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Munna Life is just a dream you know, that's never ending...

Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Hayward (Extralink's Entree Forest)

Pokémon: Blitzle
Level: 4
Ability: Sap Sipper
Type: Electric
Learned Moves
Quick Attack
Tail Whip

The feeling of waking from a dream isn't as pleasant as you'd have hoped, but just as you feel you're about to jolt awake you find your conscious mind calming once again. You feel like you're spinning as you're standing still, but it's not a crazy, mindnumbing sensation, more a gentle twist as your surroundings blur into green before you stop, finding yourself standing in the middle of a forest clearing you've not seen before. Looking around you find yourself face to face with the very same Blitzle you were only a moment ago hoping you'll meet again. You can sense you're somewhere between worlds at the moment; not quite awake yet not asleep either, and feel the two of you are here for a purpose. Walking over to stroke Blitzle's forehead she reaches down and nuzzles your pocket with her nose. Feeling something there you reach in, curious, your fingers feeling the cool, smooth surface of a very familiar object. Drawing the Dream Ball from your pocket you smile, instinctively knowing exactly what this special Pokéball is for. A short time later, with your business here taken care of, you close your eyes and relax, welcoming your return to the real world where you can really begin to get to know your newest friend...

Summary: Leaving the Dream World with Lv.4 female Blitzle, x1 Relic Band, x1 Rocky Helmet.

Extending a hand into the air, Will waves a final farewell to the odd collection of Pokemon he met in the mysterious Dream World as their ghostly images melting away into nothingness, only to be replaced by the solid, flesh-and-bone forms of his teammates leaning over him. The monochromatic she-wolf Hyneo's breath is hot on his face, only to be followed immediately by her tongue, wet on his check, as she licks him awake.

Once again in the realm of consciousness, Will grins up at his partners, giving them a sly wink before casually remarking, "Well, mates, that was some nap, huh?"

His fingers wrap tightly around the Dream Ball containing Blitzle in his hand. "Wait'll I tell you about the dream I had... you'll never believe it..."

*bows graciously* Again, thanks for an unforgettable RP experience Tess. It was loads of fun and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time out of your busy RL schedule to see it through to the end...cheers!
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