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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
I have no idea what Adventure Time is, so that doesn't help me. Logical fallacies are awful, unless he's making fun of them and not the one cramming them down the "players"'s throats. Metanarration depends entirely on the piece. Memes depend entirely on the memes being referenced.

Just tell me this: is it more "lol, I made a poop joke with a stupid name, a ku ku ku X3" humor? Yes or no?
Talon, I started Homestuck ~ a week and a half ago and finished act I in about two hours or so. I felt pretty much the exact same way you did, but decided for the sake of seeing if it picks up at all, to continue going. By the end of Act I, the main story unfolds, and takes a more serious turn, in where things start falling together to show you exactly what's going on.

However, Andrew Hussie does not waste the opportunity to make any kind of humor, bad or good, when it presents itself. It more or less turns into a deep plot riddled with humor. Also, it's getting rather confusing.

I'd say give it until the beginning of Act II to judge whether or not you'll want to continue this.

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