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I liked the inventory shenanigans. Dave's hashmap in particular.

Trivia: Hussie was originally planning to make a flash where Dave and Bro waged an epic hashrap battle. That was why Dave picked up all that useless shit before [S] Dave: Ascend to the Highest Point of the Building. Time restraints, however, meant that he couldn't make it. And now we'll never see it, ever! That's the part of your life you'll feel is missing, forever.

Talon should be less completely impatient and dismissive.

EDIT: Also don't feel bad if you skip most of the troll logs at first, everyone does that. Everyone. Then later, when you love the characters, you go back and cherish every one. I probably would've quit during Hivebent if there weren't a few interesting things keeping me hooked. Namely, Terezi's trial.

And for new readers, try and read up to at least WV: Ascend. If you don't like it by then, it probably isn't your thing. Personally I would say to read up to [S] Enter but that's probably way too long.

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