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Roggenrola Blaze's Squad Summary

Trainer Name: Emi(UPN), Plight of Leon(Serebii)
Trainer Level: 4
Referee Grade: B
Record: 32 Wins / 16 Losses / 7 Draws
KOes: 91
TP: 256.5
SP: 8.5

Spoiler: show
Reimu: Level 5 Female Gardevoir
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Defense: Hakurei Barrier (Fairy)
Using significant Fairy energy, Reimu creates a barrier that covers the entire allied side of the field. This defensive barrier won't stop attacks but buffers their damage. This buffer depends on how many Pokemon Reimu is protecting: if its just herself, this reduces the damage Reimu takes by 15% while if it protects both her and an ally it will reduced damage taken by 10%. Widespread moves, since they hit more of the barrier, will suffer a further 10% reduction. This barrier lasts for three rounds and can only be used twice per match. However, due to the fact that Reimu have overspecialized in the use of this barrier, she can no longer use Light Screen or Reflect.

Shingyoko: Level 4 Female Castform
Hidden Power: Psychic
Signature Training: Three Forms of the First Gatekeeper
Shingyoko has three forms she can turn into depending on the weather. During most weather, she will remain in her normal form, which gives her a 10% increase to both of her offensive stats at the cost of a 10% debuff to her defenses. In the sun, she turns into her sunny form and gains a 20% buff to her special defense at the cost of a 20% debuff to her physical attack. When its snowing or hailing, she turns into her hail form and gains a 20% buff to her defense at the cost of a 20% debuff to her speed. She cannot change into her rainy form.

Yuugenmagan: Level 4 Female Malamar
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Technique: Evil Eye Hypnosis
Yuugenmagan blinks the lights on her body ominously, causing the opponent to stare at them briefly. This won't interrupt an opponent but put them in a hypnotic trance, making them feel they are much more slow and dimwitted than before. This makes them somewhat less likely to evade attacks and makes it more difficult to understand conditionals, similar but less potent than the Slowpoke SC. This lasts for about three rounds, and can be used twice per match.

Mima: Level 4 Female Misdreavus
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Attack: Hokora Seal Detonation!
Mima creates a miniature shrine out of heavy Ghost energy which sucks the opponent in (leading theories into this are it seems to create a pocket dimension). Mima then causes the shrine to be destroyed in any various number of ways, all automatically, dealing significant Ghost damage to the victim inside and debuffing their Special Attack by 20%, fading like a normal debuff will. Due to the fact that she needs the real shrine to exist in order to do this move, this can only be used once per opponent.

Elis: Level 4 Female Noivern
Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Attack: Danmaku Shower!
Waving her wand around in the air, several little white balls of energy form in front of Elis, before she fires them to rain down at her opponent. This attack deals significant Dragon damage for significant Dragon energy, but has a special trait to it. If the opponent tries to defend against this move with a move that reflect damage, such as Bide or Mirror Coat, this move will shatter the aura, preventing the attack from going off, and deal boosted damage to the opponent similar to Brick Break.

Kikuri: Level 4 Lunatone
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Technique: Astral Dimension
Expanding considerable Psychic energy, Kikuri creates a space similar to a room that resembles Hell. While in this space, all Pokemon except for Kikuri will feel very uneasy here, making their attacks use slightly more energy and increasing their susceptibility to and the potency of fear inducing moves. This space will last for three rounds.

Sariel: Level 4 Female Clefairy
Hidden Power: Ground
Special Techique: Slip Speed
Sariel begins to fade out until she looks somewhat translucent as her body fills up with energy. Her ability to fly and her speed are greatly increased, although this fades similarly to an Agility buff. She will take 10% more damage from attacks however in this stage, and loses the ability to use other boosting moves while in this form. This uses considerable energy and can only be used once per match.

Konngara: Level 4 Female Rhydon
Hidden Power: Ghost
Signature Attack: Astral Blade
Charging up a blade of significant rock energy, Konngara swings it forward, striking the opponent for solid damage. This blade is special in that it will always a Pokemon like they were in the solid state, but doesn't deal any boosted damage. In addition, any Pokemon hit by this blade gets trapped in the small slip it makes, slowing them slightly for the next three rounds. Konngara can only use this twice per opponent.

Rika: Level 1 Magnemite
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Technique: Evil Eye Transformation
Using good Dark energy, Rika changes into the Evil Eye Σ, increasing the size of the eye on her body. While in this form, she is no longer bound by the rules of levitation and can float freely, still being under the rules for flying pokemon, while also being faster and more nimble. This mobility comes at a cost however; she'll take 15% more damage from special moves while in this form and speed based abilities such as Agility will cost a light amount more energy to execute. This state lasts for three rounds and can only be used once per match.

Meira: Level 1 Female Pawniard
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Attack: Tsubame Gaeshi
Meira stands off with her opponent, before rushing forwards with her blades, performing a seemingly impossible task by slashing the opponent with three strikes that all happen at the same time. This attack is completely unavoidable due to coming in multiple directions, although its still limited by where Meira can actually hit and even if Protect is used, two of the strikes will still hit the opponent, although the power of this attack will be reduced to two-thirds its normal strength. This will only strike one clone in Double Team and although it will hit the Sub, if it breaks the sub the rest of the attack may hit the opponent depending on how close they are. This does significant Psychic damage for major energy with Meira having the energy to use it twice.

Marisa: Level 1 Female Pikachu
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Attack: Master Spark
Charging up an extreme amount of Electric energy, Marisa fires out a massive beam of electrical energy in front of her, the beam obliterating everything that is in front of it. Anything caught in the beam is dealt an major amount of Electric damage and are left moderately paralyzed. For the next two rounds after this attack however, the strength of Marisa's Electric-type moves are reduced akin to a Nasty Plot.

Ellen: Level 1 Female Abra
Hidden Power: Fighting

Kotohime: Level 1 Female Igglybuff
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Technique: TEAR GAS DESU
Creating a small can out of energy, Kotohime fires the can into the air before it lands down on the opponent's side of the arena, exploding in a cloud of tear gas. This tear gas is highly irritating, causing a lot of discomfort to the opponent. This gas cloud will clear after three rounds. It uses mild Steel and mild Poison energy, with enough Steel energy for two uses.

Kana: Level 1 Female Duskull
Hidden Power: Fairy
Signature Attack: Singing Multi Bottle Rocket
Creating a multi bottle rocket in front of her with heavy Ghost energy, she fires it at the opponent, where it deals considerable physical Ghost damage. There is also a 20% chance that after being hit with this attack, the opponent will either be lulled to sleep or confused by how this attack works. She can only use it twice per opponent.

Rikako: Level 1 Female Beldum
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Apollo Launch
Charging up a heavy amount of Psychic energy, Rikako creates two large rockets of energy which launch her into the air, before she crashes down on the opponent, dealing considerable Psychic damage. This attack fires fast, so it can be used to dodge attacks similar to Bounce.

Chiyuri: Level 1 Female Krabby
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: GIVE 'EM THE CHAIR!
Chiyuri creates a chair out of Water that looks like one of those metal folding chairs you see in the WWE, before swinging at her opponent's head, hitting the opponent before the chair breaks down back into water. While made of water, it has properties similar to Steel-type moves and will reduce damage from incoming attacks by about 10%, potentially deflecting moves if they are moderate power or lower. This does significant Water damage for significant Water energy, and has a 10% chance to cause confusion if it hits the opponent's head. Chiyuri can only use GIVE 'EM THE CHAIR! thrice per match.

Yumemi: Level 1 Female Spinda
Hidden Power: Psychic
Signature Attack: Probability Space Hypervessel
Yumemi quickly travels into another dimension, striking the opponent through dimensions with a blast of Psychic energy that is almost unavoidable, before reappearing behind the opponent a small distance away. This does considerable damage for heavy energy, and is potentially disruptive similar to Extrasensory. This cannot hit through Substitute and Yumemi can only use this move twice per match.

Ruukoto: Level 4 Bronzong
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature Attack: Rapid Suction Rapid Spin
Ruukoto spins around rapidly, using considerable energy to create a vortex around herself that pulls the opponent and entry hazards, such as Stealth Rock or Spikes. Any entry hazard that gets trapped inside the vortex will also activate one final time, with anything that's detrimental like damage or status working on the opponent and anything beneficial like healing or a buff working on Ruukuto. Once the vortex is stopped, the opponent is blasted away and all entry hazards leave the field. This can be used twice per match.

Mimi-Chan, the ICBM: Level 5 Female Forretress
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Mutually Assured Destruction
Mimi launches herself into the air quickly, arcing highly into the air before coming down and crashing into the opponent, causing a large explosion. This does heavy Fire damage for major energy and causes a massive explosion, flattening anything in the arena around Mimi-chan except the sturdiest of structures, in a radius of about 15 feet. Since this attack releases a lot of radiation, any Pokemon except for Mimi-chan in the blast radius will be affected by Toxic poisoning. This can only be used once per match, as we don't want to cause nuclear winter.

Orange: Level 1 Female Riolu
Hidden Power: Ice
Signature Training: A Perfectly Normal Youkai
Orange's support moves will performed slightly quicker and be more potent, with her boosting moves getting a bigger benefit from this. Since Lucario are beings in-tune with nature, any arena affect will always benefit her. She will however tire faster than other Fighting-types, and her ability to read auras is weakened, since she'll get outside interference from the environment.

Kurumi: Level 1 Female Noibat
Hidden Power: Rock
Signature Attack: Bathory's Bloody Performance
Kurumi's flies up into the air, positioning her speakers in a direct line to her opponent. She then releases a very loud scream, causing a massive beam of Dragon energy and sound to blast into her opponent. This scream is so loud that it will make the opponent terrified of Kurumi, as well as interrupting any move that requires concentration from the opponent like Endure or Bide. This does massive Dragon damage for massive energy and can only be used twice per match.

Elly: Level 4 Female Scizor
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: Ankou's Scythe
Concentrating moderate Steel energy into her scythe or claw, Elly swings it at the opponent, causing a scythe shaped boomerang to form and very quickly strike the opponent, moving as fast as Bullet Punch. This does mild damage, and flinches the opponent out of their attack. This effect diminishes strongly the more the attack is used, only working perfectly the first time it is used.

Yuuka: Level 1 Female Petilil
Hidden Power: Bug
Signature Technique: Pain Pollen
Using solid Grass energy, Yuuka releases a thick cloud of red pollen at her opponent. When the opponent breathes it in, they will suffer from debilitating pain for the next two rounds, making it more difficult to move and potentially interrupting attacks. Yuuka is so skilled with this technique that she can use it to affect a certain portion of a Pokemon's body, amplifying the pain, however any other part of the Pokemon's body remains unaffected. This has to be a specific part of the body, like a limb. This effect is can be cleared by moves that clear most status, like Heal Bell and Refresh, and by moves that clear paralysis. Yuuka can use this once per opponent.

Mugetsu: Level 1 Female Munna
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: Icemilk Magic
Using heavy Ice energy, Mugetsu creates a light blue, extremely cold version of the Munna's dream mist to surround the opponent, freezing them in a block of ice. While frozen by this manner, Mugetsu can use her Dream Eater and Nightmare attacks on the opponent, although Dream Eater will immediately melt away the ice. The freezing can be broken or melted like any other kind of full freeze. This can only be used once per Pokemon.

Gengetsu: Level 1 Female Drowzee
Hidden Power: Fire

Sara: Level 1 Female Throh
Hidden Power: Bug
Signature Training: Gatekeeper Arts
While Sara is grappling an opponent, they cannot switch out via conventional switching or by switching moves. Sara's Block is much faster and more effective, and when Sara successfully blocks a switch, she will immediately grapple the opponent and pin them to the ground, burning them along where her arms.

Louise: Level 1 Female Togepi
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: Five-Thousand Mile Bus Ride
Louise grows with a bright yellow light before charging head first at her opponent with incredible speed, second only to Extremespeed, before hitting them head-on, dealing solid Fairy-damage and buffing Louise's Sp.Def by 10% for five turns. This can only be used three times per match. **** bus schedules. This uses significant energy.

Alice: Level 4 Female Espeon
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Training: The Girl Who Played with People's Shapes
Alice's Substitutes cost no health to make, while still retaining the same amount of damage absorbing potential. While the sub cannot perform offensive maneuvers, Alice can make the substitute perform defensive techniques like Agility and Protect, since she can manipulate the Substitute like a doll. Her Substitutes cost 1.5x energy instead of 1.25x energy however.

Mai: Level 4 Female Piloswine
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Frozen River Cocytus
Mai raises her body into the air before slamming into the ground with a thunderous crash, causing a solid amount of Ice energy to pour into the ground. The ice energy runs along the surface, freezing the ground above it with large spikes of ice before hitting the opponent, dealing solid damage and freezing them to the ground. The spikes appear frequently but disappear immediately after this move ends, leaving just a frozen patch of ground. This move is boosted by moves like Curse and Swords Dance and will do SE damage on Water-types, similar to Freeze Dry.

Yuki: Level 4 Female Camerupt
Hidden Power: Grass
Signature Attack: Volcanic Eruption
Using considerable Fire Energy, Yuki sends a stream of lava and ash into the air like a violent volcanic eruption, causing thick black clouds of ash to form over the arena. Small hot balls of dust and lava will descend onto the field and any non-Fire type has a 10% chance each round of sustaining a mild burn because of it. Fire-types will feel more at home in such conditions, while Water types will be far less enthusiastic and their attacks will deal 10% less damage. Volcanic Eruption will last for 5 rounds.

Yumeko: Level 1 Female Seedot
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: Dream Sever
Creating a black sword out of a significant amount of Dark energy, Yumeko quickly leaps forwards and slashes the opponent with it, dealing considerable damage. When the opponent is hit with this sword, they have a 20% chance of entering a delirious state, either confusing them or putting them to sleep (20% total, not 20% for each status). While the sword is physical and can be stopped by Reflect, the magical properties of it allow it to hit ethereal Ghosts for full damage. This can only be used thrice per match.

Shinki: Level 1 Female Deino
Hidden Power: Poison
Signature Attack: Consign to Makai
Flapping her wings as they become concentrated with/focusing a major amount of Dark energy in her mouth since people are retarded, Shinki sends several large waves of Dark energy to her opponent. The waves smash into the opponent, dealing heavy damage. Shinki's awesome display of power makes it so a Pokemon has a 30% chance to become infatuated with her. This does not depend on the Pokemon's gender or Egg Group / similarity, since its primarily based on the ideas of awe and reverence. Shinki can only use this move twice per opponent.

Rumia: Level 1 Female Sableye
Attached with: Sablenite
Hidden Power: Steel
Signature Training: Yokai of Darkness
Rumia is being most as home in darkness, and whenever in an arena that is considerably dark or in night-time, Rumia will regain light health and energy per round, up to a Hyper Beam's worth in total.

Daiyousei: Level 1 Female Hoppip
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Technique: Hyper Natural Gain
Daiyousei recovers 50% more health and energy from being in Sun or Rain. Daiyousei, however, takes 25% more damage from both Fire and Ice-type moves because of this.

Cirno: Level 4 Female Weavile
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Attack: Spear of Justice
Cirno slams her foot into the ground, causing a number of spears made out of ice energy to rise out of the ground. This provides a brief but effective temporary cover for Cirno, before she launches the spears into the air, the spears surrounding her opponent in a circle before quickly closing in on them, dealing considerable Ice damage. This uses heavy energy.

Meiling: Level 1 Female Meinfoo
Hidden Power: Electric
Signature Attack: Rainbow Beheading Strike! (Fairy)
Jumping into the air, Meiling charges her fist with considerable Fairy energy before slamming her palm into her opponent's head, slamming them into the ground and doing considerable Fairy damage. Softer Pokemon will be mostly unaffected by being slammed into the ground and will only take good damage, while larger and harder Pokemon will be slammed into the ground with very considerable force, with a 20% chance of being paralyzed by the attack, although it won't deal extra damage like Brick Break. Meiling has the Fairy energy to use this move twice.

Koakuma: Level 1 Female Gothita
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Technique: I Read It in a Book Somewhere...
Opening up a green spellbook in her hands, which reveals the hidden information of every Pokemon currently in the battle. If any Pokemon learn moves via sigs that are not Signature Attacks (i.e. learning Iron Tail and Aqua Tail, not a brand-new move) Koakuma can pick a total two of those moves (not two from every Pokemon) and give them to herself, giving herself two uses of the moves if she normally wouldn't have the energy. This is limited by the same rules as Mimic and moves gained in this manner cost 10% more energy. This costs high energy and can only be used once a match.

Patchoulli: Level 4 Female Chansey
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Technique: Melding of the Signs
When using a special attack, Patchoulli can choose to give her attack an aspect of another type she has access too, by ordering [Type of the Attack she's using] - [Type of the Attack she's imbuing an aspect of]. For example, if she orders Ice - Fire Ice Beam, the Ice Beam instead of freezing will instead cause burns. If the aspect is not very clear from the type (for example, Ghost or Bug) it is up to the ref to decide what the effect should be. Any attack she chooses to do this with will cost an additional 20% energy and will cost her a mild amount of type energy from the type she is using as an aspect seperately. She can only use this three times per battle.

Sakuya: Level 1 Female Pawniard
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Sakuya's World
Sakuya leaps at her opponent as time dramatically slows down and eventually stops, freezing the world in its tracks. With her opponent unable to dodge, she slashes at them multiple times, dealing considerable Steel damage to them. While in suspended space, Sakuya does not have the time to dodge attacks, and so is unable to do so. After that, time speeds up again and the match resumes as normal. However, because being in a suspended time space can cause massive loss of thermal energy, there is a 20% chance that the opponent can be frozen solid after this attack, although the ice will not be very thick. This uses heavy energy. This can only be used twice per match.

Remilia: Level 1 Female Woobat
Hidden Power: Dark
Signature Attack: Kazikli Bay
Charging up a severe amount of Fighting energy into her body, Remilia suddenly releases it in a massive burst of energy which surrounds the opponent in impales them with several spears of energy. This does major damage and restores 33% of the damage done as health and can only be used once per match.

Flandre: Level 1 Female Zubat
Hidden Power: Fire
Signature Attack: Levitainn
Using a heavy amount of Fire energy, Flandre creates a ball of fire in her mouth before firing it at the opponent. The ball of fire hits them and explodes on contact, dealing considerable fire damage and will cause any buffs on the opponent to be immediately dispelled. Flandre only has the Fire energy to use this attack twice.

Letty: Level 4 Female Dewgong
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Technique: The Flowers of Winter Bloom Again
Letty's Hail is significantly more potent that normal, turning the normal hailstorm into a blizzard. This reduces visibility for most Pokemon by a decent amount, Ice-types being excepted from this, and constantly chilling them while in the blizzard. All Ice attacks while in this blizzard have a 10% greater chance of causing freezing. Letty will also suffer from exhaustion less while Hail is in effect. Letty's Hail now costs good energy.

Chen: Level 4 Female Persian
Hidden Power: Flying
Signature Attack: Flight of Itoden
Chen becomes covered in flames before she rushes at the opponent, hitting them multiples times and disorienting them from multiple angles. This causes their next action to be delayed somewhat as they try to regain their bearings. This does considerable Fire damage, since she's on fire, for significant energy, and Chen can only use this two times per match.

Lily White: Level 1 Female Spritzee
Hidden Power: Ground
Signature Attack: It's Spring!
Rising into the air, Lily White suddenly shoots out a lot of little pink bullets that rain down on the opponents side of the field, similar to Draco Meteor. The damage this attack can do is varied based on how many of the bullets hit, doing between good and major Fairy damage, on average doing significant. When the bullets hit the arena, it will cause a portion of the arena to become lush and vibrant with plant life no matter what type of environment its in. This will make all Grass attacks 10% stronger. This costs significant energy.

Merlin: Level 1 Female Pumpkaboo
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Sudden Hoenn Trumpets
Merlin suddenly plays a jaunty trumpet tune from a trumpet she makes out of significant Ghost energy. This releases waves of Ghost energy that do significant Ghost damage to a target, and also causes them to become elated. While they will be more enthusiastic, their defenses will drop by 15%. This attack is dependent of the opponent's mental state at the time and can only be used twice per opponent.

Lyrica: Level 4 Female Haunter
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Technique: Illusionary Notes
Lyrica pulls out a ghostly keyboard and begins to play on it, causing a dull sounding song to fill the arena. While the opponent will be bored by it, it will sound nice to Lyrica and her allies, giving them the same effects as Wish. Additionally, all sound based moves used by Lyrica and her allies will deal 10% more damage to the opponent for five rounds. This has the same diminishing returns as Wish and can only be used twice per battle. This uses good energy.

Lunasa: Level 1 Female Drifloon
Hidden Power: Water
Signature Attack: Melody of Mayhem
Creating a violin out of heavy Ghost energy, Lunasa begins to play a haunting tune. Initially nothing will happen, but the melody will hang in the air, causing red strings to attach themselves to the opponent from seemingly nowhere. These strings cannot be affected by any way. For the next two to three rounds, the opponent will continuously feel more and more depressed, sharply reducing their enthusiasm and lowering the damage of their attacks by 10% for five rounds(this is a flat decrease and does not increase with time). At the end of the third round after this attack, energy will suddenly run down the strings, causing an explosion where the opponent is, dealing considerable damage. Melody of Mayhem can only be used twice per battle, and it can be cleared by moves which clear curses.

Layla: Level 1 Female Spiritomb
Attached with: Tombstone Badge
Hidden Power: Fairy
Signature Technique: Laments of the Undead
Screeching loudly, Layla places a powerful curse on the opponent When the opponent is affected by a damaging sound move, like Round, at end the of the round, the curse will kick in and drain away energy from the opponent equal to 1/4 of the energy they used during the round. This does not drain type energy, only general energy, and will not make a Pokemon more exhausted. In addition, this does not give energy back to Layla. Multiple uses of sound moves do not cause the effect to stack. Laments of the Undead costs solid Ghost energy to use and lasts for three rounds and can only be used once per match

Youmu: Level 1 Female Honedge
Hidden Power: Fighting
Signature Attack: Flashing Scattered Flowers
Youmu quickly charges up a considerable amount of Grass energy into her blade, taking very little time at all, before slicing at the opponent with incredible speed. When she hits her opponent, a flurry of flower petals erupts, although this is merely for dramatic effect. After being hit, part of Youmu's ghostly spirit will haunt the foe, circling around its head as its waits for an oppurtunity to strike. If the opponent does super-effective damage to Youmu, the spirit will retaliate and do half the damage inflicted to the opponent, but this will cost Youmu half the energy done as damage. While this haunting can be cleared by Refresh, switching will only make the ghost haunt the next Pokemon coming in. This ghost will haunt the opponent until one SE moves is dealt. This deals good Grass damage and can only be used twice per match.

Yuyuko: Level 1 Female Phantump

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