood thugs good and proper. Chief don't care, he goes to the city. Gotta find a challenge, he says. Them streetwise types no match for the guy- he tosses 'em out, moves on. Starts findin' some of the right crowd- tough guys who been livin' their whole lives fighting. They love the guy, say they'll show 'im all their tricks. Chief studies hard. Learns how to fight smart. Decides to join the city guard. Tough guys there, for sure. Chief learns how to pin down those slippery devils. Rises through the ranks. Gets his name. One day I come to town. Tell the guy I'd like his help. Got some tough battles ahead, I do. Guy reckons it's worth a shot, asks my name. We get acquinted real good-like.
The next week is spent playing Touhou and IWTBTG.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Move: Chains of the Law (Dark)
Dark energy is pumped into the ground ala Earth Power before reemerging at the target's position and seeping into them with effects identical to Thunder Wave. This attack deals no damage, and it's sole purpose is to paralyze, though the paralysis it inflicts is particularly severe, on par with that of a full Zap Cannon hit. Takes solid energy to use.

Valentine: Level 5 Female Skuntank
"Aww, you're adorable when you're in pain, you know that?"
...You know, looking back, I think Valentine's the only pokemon I've received. See, it was Valentine's day, and rather than doing something interesting like spying on couples, I was exploring a marsh because there's no way I'd do anything like that I'm far too timid. Funnily enough, I met a girl there. I had heard a sound and gone to investigate (with a little encouragement from Yang), when I found a girl quite bravely taking on a particularly large specimen of Skarmory with a Venusaur. Unfortunately, 'bravely' carries that whole connotation of a situation being sub optimal and dangerous. And, in this instance, it fits, because it truly was a terrible situation. The Skarmory looked ready to eat whatever it could get it's hands on, and the Venusaur had obviously been doing a lot of battles. Now, if I had brought anyone other than Yang with me, this would have been a great time for a rescue. As it stood, it was a terrible time for a rescue, and I bloody did it anyways. Because, frankly, I don't think anyone who sees that kind of scene and leaves deserves to live. Quickly confirming a plan, we rushed in and crashed into the Skarmory's side as hard as we could as it was preforming a Brave Bird, taking it to the ground, where we held it as well we could as we shouted at the shocked trainer and pokemon to deal with it while we had it. We got quite a bit cut up, yes, but we were successful. After that tense encounter, we introduced ourselves. Cloe and Grapevine where quite happy to have met up with us, as they had been exploring the swamps for quite some time when they got lost. Normally they were strong enough to just walk in a straight line until they got out, but the constant battles had been wearing. And so, we helped them get out, chatting quite a bit along the way. I learned that she was in fact a Poison-type specialist who had come here to practice with her starter. Me and Yang shared a grin over that, as we could relate most easily. When we got out, she gifted me with an Egg, which she told me would help with my ambitions. I was curious, but decided that waiting to see would be pretty fun, as she said. We bid eachother farewell with the hopes that we could meet again, and some time later, Valentine hatched from the egg she had given me. Well, she was pretty damned right. More than she knew, perhaps. Or perhaps she knew perfectly well. Guess I'll find out when I see her again.
Valentine herself is a powerful soul, vibrant and full of life. Interestingly, she fits her namesake quite well, and is a defender of all kinds of love, no matter the stigma. She's very resolutely committed to what she believes, and will stick up her her beliefs no matter the situation she's in. And this makes her quite persuasive, too!
Hidden Power - Water

Signature Move: Convert (Poison)
Valentine injects or sprays the target with a poison in a method not unlike Toxic. However, rather than normal poisons, this attack is comprised of a powerful Neurotoxin, which targets the afflicted pokemon's confidence and sense of self-worth. The effects of this manifest themselves by sapping the target's will to fight- On the first turn a pokemon is affected by Convert, they will feel as though they have used an extra Light amount of energy. As time passes, the amount steadily increases, eventually capping at a Significant amount of perceived energy loss per turn. It is worth noting that this attack does not, in fact, affect the target's actual energy reserves- The entire effect of the attack is mental, increasing the target's sense of tiredness and exhaustion. Energy use is equal to that of Toxic. After the toxin sinks in, it increases at a rate of a Light amount of energy a round. The move's effectiveness against Poison-types and inorganic pokemon is identical to that of Toxic.

Delila Juniper: Level 5 Female Scrafty
"Would you like some help with that?"
The daughter of high-class nobility, 'DJ' always preferred the company of the lower class to her own stiff-lipped contemporaries. The story of how she rose through the ranks and took control of the underworld through her unquestionable honesty, strategic sense and shocking combat ability has become legend in her home town, and it wasn't long before she benevolently ruled the city from the shadows. That accomplished, she turned to her birthright and set about bringing the city's sunlit areas under her control as well. Her manner of conversing is kinda odd, and I'm still not sure if I convinced her to join or if it were the other way around, but she's now a valuable member of the team. Most of her free time is spent communicating her will to executives, but every once in a while she gets an opportunity to just frolic with the rest of us.
Hidden Power - Fairy

Signature Training: Reaching for the Light (Fighting)
Any of Delila's Dark-type attacks may be ordered as Fighting-type attacks by following the attack name with 'of Hope' ('Snarl' becomes 'Snarl of Hope', 'Payback' becomes 'Payback of Hope').

Julian: Level 5 Female Mandibuzz
"Clench your teeth, here it comes!"
A rough-and-tumble irredeemable tomboy with a mean left swing and a penchant for baseball, she lived a hard life on the streets until she was taken under the wing (hah) of a trainer for the Pokeathelon. Proving herself shockingly adept in physical sports for a avian, her species' talent for carrying bones carrying an unexpected benefit in the strength of her batting arm. Shocking and awing the crowd through Dark Horse performances in rapid succession, her power only grew.
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Move: Underdog's Diamond [Dark]
Julian expends major energy to create a strange aura throughout the arena, subtly altering the flow of fate. For the next five rounds after the activation of this move, all Dark-types will have their reaction time and movement speed heightened while in the process of performing melee attacks, gaining a 10% damage bonus to said attacks while becoming more accurate and capable of mid-move acrobatics. In contrast, non-Dark-types will have their reaction time and movement speed dulled while performing melee attacks. These effects only come into play WHILE a physical move is being performed (from when the Pokemon begins charging the energy for the move to after the energy from the move has dissipated), and the effects do not apply in any way to pokemon using ranged moves or not in the process of using a move. This move counts as a "Room" move for all intents and purposes.

Valma the Hurricane: Level 4 Female Bisharp
"No one shall pass this point. No one."
A legendary and taciturn warrior, Valma has few equals in hand-to-hand combat, and frequently takes up jobs to guard important relics. Practicing her own unique fighting style over countless encounters, she's gained a bit of a following as being 'nigh untouchable'. In part because of this, she welcomes true challenges with all her heart, having no greater wish than to continuously improve now and forevermore.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Training: Hurricane Stance [Steel]
Valma can use any of her moves as Steel-type moves by appending the word "Hurricane" to the beginning of the move name (Hurricane Night Slash, Hurricane Psycho Cut, etc). Moves performed this way obviously use Steel-type energy and any elemental damage they would deal is replaced with Steel-type damage, but the important bit is that any move performed this way gains the 'piercing' trait normally associated with physical steel-type moves; They can break through some energy-based attacks with greater ease while still retaining their power. Valma has forgotten Spite, Role Play and Magnet Rise, preferring devoting everything to her own style to envying or copying the styles of others.

Namaeka: Level 4 Female Malamar
"I'm. Um. Right here."
Coming from a species of manipulators and masterminds, Namaeka has a standard 'I just want to be normal' complex. But she was born with an ability above and beyond those standard to her species- The power to escape notice. Somewhere between FE:Awakening's Kellam and Mekakucity's Kido, she continuously slips from people's memories altogether. There's about a billion ways you could use this ability for evil, which frustrates Namaeka to no end. On the one upside, it makes anomynous acts of kindness hilariously easy to pull off. Now if only she could find someone who would remember her...
After forgetting her name(, gender and existance) a dozen times I finally named her Namaeka, which literally means 'Name?'.
Hidden Power- Water

Signature Move: Shadow Ruler [Dark/Psychic]
Releasing a burst of light, Namaeka hypnotises a mental block into his target not unlike the one utilized in substitute. This block prevents the afflicted target from recognizing Namaeka's presence, or even realizing that she exists at all. This effect ends if Namaeka hits the afflicted pokemon with an attack (for obvious reasons) and will wear off naturally in a round's time. This technique uses a heavy amount of energy.

Katrina: Level 3 Female Absol
"Killing you seems like effort... Would a knockout do?"
Absol are known for being heralds of disaster, oftentimes blamed for the tragedies they predict. Hilariously, Katrina is an exception to this rule- Nine times out of ten, she's the cause of any nearby disasters. The sole remnant of a future villainous group, she was sent back in time to prevent the hero that caused their downfall from ever blossoming.
...So you'd wonder why I'm sponsoring someone with a motive like that, but the truth is she's ridiculously lax in fulfilling her mission. And so the Absol I just happened to encounter stays on the team, a lazy presence of evil in the otherwise well-intentioned team. I'm shocked she actually bothered to remember her signature move. She's become rather close with Monika since the latter's addition to the team, as the two have fairly similar mindsets (although only one has the real life experience to back it up).
Hidden Power- Fairy

Signature Move: One-Winged Angel [Dark]
Upon use of this move, Katrina constructs wings out of dark energy, rushing the opponent in a manner reminiscent to Brave Bird, dealing significant typeless damage. After use of the move, the energy constructs stick around for two rounds, affording Katrina a manner of limited flight, although said flight is notably clumsy when compared to that of true birds. Also notable is that the wings fade away rather quickly once their time is up, risking a painful fall if she should be airborne when the effects end. If in her Mega Forme, her flight time is extended to three rounds per usage, and her flight becomes notably more finessed as she uses her normally unfunctional wings in tandem with the energy constructs. Usable twice per battle, and the move costs Major Dark energy to use. Katrina has forgotten Zen Headbutt, Calm Mind, Role Play, Dream Eater, Future Sight and Megahorn, presumably due to not focusing on her head quite as much as she should have and one too many crashes into the ground.

Aoika: Level 5 Female Greninja
"Secret Art Whatever-You-Call-It!"
Banished from her home for daring to fall in love (that whole 'blade over heart' thing), Aoika wandered for years performing odd jobs for others until we chanced upon her. Skilled at her craft but with an utterly terrible memory when it came to skill names, she got in the habit of just making it up as she went, replacing forgotten words with whatever came to mind.
...Somehow this translated into her being able to easily alter her techniques!
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Move: Ninja Vanish [Various]
When used, the type of this move must be determined by replacing 'Ninja' with the name of a type Aoika has at least a single damaging move of (example: 'Water Vanish'). Aoika vanishes before reappearing behind her target with an explosion of energy. The explosion deals good damage of the type chosen, and also takes a good amount of energy of the type chosen. The whole vanishing part takes extra general energy equal to that used by Quick Attack. The attack is not a true teleport, and is rather a feat of superior speed, and as such is unusable if there is no logical path from Aoika to the target.

Feng: Level 4 Male Shiftry
"Like blades are sharpened upon stones, skill is sharpened upon skulls!"
Feng attests to the Tengu-esque nature of his species quite noticeably. A skilled swordsman, he's been practicing the art of the blade for longer than most have been alive. Except. You know. He does the sword thing with the wind. He's also been acquainted with Monica for much of the internet's recorded existence.
Hidden Power - Steel

Signature Training: Kamiitachi [Flying]
Feng has learned Heat Wave, and has gained the elemental energy to use it twice per battle. All of Feng's wind-based attacks have gained a sharp edge to them, granting them an energy-cutting effect similar to that of physical steel moves.

Monica Diabolica: Level 2 Female Dieno
"Another day, another opponent, and... More EXP."
Dragons, beings possessed of lifespans which make the lives of humans appear not dissimilar to flies, shut-ins which spend much of their lives shut in dark rooms, blissfully spending their time apart from the outside world, admiring their treasures.
...Now why does that sound familiar?
A regular hikkimori, Monika's long life has allowed her to experience just about every solitary game ever created. A regular patron of the online world, her nickname of "Diabolica" proceeds her, many likening her unbeatable skills to the demon lords of RPG lore. Having exhausted herself of opponents that could defeat her, she at last turned to her last resort- She took on the greatest game yet made, Reality. Equipped with perfected skills and techniques from thousands of storied overlords, she prepares to become a real Demon Lord!
...Although she's still working on learning even the most basic of Overlord skills. It takes a lot of work to command legions!
Hidden Power - Poison

Signature Move: Overlord Art - Slime Summon (Poison)
Using Heavy energy, Monika fashions a construct of indiscernible form, creating a small slime-like minion to do her bidding. Much like Barrier, the construct can take up to a Major amount of damage before fading away, but it takes damage as though it were a Poison-type Pokemon and, not being a screen, can be controlled and used for attacks by Monika much like a Substitute. Monika has gained enough Poison-type energy for two uses of this move, but has forgotten all of her other Poison-type moves. Also Double Team, she doesn't do that.

The Council: Level 1 Female Spiritomb
A conglomerate of a wide host of various warlocks, demons, and other students of the occult, The Council is a bit different from other Spiritomb. Rather than being a host of imprisoned spirits, they are... basically a conference call of sorts, given physical (ethereal?) form. The logistics of it are kinda confusing and some seriously high-level magic. I dunno too much about non-support magic, it'd probably be better to ask Emi about that stuff. Anyway, as with all democratic processes, motions involving The Council require a lot of votes, but the power of many moving as one is truly something to behold.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Training: The Council's Motion [Ghost]:
Each time The Council successfully affects a Pokemon with a move targetting that pokemon (Taunt, Toxic, not Wonder Room), the targetted pokemon becomes more susceptible to the non-damage parts of attacks. The secondary effects of moves targetting that pokemon are more likely to trigger (Will-o-Wisp's burn chance, etc), effects inflicted upon that pokemon become more intense (Icy Wind's chill, etc), and ailments inflicting that pokemon become harder to remove (Toxic, Taunt, etc).

Spoiler: show
Yin: Level 5 Female Togekiss
"We can do it! No matter what!"
Heh, Yin. My first capture, of sorts. If you can call it that. Me and Yang ran into her in a Pokemart while stocking up for our long journey. She started openly following us around. When Yang struck up a conversation with her, he told her that we were looking for potions. She happily insisted that she would help, and waddled off. ...Then she got arrested for shoplifting. Through Yang's determined efforts (and my bewildered ones), we managed to clear her name. Since then, Yang's endeavored quite hard to train her in the ways of the world, to try and cure her naivety. Well, he did succeed. ...After the two had become inseparable friends, and Yin's optimistic demeanor had rubbed off on Yang as much as, if not more than he had rubbed off on her. How deep their friendship is is kinda demonstrated fairly well by the fact that Yang choose her name. And, of all the names, he choose the one counterpart to his own. Together, Yang, Yin, and Lily are my most trusted team members, and Yin serves as the cheerful counterpart to Lily's sass and Yang's pragmatism. That's not to say that's she's not intelligent, though. She simply tends to be more daring with her plans, tending heavily towards the high end of the 'risk vs reward' spectrum.

Signature Move: Kaze no Kami (Flying)
Yin releases a significant amount of flying energy into the air. One of two rounds later, depending on the length of rounds (see: Future Sight), the energy returns, washing over the field and granting a slight boost to the defenses (physical and special) and speed of all allies on the field, obviously including Yin herself if she is still on the field. The boost is similar in potency to that of Dragon Dance, with the speed boosts corresponding to eachother and the defense boosts being comparable to Dragon Dance's attack boost.

Lily: Level 5 Female Cradily
"Ha! You fools should all learn to jive harder!"
Lily. Oh, Lily. It feels like it was only yesterday that we met you, doesn't it? Barely alive, the sole survivor of an incident which had taken everyone you used to know out of the picture. It's almost certain that the miners didn't know of your family's underground paradise when they demolished it. All the same, in a series of explosions, your entire past and future was wiped out. Instantly. That's when we found you, when Yang managed to sniff you out despite us having no idea that you would be there, or who you were. And, even then, crushed by the world, you continued to struggle on. No, calling it struggling is an insult to what you've accomplished. You seized life with all your limbs, and laughed in it's face, disregarding how much the incident had scarred you. You formed deep bonds, too. Yang, the Eevee to which you owed your life. Yin, the Togepi which taught you to imagine the bright side when none existed. And even me, the first Human you ever met. Oh, the fun we had, discussing music and the best ways to inflict pain. I suppose I owe some portion of my strength to you. Hah, I still remember the look on your face when Yang discovered a way to communicate with those long since gone. I had thought you lively before, but after you had communed with those you hadn't seen since the incident? You lived life with a new fervor. Yang tells me that you're trying to make up for all those who didn't get to live. That's wonderful and all, but we both agree that we hope you're at least enjoying life for yourself, as well. Well, you're probably waiting for me now. I understand that you're still somewhat bitter over Yang's karaoke performance beating you so utterly. Can't be late for the encore~
Hidden Power - Water

Signature Training: Ties that Bind (Rock)
Lily's tentacles are now ridiculously stronger, strong enough for her to use them to support her own weight or to hold an enemy off the ground while preparing an attack of significant power or less. Naturally, this lends a small boost in power and tenacity to moves that use her tentacles, such as Bind, Wring Out, or Constrict. Attacks using her tentacles have 20% more power, but also use 20% more energy. Her tentacles are also far more resilient and tougher, with a density seemingly closer to rock than flesh.

Spike: Level 5 Male Mawile
"...Why are you still here?"
Spike is a rock star. That's why is name is so... Spike-ish. He's actually a bit of a loner, though that somehow makes girls want him all the more. Relax, I don't understand either. You'd wonder how I'd get along with him, but the truth is he actually has another side to him I can relate to. Sometimes he just wants everyone to shut up, leave him alone, and let him read a good book. Our experiences together are mostly comprised of us sitting back to back in some unnoticeable place reading after escaping from everyone. Of course, when you're a star, getting some quiet can be a little difficult, so...
Hidden Power - Psychic

Signature Training: Tactical Analysis (XX)
When Spike uses an attack which boosts his physical attack, he receives an additional special attack boost equivalent to that of Growth. When he uses an attack which boosts his special attack, he receives an additional physical attack boost equivalent to that of Meditate. All of Spike's boosting attacks require 30% more energy.

Set: Level 5 Male Ampharos
Once, when I was (once again) exploring some ruins, I met a trainer who appeared to be a fellow explorer. Before you knew it, the two of us were comparing ideas about what various ruins were used for, and for what certain markings meant. In any case, we explored until it was late- So late that the moon shone through a sky window of some sort. We decided to continue the next day, and went to sleep. In the morning, I was totally ready to start. He asked me to hold onto his bag for a moment- he had to grab something. I waited, and waited, but he never showed back up. Worried, I searched the entire ruins for him- and eventually found him. Kinda. You see, what I found was a wall painting- ancient, crumbling, but unmistakably him. I stared in disbelief, but wasn't able to find anything to refute the first explanation that came to mind- he was either never here, or, by all rights, he should not of ever been here. Having already explored everything else, I decided to pack up. To my surprise, I found I still had his bag. Carefully opening it, a small piece of paper fell out. Picking it up, I found that it was from him, thanking me for my time and telling me that the bag and everything in it now belonged to me. Don't get me wrong, there was some really cool stuff in that bag, but what startled me the most were the six eggs I found, surfaces unblemished and clean save for what appeared to be names scrawled onto them with some sort of paint. Mentally shrugging, I decided to simply accept the gift and not make a fuss about what I didn't understand.
The second egg to hatch was Set's, hatching only a day after Cleo's, much to my surprise. He's an interesting creature, indeed- never the first to start a fight, but always the last to back down. Having truly grown up together, him and Cleo are quite close, and either one is fully willing to put life and limb on the line to help the other. A prime example is that one incident when Cleo was kidnapped. But you don't want to hear about that. He looks up to Hunter, a certain trainer's Luxray, especially since the two had a particularly epic and drawn-out battle. He typically serves as my team's voice of reason, being pretty much smack dab in the middle of the middle-grounds between Jet's outspokenness and Spike's reclusiveness. Speaking of Spike, a certain offhand comment by Hunter lead Spike to engineer a slight alteration to Set's light producing crystals. Eventually, Set gave in, partly because of his mild mannerness, and partly because it was Hunter. In any case, Spike's elemental experimentation did eventually bear fruit. Though I'm not sure how. Though he did mumble something about steel energy once, and I saw him reading three kinds of books while he was working on it: Books about elemental energy, books about electronics, and... books about allergies. :/
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Move: Signal Disruptor (XX)
Set focuses energy to his forehead jewel, before launching it in a brilliant white beam which lances across the flied to strike the opponent. The attack is equal in power and energy use to Flash Cannon. However, the move is considered super-effective against pokemon which are inorganic or man-made (Porygon line, Castform, Bronzor line, Beldum line, Golett line, Magnemite line and Appliance Rotom formes), deals neutral damage to non-artificial electric-types, and is considered not-very-effective against all other pokemon. It can only be used twice a battle, however, and Set cannot use his SC ability to light up rooms.

Clocks: Level 5 Bronzong
"69... 35... 39... 1."
I actually found Clocks embedded in a wall deep inside some ruins. Noting where he was situated, his name seemed pretty obvious. I'm just going to overlook the fact I thought he was an actual clock until I accidentally bumped him. Him/her. It. Whatever. I don't know how long he had lived in there, but... I don't think he had ever seen the sun before. He was absolutely enthralled by it. Oftentimes I would walk outside to see him just staring at it, slowly drifting upwards, before bobbing back down as he reached his flight ceiling. It was a little disconcerting to watch, but as he was an inorganic being, I was a little less concerned with the possibility of addiction. Besides, he couldn't exactly sear his eyes out or anything. That was, until the day I walked outside and was unable to find him. We searched everywhere until I finally managed to notice the faint shadow where he usually floated. I turned to the sky and let out a surprised gasp as I glimpsed him floating high above, seemingly in a state of excitement. It seemed that he had managed to surpass his limitations, somehow. He's still addicted to light, though.
Hidden Power - Flying

Signature Training: To Touch the Sky (Flying)
Clocks now has an extremely high flight ceiling, a tad higher than your average bird pokemon. In addition, he moves as fast in the air as your average Spearow.

Apollo: Level 5 Male Espeon
"Hmm. Truly perplexing. Mind if I have a go?"
When Apollo was but a young lad, he was selected for something truly great- to explore outer space. As part of a special program, he and a group of other pokemon were boarded onto a space ship and sent beyond the earth's atmosphere, where they would stay for a period of two years. Up there, isolated and alone with a mixture of pokemon closer to him in age and experience and pokemon that had been selected for their renowned abilities, surrounded by the stars and planets, he learned many things. Many, many things. He fell deeply in love with the pursuit of knowledge, and dedicated his days to observing his surroundings. But he didn't do so in solitude- determined to learn of the bonds between living beings, he surrounded himself with friends and allies. He trained in the art of war, analyzed the miracle of friendship, and discovered the truth of love. It was in this time that the once nameless Eevee took a name for himself- Apollo, to honour both the iron being that had been constructed to accomplish what he now sought, as well as the great ball of flame he saw each day. When he returned from the program, he had changed, in more ways than one. Scientists were astonished to find that he had evolved, despite going without human contact for the entirety of the program, and he was all too happy to assist them in their research. However, the world, too, had changed in his absence. Both his mother and his breeder had passed away. As his father had already passed on previously, he was left alone in the world. At first, he seemed fine. He still had his friends from his journey, after all. But as time passed, he began to draw into himself, something which was not missed by his caring friends. They were forced to do little more than watch in sadness as he spent more and more time alone, buried under a mound of books. He had escaped into the pursuit of knowledge, but it was no longer with the pure joy he had once regarded such material. Now, he slavishly read page after page, determined to succeed in the one purpose his life had left. He may have done so forever, wasting away until he died, if a chance encounter hadn't changed everything. I had come to the institution, you see, my obsession with the cosmos driving me every step of the way. That was the day that we met, Apollo and I. An unlikely occurrence, one that would never have happened if I hadn't lost myself in the institution's maze of rooms. To my eyes, the room was nothing but a treasure trove of books, piles upon piles filling every empty space. Truly, there was nothing but books. The floor was carpeted in books. The stool on which he sat was nothing but books. The desk over which he leaned, reading, was nothing but books. Even the bookshelves that covered the walls were, impossibly, made of books. When I glimpsed the Espeon around the room's impressive central pillar, hunched over his desk and feverishly reading, I was amazed. I immediately joined him, amazed by what I had found. We didn't talk much. But we did talk a little. I was shocked when he smiled- it looked utterly out of place on him, as though he had forgotten quite how it was done. When I made to leave, he decided to accompany me. Much later, I found out why- My enthusiasm had reminded him of what he had forgotten: The joy of the discovery. Since that fateful day, he's returned to his playful yet reserved countenance, and has since founded a book club with the aid of Yang and Spike.
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Enlightenment (Psychic)
Apollo is generally smarter than your average Espeon, more capable of understanding complex orders and of successfully identifying the power or type of an attack. Once every five rounds, Apollo may replace up to two attacks with if branches, rather than the usual one. However, in any round where this is used, all attacks require 1.5x the energy, due to the mental strain.

Amelia 'Princess' Roshhale: Level 5 Female Raichu
"A fool like you, come to challenge me? Ha! Get ready to BURN!"
Pikachu, the most popular pokemon. Right there in line one of the species's characteristics, the species enjoys a reputation that precede them by several lifetimes. In the times before the wonderful world of gender was explored, some would refer to the species as 'Cute enough for a woman, strong enough for a man'. Some silly people still do so. The gender stereotyping is unfortunate, but the saying is mostly true, and the species enjoys a legacy of fame.
This is not Amelia's legacy.
Amelia comes from a kingdom, far away. One nestled in it's own little valley, untouched by the world outside. One so well hidden, that finding it would be a fool's errand, attempted by only the most hardcore of myth enthusiasts. The most foolish of fools. The- Okay, yes, me. The kingdom was a strange one, similar to any other, save for who ruled it. Legend states that a line of emperors blessed by the phoenix's breath ruled the land long ago, but fell in a cataclysmic event, and the blessing was passed to the family's noble partners, a line of bodyguards which had kept them safe for millennia. ...Yes, Pokemon. The line was blessed with the capacity to escape capture unless they wished for it, and historians speculate that it was intended as a temporary measure, with the line of kings continuing with whoever the line deemed worthy. A fairly ingenious method of determining a successor. Pity it never came into play. When I stumbled into the kingdom, when the current line had come into power had long fallen to obscurity, and the land was still ruled over by pokemon. And so, the land might have been nothing but yet another interesting place I visited, if it wasn't for meeting Amelia in a bar. Now, I've seen my share of arrogant Pikachu, but Amelia truly went above and beyond, brash and disrespectful beyond words. I'd blame it on the drinks, but she hadn't had any. We got into a scuffle, one that was broken up before we managed to destroy the entire bar. I left impressed with her destructive prowess, and was quite pleased when we ran into eachother once more. That day, a sacred statue ceased to exist. And so, I remained in the kingdom for weeks, perhaps even months, determined to enjoy this challenge to it's fullest. Two figures would pass eachother in a dark alley, and then buildings had to be rebuilt. As caves collapsed and forests were leveled, the tales of our battles spread and grew, though they could scarce surpass the reality of what occurred. Never once did one of us win- the result was always that the arena would be so utterly destroyed that further combat was impossible. But not for lack of effort- There is at least one beach in that kingdom which was a cave before we came to town. My disdain at her personality quickly turned to pure respect for her power, and I would have been perfectly happy if the fights had never come to an end. Eventually, coincidence's favor for our fights wasn't enough, and we began arranging fights in advance. Approached by a shadowy figure, we'd be given nothing more a place and time, and our hearts would soar. For the first time, I got to enjoy looks of fear, even from great warriors. Eventually, choosing a suitable venue for the occasion, Amelia chose to reveal to me that she was in fact the crown princess of the kingdom, her evident pride unmistakable. Grinning, I told her that I highly doubted that she owed all her skills to her heritage. She agreed, and the endless dance continued. If there's anything I'd like to complement her ancestors on, it's how damned strong the castle walls are.
As you can tell, I'm not in the kingdom any more.
One day, an end came to the bliss. The kingdom was discovered, and attacked. Despite our best efforts, the land was utterly destroyed. The castle fell. Superior technology and a true army erased the once proud legacy. Standing in the ash, the kingdom's greatest warrior told me she wanted more. She wanted to destroy, to tear, to become to this new world what she was to the old. And so she joined us. Her world is gone, she owns nothing. Yet we still call her 'Princess'. The Princess of War.
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Training: Noble Art - Rapier [XX]:
Amelia has even greater control over her tail than others of her species, able to use it in combat with a proficiency akin to a rapier expert. In addition, her tail has greatly increased in binding strength (able to hold even a Tauros with ease) and has increased in length by about two feet. While this does not increase the power of her moves in any way, Amelia can perform any of her melee attacks with her tail, and moves performed with it have a 10% chance to inflict Taunt added to them from Amelia's insatiable bloodlust. Amelia has learned Bind and Constrict. However, Amelia is now much more susceptible to anger-based moves such as Taunt and Torment, and she has completely forgotten Protect and Lucky Chant.

Caliel: Level 5 Male Girafarig
"I-I'm quite sorry, good sir! I don't know quite what came over me..."
A reserved and polite man with a cynically honest dark side.
Hidden Power - Dark

Signature Training: Bipolar (Dark)
Caliel's attacks do 75% as much damage as usual, and he takes only 75% damage from attacks. By being ordered to "Be Honest", he switches, his attacks dealing 125% of their usual damage and him taking 125% the usual amount of damage. Doing so counts as a move, but counts as an offensive move for the purposes of moves such as Taunt and Swagger.

Aster: Level 4 Female Pachirisu
"In the name of the Fallen World, I will cleanse your soul!"
Once, long ago, there was a world. It was a fairly average world, one like any other. A world of fantasy and magic. A world of the balance between good and evil. As to be expected of such worlds, one day the hidden evil boiled over like a pot of mushroom soup left on the stove too long, and a Demon Lord rose to power. The stage was set- A chosen hero, an oracle, a band of friends, and a set of legendary, awe-inspiring weapons.
Shame no one thought to tell them about it.
The oracle was young, and had not yet awoken to her power. The weapons where unknown, their songs unsung. The hero, though proud and true, knew nothing of his great destiny. His quest never taken, his bonds were never forged, and each of his fated partners were doomed to fall in obscurity. The world fell, overrun and returned to the sea of foggy nothingness it had once risen from, with only a few distant reminders of what could have been left to drift for eternity- The dwelling place of each weapon, and the sanctified ground where the last hero's blood was scattered as he made his last stand. A world with no future, no hope, no advance, no intelligence... A world snuffed. But a single soul remained. The oracle, tied to powers she did not know, rebounded from the world as her mortal ties were severed, flung into the multiverse indiscriminately. Reborn, she retained no memory of her past, with only her flamboyant personality retained... That, and a mysterious draw towards her destiny. Perhaps stumbling upon her past was inevitable. Perhaps not. But her sad past did nothing to dampen her spirit, and only served to reaffirm her resolve- She would save all worlds, and all the people within them. This was what she swore.
She also hates Kayuun's guts but noone cares about that.
Hidden Power - Ghost

Signature Training: 魔法少女花のきら [Fairy]
Aster is now a Electric/Fairy type, with all associated weaknesses and resistances, save the fact that she still takes neutral damage from dark-types. She learns Dazzling Gleam and Moonblast.

Halley: Level 5 Female Clefable
"I- If you think I'm ready..."
Halley, like Apollo and Hubble, was one of the younger pokemon sent on the Pokeventure operation. As the representative of the species thought to have come to the stars, Halley found blending in with the others a tad difficult, and often kept to herself. Her exceeding shyness, remarkable among her species, didn't help matters any. However, her status as the only loner aboard the ship aroused Apollo's curiosity, and he took to observing the nameless companion. He started trying to converse with her, and gradually she started not running away quite as quickly. One day, Apollo slipped, and accidentally referred to her as 'Halley' while he was talking to her. Startled, she asked if he meant her. Embarrassed, Apollo explained that since she was certain to appear at mealtimes, but absent the rest of the day, he had come to think of her as something like a comet. He continued to bashfully ramble on about how he knew it was a boy's name and how he was really sorry and suchforth, but Halley stopped him. She told him that she had never had a name before, or at least one that wasn't a number. She... Liked it. It took Apollo a moment to process this, but he cheered up noticeably once he had. From that day on, the two were seen together much more frequently, oftentimes staring out a viewport, simply chatting about the stars. Halley started to take an interest in the myths and legends that surrounded the burning spheres, a topic Apollo wasn't averse to learning more about, either. Often the two would cause a bit of a commotion when they broke into the quarters of the more experienced pokemon and begged for scraps of info. Luckily, their seniors were happy to oblige, and the teachings became a regular thing. Hubble would frequently wryly ask if she didn't get tired of their mutual friend's enthusiasm, and would simply smile knowingly when Halley perplexedly asked what she meant. Even now that they've joined my team, the two are never far apart, chatting whenever they're not tied up with battle. I ship them so hard.
Hidden Power - Ice

Signature Technique: Halley's Comet (XX)
Emulating the slow but certain regularity of a comet's cycle, Halley focuses her energy. For energy equal to Curse[NO], Halley receives a speed loss equal to that of Curse[NO], and gains a boost to defense and special attack equal to Curse[NO]'s boost to defense and physical attack. All boost stipulations, such as diminishing returns, apply.

Aurea: Level 3 Female Shiny Swablu
"Catch me? We'll see about that~"
A free-roaming spirit with a body built to escape the earth's ties.
Hidden Power - Electric

Signature Training: Whimsical Heart (Normal)
Aurea's wings are so fluffy you just can't handle that crazyness. Blunt impact moves (punches, body slams, physical projectiles, etc) which strike her wings deal 30% less damage.

Gheffum: Level 3 Male Ariados
A wise-cracking beast with a hunger for maidens.
Hidden Power - Psychic

Signature Training: Essence of Success (Dark)
Gheffum is now familiar with the dark-type, and has learned Dark Pulse. He is no longer resistant to bug-type attacks.

Gyves: Level 5 Male Chandelure
"Are you ready for a ~show~?"
A playful man with an irresponsible outlook on life.
Hidden Power - Ice

Signature Move: Sadistic Streak (Fire)
Gyves fires a streak of chilling, icy blue flames at his opponent. The attack deals considerable damage for significant energy. While lacking in the ability to burn a target, the move has a 50% chance of freezing the struck area and a 10% chance of inflicting a full body freeze on the opponent, and can chill the target in a manner similar to Icy Wind.

Allie: Level 4 Female Florges (Light Green Flower)
"I'll show you what I can do!"
Every once in a while I pick a swath of my team and send them on an expedition as a teamwork-building exercise. Once, I thought it was a good idea to have Jet lead one of these. And have Clocks go along. Since they both need the practice. And the teambuilding. Yang to counter Jet's impulsiveness and Lily to counter Clocks's passiveness and they were set to go!
...They came back with an extra member.
Allie, of course, comes from a family of flower-keepers. Her parents are something like florists, and her grandmother is something like a mad scientist with plants. Her brother sold his soul for power over fire or something inane like that. Which at first I was a little incredulous of but I guess I can see where he's coming from when you consider that they basically live in a giant greenhouse-like biodome and the sun is technically a giant ball of fire so I guess it occurred to him as something really powerful??
But anyways. Allie's a kind soul, pleased to help with anything. Although she's surprisingly upfront and daring. She noticeably gets a lot of her mannerisms from her parents, and her bliss when talking about plants is something to behold. On the other hand, it's obvious her grandmother's genes didn't vanish- The first reaction of most people when they see her 'darlings' is to dash for the nearest exit. To be fair, she could probably avoid that reaction if she didn't make her creations so bloody huge. She's very fond of Yang, and if the two are in close proximity she's likely to be dragging him around or clinging onto him. Which has eternally doomed Yang to the title of 'Team member most likely to have a harem'. She gets along with most everyone, and is a valuable asset to the team.
...Though every once in a while Lily starts giggling and mumbles something about tentacles when she's around and that's. Kinda disturbing.
Hidden Power - Fire

Signature Move: Botany [Grass]
Consuming decent energy, Allie releases a cloud of dust particles in the opponent's direction, the particles inflicting a status on the target if they come in contact with skin or are breathed in. This move can be ordered in one of three forms; "Cannabis Botany" slows the mind of those affected, bringing about an effect not unlike the chill brought by Glaciate. "Pepper Botany" inflicts burns upon the area(s) of contact (akin to Will-o-Wisp), and Capote Botany inflicts confusion upon the target. All forms are considered a kind of Powder move. Essentially a variable-type move, but with Status instead of Types.

Hiro: Level 5 Male Azumaril
"Let's Tuuuuuuumble!"
A heavyweight amongst lightweights, Hiro's an adventurous kid who's overcome plenty of adventures in his short life. Loving to rumble and tumble, his most frequent state is happily rolling across the ground after a rebound or a hard knock. The feline pokemon get a kick out of playing with him, and he gets a kick out of being played with. Win-win. Every once in a while he'll roll past Katrina, who lazily opens an eye and watches for a while before going back to whatever she was doing, which is an impressive feat considering her lethargy. Eventually he figured out something- If you attack something from above, you're less likely to be sent flying after impact. In his day-to-day life this has no impact what-so-ever since he likes that whole being sent flying part, but it quite helps in battle.
Hidden Power- Ground

Signature Move: Wrecking Ball [Fairy]
Hiro leaps into the air as if using Bounce, then surrounds himself with a layer of energy before crashing down onto his target. Deals good damage for good energy and has a 30% chance to lower the target's physical defense by 10% (this fades like a normal debuff).

Xavier: Level 4 Male Doublade
"You woke me for this?"
'tis a strange thing for a sword to be used as a key. Stranger still for one to be used as a lock. And yet we see the story repeat itself throughout myth, both historic and contemporary. What is it that makes the sword more suited to being a 'keystone' than any other weapon? I have nooooooooooooo idea. Anyway, to the bio. Xavier likes nothing more in the world than to sleep. He says he's trying to get in on that 'Eternal Rest' thing he was promised. The spirit of some glorified bodyguard from literal ages ago, he did the same thing in death as he did in life. Except he guarded treasure instead of people. I came, I took his treasure, he came with me because he needed somewhere to crash (he could have at least pretended that it was because I beat him ;;). That said, while perpetually seeking a nap, he's at least disciplined enough to give consistent performance during battle (unlike Kat grumblegrumble). Basically, when he's awake, he's awake; when he's asleep, he's asleep.
Hidden Power - Water

Signature Move: Guardian Rush [Ground]
Charging himself with energy, Xavier rushes the opponent. The attack has properties almost identical to Iron Head, weakening incoming energy-based attacks while retaining it's own power. As a Honedge and Doublade, this attack is performed with his blade. As an Aegislash, it can be performed with either his blade or his shield (blade by default). The attack deals good damage, and Xavier has gained the ground energy for three uses per match (what other kind of energy would he get, locked underground for years?).

Jordan: Level 5 Male Audino
"Smiths are praised for lending their skill to their creations. Weapons are praised for lending their skill to their bearers. Then, are not Warriors praised for lending their skill to their Tacticians?"
Once, a legendary tactician roamed a world. He lead legions, yet was known as a friend to all he lead. So great was his devotion, that he had only a single wish when he died. To help his friends still more.
So yeah he was reborn as an Audino no duh.
An Audino which hatched from an egg I haggled off the market for way too high a price Audino is the best thing it was money well spent. His first official battle was an interesting one, but he found himself hindered by his opponent's control of the arena and immunity to tactics he himself was susceptible to. Confronted with an impasse, he focused his efforts on developing a way around the elemental nature of the world. His research touched on the Colorblind ability of his foe's teammate. Seeking his own special touch, he decided to approach the problem from the other direction- Rather than robbing attributed attacks of their elements, why not imbue unelemented attacks with attributes?
Hidden Power - Dark
Attached - Audinite

Signature Training: Adaptability [NO]
Jordan may adapt any of his normal-type moves to adopt the secondary effects of another one of his moves, ordered in the form of "Move[Move with secondary effect of choice]". This includes any physical effect characteristics, but doesn't include element or anything else. For example, "Secret Power[Water Pulse]" would have a chance of confusion, would drench the opponent in water, but would still deal only Normal-type damage. Conversely, "Secret Power[Flamethrower]" would have a chance to burn and be physically hot, but would, again, deal only Normal-type damage. Obviously this overrides any secondary effects the move would already have: An adapted Secret Power would not have Secret Power's usual secondary effects, but would still be a physical attack with a pink glow to it. There are, of course, some restrictions- He can only pair a move with the secondary effect of a move within two 'clicks' of it. For example, Hyper Voice, being of Significant power, could only be given the secondary effect of a move with Solid to High power. Notably, this means that I can't simply imbue everything with Thunder Wave because that would be utterly daft. Finally, effects which are considered drawbacks cannot be overwritten- For example, an adapted Double-Edge would retain its recoil.

Sparks: Level 5 Shiny Rotom
"The Red Lightning never fails a thievery!"
Going by the moniker of 'The Red Lightning', Sparks has been my nemesis since an early age. To my knowledge, our first clash was his framing of me in the tampering of water filtration equipment. Since then, our duels have been stunning. He's always waiting for me to near electronic equipment so we can begin our latest faceoff. His downfall came when his species became common knowledge, at which point I was able to coral him and force him into our first true battle. He proved no less the willy opponent I had known him to be from our digital challenges. Zipping around and phasing through objects, he proved to be an opponent we couldn't simply pummel into the ground. Hard to do that when you can't hit them in the first place. But his capture was eventually earned. The thief was forced into my entourage, providing a height of speed among the team hereforto unseen.
He's also hilariously tsundere outside of battle.
Hidden Power - Fairy

Signature Move: Red Lightning [Ghost]
Expending considerable energy, Sparks shoots forwards at increased speed, appearing as only a trail of sparkles. He passes straight through the target's body, dealing solid physical damage. But the true effect of this sig is the thievery component- Successfully executing this attack steals all of the target's non-natural bonuses. That is to say, it steals the effects of all tokens, badges, or boosting moves and gives them to Sparks. If the target's token is incompatible with Sparks, its effect is not stolen.

Viixae: Level 4 Male Noivern
"There's but one thing stronger than a Dragon: Love."
Some sort of Mage-Scientist, Viixae has spent many a day studying Life. Despite his bookworm-i-ness, his charisma is something quite impressive. Nor is it a product of his studies- At least, not in the way one would assume. His dedication to his studies is such that he's always filled with energy and wonder, like he's seeing everything for the first time. Yet also with a sureness as though he's done it a million times. It's something to behold. There's but one thing he's certain is truth- The 'heart' is the most powerful part of any being. Although it's technically part of the brain, when it comes down to it. On the other hand, considering the body is one inter-connected program designed to support itself, does it really matter which part is directly responsible? Or is that like asking what part of a video game makes it enjoyable?
Hidden Power - Ground

Signature Move: Compassion Call [Fairy]
Expending significant energy, Viixae creates a burst of sound. While the attack deals only good damage to those caught within it (before modifiers), it has a peculiar effect due to the mixture of fairy energy and wavelength. Any who hear this attack will find themselves unwilling to exploit their target's weaknesses- They will refuse to use an attack if there's even a chance the attack would deal Super Effective damage. While Viixae doesn't take damage from this attack, he is in fact affected by this secondary effect as much as any other. The effects last for three full rounds before wearing off. Viixae has gained the elemental energy to use this move twice per battle.

Aeryll: Level 2 "Female" Phione
Bio incoming
Hidden Power - Ground

Sig Incoming

Solei: Level 2 Female Maractus
I want to call Solei an inter-dimensional warrior but that's really giving her much more credit than is due. You know those rich folk that go on random trips to random places? Yeah that's more like Solei. Except with dimensions instead of beach resorts. However, she herself thinks she's some kind of inter-dimensional warrior which leads to... unfortunate hijinks. Never one to be subtle, nor intelligent, nor... much of anything, really, her 'self-developed' signature move is really just a pain to comprehend. Although it does fulfill a certain desire for "Oooh, shiny".
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Move: Pocket Dimension [XX]
Solei uses significant energy to create a strange realm much like Magic Room, encapsulating all battlers. However, much in contrast to Magic Room, the Pocket Dimension is anything but featureless- its insides consist of a desert for which the sand is actually small glass beads, meaning that while they are in a constant Sandstorm, they do nothing to block out the incredibly intense sunlight from above. However, in most other regards it is quite similar to Magic Room, with attempts to change the weather failing utterly (although there are some sizable glass spheres within the sands should one wish to perform attacks such as Rock Slide with them). This move counts as a "Room" move for all intents and purposes.

Dazzleon: Level 2 Male Litleo
Hidden Power - Fairy


Maple: Level 2 Female Bidoof
"I'm a forwards-thinking, future-conscious Pokemon, ready to charge into the future and mindful of the dangers I must avoid!"
Not to be confused with my sister, Maple the Bidoof likes to consider herself abreast of current events and on the cutting edge of awareness about the environment. In reality this just means she sits around and reads newspapers a lot. Eventually I got her off her lazy arse and emoted that she should probably develop a signature technique. Actually heartily agreeing with me, she decided to create a move as forwards-thinking and future-conscious as her. Or at least, that's how she put it.

Signature Move: Oil Slick [Water]
Charging significant energy, Maple releases a stream of putrid, clinging, pitch-black fluid in a manner reminiscent of Water Gun. After impacting for good damage, the gunk sticks to the target, obviously hindering sight if it gets into the eyes or anything like that, and hindering the flight of feathered creatures a fair bit. Being non-water-soluble, the gunk is pretty much entirely unaffected by water, and as such doesn't really wash off. But the danger of it comes not from that standard stuff, but from its volatile properties. If the affected Pokemon tries to use a Fire-type or Electric-type attack, or the gunk otherwise comes into contact with flame or electricity, the slick lights up and explodes, dealing good typeless damage and nullifying the offending attack.

Prism: Level 2 Ditto
"I have a theory..."
An avid battler (they are a Pokemon, afterall), Prism has traveled the world, randomly standing in in various battles in his efforts to better understand the fighting style of others. He's taken on the forms of millions of Pokemon and objects, and come to understand the unique perks of each and every element. But he wanted to take it further. So much further. Now extremely attuned to the flow of elemental energy from his time manipulating it, Prism was easily able to engage in a series of energy experiments within his own body. Combining elements time and time again, he learned a startling truth- While two-element combinations were relatively stable, much further than that and the elements started to lose their distinct traits, in a way reminiscent of ice melting back into water. Continuing in their studies, Prism soon came to the conclusion that Normal-type energy was the origin of all other energy forms, and was also the form to which it returned after being processed. Possessed by this new theory, Prism rigorously turned to perfecting his birthright- The Normal Element. Years later, he's confident in his craft and ready to test it on the world. And I'm his unfortunate PR Manager.
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Training: Master of the Abnormal [Normal]
Prism has learned Tri-Attack, Boomburst, Trump Card, Crush Claw, Simple Beam, Lovely Kiss, Egg Bomb, Teeter Dance, Reflect Type, and Noble Roar. Prism doesn't keep these moves when Transforming.

Asha: Level 2 Female Helioptile

Ragnarok: Level 2 Porygon
As the name implies, Ragnarok was developed as a 'god-slaying' program. The creation was basically nothing but a study of various legendary pokemon, studying their actions, abilities, and any genetic material on hand. By the time the program was completed, its original purpose had been mostly forgotten- In the rush to apply as much of the knowledge gained about the legendary pokemon and their elemental preferences, the idea of actually beating the legends was altogether forgotten. In fact, in contrary to the original objective, it had actually become something of an aid to legendaries, if the situation should ever come down to that. Distributing the program for whatever, reason, the analysts happily set about on their next project, unaware of the AI the contradictory abilities and goal had birthed. Having finally saved up enough for a Porygon, I decided to download this particular AI for reasons beyond me (their ads may or may have not been obscenely cute). Okay, who am I kidding, they're pretty amusing, I regret nothing.

Signature Technique: The Fall of the Gods [Normal]
Using significant energy, Ragnarok releases a pulse of energy through the arena, sealing the flow of energy and sanctifying the elemental powers present in all creation. For five rounds following the use of this technique, all Pokemon on the field may only use Normal-type attacks and attacks with the same typing as them (For example, a Water-type could use both Normal-type and Water-type attacks). This technique is considered a Room move for all intents and purposes.

Hoshigami: Level 2 Castform
"Somethingsomething, descended from the heavens, somethingsomething, here to defeat yo- Oh hey is that candy?"
Hoshigami is literally a fallen star. Among those lights in the sky, some are floating spirits, quick to vanish when observed and wittily skilled at hiding within the light of the far larger lamps of the sky. Occasionally they form new constellations randomly before scattering to troll younger kids. Hoshigami is one of these who got a liiiiiiittle too close to the atmosphere, falling from the icy reaches of space to the blazing hot descent through the stratos, before finally crashing down in the seas. Wherein he was found and dragged home from a vacation. Being from the skies, he displays some pretty odd abilities. Then again, that's only to be expected. He is technically an alien, afterall.
Hidden Power - Rock

Signature Training: Sun-Moon-Star Dance [Various]
When in a non-Normal forme, Hoshigami may modify any of his Normal-type moves into moves of his current type by appending a phrase to the end of their name. When in Sunny forme, the phrase is "of the Sun" (for example, when in Sunny forme, "Swift of the Sun" would be a Fire-typed Swift, while "Secret Power of the Sun" would be a Fire-type Secret Power). When in Rainy forme, the phrase is "of the Moon" (for example, when in Rainy forme, "Swift of the Moon" would be a Water-typed Swift, while "Secret Power of the Moon" would be a Water-type Secret Power). When in Snowy forme, the phrase is "of the Stars" (for example, when in Snowy forme, "Swift of the Stars" would be an Ice-typed Swift, while "Secret Power of the Stars" would be an Ice-type Secret Power). Moves modified this way obviously use energy of and deal damage of the selected type, but all else about them remains the same as their unmodified forms.

Sakura: Level 2 Female Taillow
"Please, allow my blade to sharpen itself upon your flesh..."
Born in the far east, Sakura was brought up as a proper lady, trained in the ways of the Nadeshiko. Dance, literature, flower arrangement, paint, sculpture, conversation, politics, combat, tactics... A lot. While a striking beauty, she excelled in the art of the blade above all else. Equally skilled with the naginata, katana, war scythe... Just about any manner of melee blade, she mastered with ease. Indeed, to see her fight was considered an honour in itself, so beautifully refined that even dance paled alonside it. The only sadness her viewers expressed was the speed with which it ended- There were few swordsmen that could last long against her lack of wasted motions. It is said there are five elements which can be applied to pretty much anything: Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, and Earth. Some argued that Sakura was a master of the Wood Art, supple as green growth yet firm as wizened oak. Some argued that it was the Art of Water which could call her progress it's own, her flowing form as impossible to catch as a flowing river. The truly wise, however, simply smiled and nodded along, aware that her ability came from the mastering of both Arts. And it should be no surprise that she gave her time to constant mastery of this skill. Not to say she neglected her other studies- She could hold a fine conversation when the time called for it, quite a pleasant person to spend time with. It's just that she enjoyed her own search for perfection within herself above all. One day, in her training she stumbled upon a Torii Gate deep within a forest when practicing. Passing through, she discovered to her surprise the passage to another world, one full of opponents powerful enough to match her blade. The only price was that she could not attain human form for long in this world. The world was the PASBL, and her avatar within it that of a Taillow/Swellow. Meeting me, we established a mutually beneficial agreement- Her as an unmatched warrior, and I as... Well, someone to do the legal paperwork loophole stuff to get her into battles. Peh.
Hidden Power - Grass

Signature Training: Tsubame Gaeshi [Flying]
When performing a move involving physical contact (Wing Attack, Quick Attack, etc.), Sakura may utilize an altered version of the technique by appending "Gaeshi" to the end of the attack name (Wing Attack Gaeshi, Quick Attack Gaeshi, etc.). In this altered version, she splits into clones as though using Double Team before performing the move, the number of clones produced identical to if Double Team had been used. After the move's conclusion, any clones generated by this effect fade away. However, moves used this way are granted a special effect: For each instance (clone) of Sakura involved in the attack discounting Sakura herself, the power of the attack (and the energy cost) is increased by 5%. As the clones generated vanish after the end of the technique, use of this technique does not contribute to the total number of Double Team uses.

Dia: Level 1 Female Eevee
"Yesssss, let yourself rage free, so that I may peer into your heart~♪"
A story sure anyone who has ever ventured into the fanfiction community has heard countless times- Team Rocket, in their quest for power, experiment on countless Eevee in the quest to tap into the power of their genetics. Of course, actually, it was Team Galactic, we all know they were the ones interested in evolutionary energy and all that. Although Team Flare could certainly have had a hand in it, and Rocket does have the best funding. Either way, Dia was part of this clutch, along with her sisters.
...Yes, bad things happened to Ran and her folk when they decided to leave to train solidarity. We try to avoid speaking about them. Countless genetic experiments laid heavy toll on their mind, body, and spirits. None of them would ever be the same again. Dia, however. Dia thrived. As the torture continued what seemed to be forever, Dia discovered something she had never had cause to notice before. As the pain was inflicted on her time and time again, she started to wonder why she had ever disliked pain. On the contrary, she started to notice that the sea of pain was inhabited by all manner of creatures, a beautiful environment in its own right, and worthy of exploring. When the captives were at last freed from their bondage, she came out not just changed- She came out stronger.
Hidden Power - Ground

Signature Training: Masochist [Fairy]
Dia's perception of pain and pleasure has been completely altered. She fights more enthusiastically and becomes overall happier the more damage she takes and the worse the situation she's in. If she is clearly at a disadvantage to her opponent (about a heavy amount behind in either health or energy), she gains boosts akin to Helping Hand.

Miku: Level 1 Female Buneary
The Sky Room. A beautiful open-air rooftop lounge atop the Time Out Bar, and a favored place of many. The cool night air brought relief to many a drinker's flushed face, and the clear stars far above shone on many a couple's smiles. Truly, a place where those of all sorts gathered, peaceful and content in their shared joy. It was here that a regular patron met with his regular company for yet another night of happiness.
Moaning, the youth played with their mug, batting it between their hands kinda like a rather lethargic cat with a ball of yarn. (In Progress)
Hidden Power - Water

Sig Incoming

Spoiler: show
Breakwater Badge:
Global Badge
Depicting a rocky breakwater with a mighty wave looming behind it, this badge is given out to those who defeat Concept in his water gym.
Badge Effect: High Tide
Once per battle in switch = KO, the wielder may switch a pokemon as if it were switch = OK (obviously unlike BP, VS and UT, this doesn't pass any stat changes). This is treated exactly as it would be in switch=OK, with the opponent getting a re-order and such. In switch = OK, the wielder may (once per battle) pass on stat changes using a conventional switch as if using one of the switching moves. This is still treated as a regular switch would be (with the opponent getting a re-order). In either case it costs good energy (which, like the energy used for baton pass, cannot be recovered in the pokeball) and even if the switch is somehow prevented, the badge effect cannot be used again that match.

Pokebowl Z Badge:
Global Badge
This badge was given to Kindrindra and Jerichi in recognition for taking the top places in the Pokebowl Z tourney.
Badge Effect: Professional Trainer
This badge allows its holder to bring two Pokemon above their trainer level to a match with no risk of either Pokemon disobeying. This badge may only be used in one match at a time.

Spoiler: show
Reaper's Token:
This attachable item can only be given to Ghost type pokémon. If the pokémon wearing this token has the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they are able to do so for three turns instead of the usual two and enjoy perfect invisibility where they might usually have left an icy glimmer or some other give away. If the selected pokémon does not already possess the ability to change in to the Invisible state, they gain the ability to do so for two turns, leaving a slight give away when they do so such as the glint of an eye or the glow of an ectoplasmic body. Ghosts wearing this token are also granted an increased ability to trick their opponents. This token is available only during the Halloween sale and may be purchased by trainers up to once.
Obtained - [x]
Attached to Krystal the Sableye

:Mega Stones:
Sablenite - Attached to Krystal
Audinite - Attached to Jordan

Random Stuff
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