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Re: Free For All Zone

Sorry for the wait, Harper. I was waiting to see if Furi would reply, but since he hasn't, I'll go ahead and post your Update.

Ziz’s Mountain

Sandaa –
¤Repost of Your Last Update¤

You and Kal stand up with each other’s help, and you shoot a violent glare at the Golem, enraged at its relentless attacks towards you and your companions. Surveying your Pokmon’s condition, you bite your lip, realizing the full extent of physical damage that’s been rendered upon them. Your hand lingers by your belt for a moment, hesitating to send out someone else to finish off the battle. However, as you watch, Ramoth and Raphael gradually begin to regain their footing, and you allow your hand to relax, realizing that they’re not about to give up this fight, and neither are you.

Clenching the hand you would’ve you used to summon another Pokmon, you point at Raphael and Ramoth significantly in order to disguise your first intent. You proclaim your trust in them, stating that they must keep going if they refuse to surrender. The two turn to you and nod in agreement, their eyes blazing with fighting spirit. To back up their resolve, they let out aggresive war cries which display the abundance of power they still have remaining. You smirk and nod approvingly at their response before giving them your orders. Upon receiving them, they nod in understanding, and turn back to face the remaining Golem and Graveler, ready to execute their plan.

Raphael starts off by retracting once again into his shell and rotating rapidly once again, this time using the speed of his attack to drill a hole into the earth, vanishing abruptly from the opponents’ sight. Ramoth reacts simultaneously, flapping her wings in order to rise suddenly off the ground, although still remaining cautiously close to the earth as she feels she must still be wary of attracting Ziz’s attention. The Golem and Graveler glare at her, hovering above their reach so that they can’t do anything to harm her. She grins toothily at the earthbound beasts rolling around below, and fixes Golem with a stern gaze, staring it down with a fearsome countenance. Her glare is powerful enough to cause the Golem to balk a bit, unsure whether or not to attack either of these two fearsome warriors. Ramoth leaves it no room to make a decision, as she quickly opens her mouth and starts to spin around, spewing fire onto the earth. One of the Graveler who previously received one of Ramoth’s flame attacks starts to panic upon seeing the ground catch fire around it, immediately rolling up into a DEFENSE CURL again to try and protect itself (to little avail). Meanwhile the Golem is a bit calmer and attempts to put out the fire by stamping with its feet, while the other Graveler sees the leader’s actions and tries to mimic them.

Their attention effectively taken away from Raphael by the fire, he uses the time to quickly tunnel towards the Golem. He then re-emerges unexpectedly from the earth directly underneath his target, toppling the rock beast. Before the Golem can stand up, Raphael positions his cannons to fire two fierce jets of water upon the Golem’s back, forcing the boulder back down by focusing on one point. At last the attack finishes, and Golem slowly manages to rise, angrily facing its assailant. With an enraged roar it runs forward and attacks Raphael with a powerful STONE EDGE. The close proximity now becomes a double-edged sword for Raphael and he gets knocked violently onto his back. This final assault combined with the all the injuries he’s received thus far causes him to pass out, unable to go on any longer.

Ramoth remains hovering above the earth, still able to fight as her height prevented her from receiving any attacks. Two Graveler and Golem remain, however all three appear to be especially weak at this point.

*Blastoise has been KO’d*

What will you do now?

The Rock Garden

Harper – You secure your bag as well as your companions, then place your hands firmly on the hold and begin to ascend the structure. Your body rises over the shelf without much difficulty, the vacant depressions in the rock admitting you direct access to the top. Swinging your legs over the rock, they dangle over the side of the shelf as you rest and view the Garden for a moment from the high perch. The elevation allows a surveillance of the entire Garden, plus the snow-covered tops of the trees which lie towards the West, behind which the sun maintains its retreat. The black wires associated with the pole travel in the same direction, expiring covertly into the growth.

The statue coils overhead, fixing the darkened sky to the earth. Beneath its gullet is a small orb, glimmering vibrantly.

Boldness seizes your body as you legs straighten and gain support from the rock, bearing your head higher towards the statue’s crest. Stepping forward, you examine the creature’s head, though it is vague and undefined. You observe the orb, which is a shade of indigo, and possesses many surfaces which shine vividly. Its precisely refined nature obviously does not belong to this region of uncultivated grey stone.

Entranced by its magnificence, you conclude the stone ought to be removed, for it is clearly intruding upon this spot. You pry at the jewel until it dislodges into your hand, where it sparkles luminously in the last remaining bit of daylight. Your two companions alter their location to admire the stone’s transfer of light as it twists in hand, marveling at its splendor.

The chill of nightfall begins to seep into your skin, and you deposit the stone in a safe pocket. You then descend from the perch, your feet returning to rest on their plane of origin. They convey you to the forest access, through which you pass in order to infiltrate…

The Alpine Forest

Day seldom exists beneath the tall covering of trees, which now admit only thin fragments of the moon’s pale aura. They stain the frost whiter still, as you trudge lightly across the fallen snow towards what you yearn to be a departure from the darkness. The grinding of ice below your feet brings down rains of powdered snow and crystals, sprinkling dust and white ashes all over your hair. Wingull exclaims mournfully as its wings fold and diminish, receding into a fluffy orb of down. Char also warmly embraces your back, seeking relief from the pervading winter. The glow surrounding his flame dims gradually.

The tall trees depart from your view as you come to the edge of a frozen body of water, though in truth only a few sections seem solid. Black, murky liquid spreads in between the frozen sheets, filling the space with darkness which reflects the sky, from which the stars are currently absent. The present moon is full and radiant; it rises over the peaks of the trees on the opposite shore and casts light over the clearing. Some imprints travel down to the edge of the water, whilst the imprints you’ve made lead back into the forest.

Beneath the zenith, a creature rests at the center of the lake, staring down at the glass surface. Even with the abundance of light, its features are too indistinct to mention from this distance.

What will you do?
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