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Blaziken Charm's PASBL Stats

.:Charm's PASBL Profile:.

Thanks EmeraldGoblin for the Squad Banner!

Trainer Level: 5
Fire Gym Leader
TP: 344
SP: 5 (1 SP owed by Fallen Icarus)
KO: 121
Wins: 44 | Losses: 13 | Draws: 1
B- Grade Ref

Matches in Progress:
vs Shadowshocker II (Gym Match)
vs Snorby (Gym Defense)

Previous Matches:
vs Atluss (Loss)
vs nkg2k10 (Win)
vs Shadow_XD001 (Win)
vs Ditto123 (Win)
vs Biggggg5 I (Win)
vs Midgeorge I (Win)
vs Sneezey12 I (Loss)
vs GrJackass (Loss)
vs DM123 (Win)
vs da_garchomp_er (Win)
vs Breaker22 (Win)
vs Niihyl (Win)
vs Nightfall715 (Win)
vs Midgeorge II (Win)
vs Takkupanda (Win)
vs Trinity (Win)
vs Pengyzu (Win)
vs Tuner89 (Win)
vs TheMidnightScene (Win)
vs Biggggg5 II (Win)
vs PokeLegend (Win)
vs Kairne I (Loss)
vs DaveTheFishGuy (Loss)
vs Sneezey12 II (Loss)
vs Hen da man (Win)
vs MajesticX (Win)
vs Squirtleking (Win)
vs Celebii151 I (Win)
vs Haymez (Win)
vs Red Panda I (Win)
vs DaveTheFishGuy II (Gym Match) (Loss)
vs Hen da man II (Win)
vs Fallen Icarus (Win)
vs Jerichi (Loss)
vs Lost (Loss)
Grand Melee (2nd Place)
vs Shadowshocker (Gym Match) (Loss)
vs CrumbledCandyWrapper (Win)
vs Kairne II (Win)
Grand Melee II (1st Place)
vs EmeraldGoblin I (Win)
vs Absol_of_the_Apocolypse (Win)
vs DaveTheFishGuy III (Loss)
vs Red Panda II (Win)
vs Sparkbeat I (Draw)
vs Kusari (Win)
vs Kindrindra (Win)
vs Connor (Win)
vs Mercutio (Gym Match) (Loss)
vs Kingothestone (Win)
vs Myles Fowl (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs BLEU (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs Mew The Gato (Win)
vs Miror (Win)
vs DaveTheFishGuy IV (Loss)
vs KratosAurion (Win)
vs Connor II (Gym Defence) (Win)
vs Machamp-X (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs Biggggg5 III (Gym Defense) (Win)
vs Crys (Gym Defense) (Win)

Spoiler: show

Scorch Badge
Attachable Badge

This badge is awarded to those who have stood against the heat of the Devil's Playground. With a burning ruby gem in the center, trails of flames seem to wisp out of the gem in what resembles a blazing red sun.
Badge Effect: Fiery Kickstart
Upon attaching this badge, the user will feel a surge of adrenaline rushing through them as dancing black flames lick across their arms and legs. For the immediate four rounds the holder is sent in, the holder will have a limbered dexterity, granting a speed boost akin to a long term Agility. Along with this, the adrenaline rush will leave the holder feeling little to no pain from attacks that strike them (though the damage will still be evident). Meanwhile, the momentum from the speed boost grants the holder a 10% boost to physical attacks during the rounds the badge is in effect. These boosts are granted by the power of the badge, and thus the holder will not feel any more tired than he/she would normally feel without the badge's effect.
Currently Attached To: Apollo Level 5 Male Blaziken

Firebreather’s Token
The Firebreather’s Token burns brightly with the dazzling light of liberty and freedom. It can be attached to Fire-type Pokémon only and greatly enhances their offensive abilities. The wearer’s Fire-type moves will burn hotter than usual and cause small amounts of splash damage as they erupt upon the target, the violent explosions spreading shock and awe in the immediate area. Fire-type moves which have a secondary effect such as burning or item destruction are twice as likely to have the effect triggered when used by the wearer, these effects also being slightly more potent. This item causes the move Fling to deal Fire-type damage if it is thrown. This token may be purchased during the week long Independence Day event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached To: Hibashira Level 4 Male Arcanine

Harvester's Token
The Harvester's Token denotes one's prowess in caring for and farming the bounties of nature. It can be attached to Grass type pokémon only and greatly enhances their natural abilities. Rain will heal them by a mild amount each round, sunlight will regenerate them mild energy each round, healing moves cost half their usual energy cost and draining moves are much more efficient. This token may be purchased during the week long Thanksgiving event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached To: Hippy Level 4 Male Cacturne

Birdkeeper's Token
The Birdkeeper's Token signifies freedom of thought and movement that transcends the art of the possible. It can be attached to Flying type pokémon and greatly enhances their natural abilities. They will be significantly faster and more agile than their peers in whatever their usual mode of transportation is, able to travel further and with more precision and dexterity than others without expending much more energy. At ref's discretion, they will be more able to dodge attacks and harder to evade when using their own. This token may be purchased during the week long Easter event and may be purchased up to one time per trainer.
Currently Attached To: Peter Level 4 Male Aerodactyl

Squad: (41/41)
Spoiler: show
Gym Squad:

Ignatius Level 5 Male Magmortar
Hidden Power (Water)
Ignatius has lived in Mt. Chimney his whole life. From birth, he has always played within the lava of the volcano, often refusing to come out. Ignatius still remains stubborn to this day, though his passion for the lava that he lived in hasn't changed. Upon catching him, Ignatius caught a glimpse of surfers on TV and thought it would be cool to mimic them... only, he's a Fire-type.
Special Training - Lava Bender (Fire)
After training and playing constantly within lava, Ignatius has become adept at manipulating it. If and only if there is lava present in the arena, Ignatius can perform Surf and Waterfall with lava substituted for water, dealing fire-type damage and with the same burn chance as Lava Plume. Like the water versions of Surf and Waterfall, Ignatius can choose to ride the surf/fall or just send the lava out on its own. In return for this, Ignatius has forgotten Will-O-Wisp and Flamethrower.

Apollo Level 5 Male Blaziken
Hidden Power (Electric)
Apollo was my first pokemon, who has lived with my family in our farm for as long as I can remember. Because Apollo is the first member of my squad, he acts as the father of the squad, who my other pokemon come for advice and training, especially Mr. Kill. Apollo is naturally mischievous, perhaps even evil to a certain extent (from hanging out with me), but is a kind and gentle Pokemon deep down. As kids, Apollo and I would always run. Whether it was from a simple game of tag with the local farm pokemon and my 8 siblings or running away from angry farmers for burning their crops (hehe), we just ran and ran.
Special Attack – DynamicKick (Fighting)
A DynamicPunch in the form of a kick. The energy used creates a loud small-scale explosion on contact, sending the opponent flying, and possibly confusing it (the confusion chance being the same as a DynamicPunch). Damage and energy usage is equal to a DynamicPunch. Apollo forgot DynamicPunch in the process of learning this.

Ruby Level 5 Female Charizard
Hidden Power (Grass)
Spoiler: show
Since birth, Ruby has always felt different. She wasn't like the rest of her kind, and her parents saw it as well. Among the Charmanders in her clan, she was the only who didn't start anger-fueled fights, and constantly competed for dominance over the others. She was too gentle and kind, which led to the group constantly picking on her. Despite all the bullying, she never fought back. It wasn't that she wasn't strong, but she much prefered to show her prowess through graceful displays of fire and even draconian attacks. Eventually, her parents were so disgusted by her that they abandoned her at an early age.
She was deeply hurt, but remained strong for her own sake. She spent the next few years travelling throughout the Kanto region, facing the perils of nature and surviving off of the smallest amounts of food. No matter where she went, whether it was Mt.Moon, Viridian Forest, or the abandoned Power Plant, she didn't belong there. She kept clinging onto the hope that someday she would find a place she would truly belong, and yet everwhere she went- they outcasted her as a freak.
At a certain point, the physical and psychological pain she's been enduring eventually built up to the point where her tail almost burnt out. She was starving, and she couldn't find any food for miles, it was the end for her. She collapsed on a road, the flame on her tail slowly dimming into nothing.
She woke up, however, and she found herself in a place completely different from where she was before. She was on an island. Palm trees soared high into the air, rocky mountains and hills jutted in various places, while a large oasis rested nicely in the center of it all, a waterfall gently streaming into it. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. Standing back up, she realized any bruises she may have had already vanished. Was she dead?
Soon she heard the flap of wings overhead, and saw a Dragonite slowly descending towards her. The dragon introduced himself as the one who saved her, and told her that this place was safe for her to stay in. He took her deeper into the island, and there she saw a wide variety Dragon-type Pokemon flying, swimming, and frolicking around in peace. This place seemed like a paradise, but she couldn't help but hold her doubts. She was a Charmander, not a Kingdra, or Flygon, or Deino. She wasn't one of them, and yet a strange feeling in her gut made he feel like she was where she belonged. Maybe these were her people. Maybe she was home.
The Dragons took her in as one of their own, and showed her the ways of a Dragon. She naturally aced all of their tests as if she was one of them, except swimming of course. She felt free among her new family, and there she enjoyed a year of peace.
It was on another peaceful day that her world went to hell. PokeHunters far and wide caught wind of the existence of this island, and came in mass to hunt and capture these rare specimen to sell in the black markets. Nothing was left untouched. The Hunters stormed in on air crafts and Flying-type Pokemon. Salamences, Pidgeots, Skarmory, and even a Charizard that was once part of Ruby's old clan were sent out to capture the residential Dragons. The Dragon-types didn't give up without a fight however, and days of fighting went on as Ruby struggled to survive the horrors that she was seeing. Dragon-types who resisted intensely were killed instead of captured. In the end, Ruby and the Dragonite who originally brought her here were the only ones remaining. The hunters didn't care about capturing Ruby alive, since she wasn't an actual Dragon like the rest, so they decided to kill her off. Dragonite wouldn't have it however, and quickly carried Ruby off to the coast of the mainland as aircrafts and flying-types chased him down. Ruby safely landed, but Dragonite was brutally beaten at that point. She reluctantly ran for safety, leaving behind her dear friend as he was mutilated to death by the Charizard who followed them.
She kept running, running for help, for protection, for home. She was no longer being chased at that point; the hunters having lost interest in her, but her fears overcame her and she kept running in a panic because of paranoia. I found her lying in front of the entrance to Mt.Moon, near dead and tired. I immediately took her to a Pokemon Center where she was treated and then took her in as one of my own. She was reluctant to make herself a part of the team at first, but enough time went by that she eventually learned to trust us and opened up. She still remained a kind and gentle soul, despite all that she went through, but she has become fiercely protective of her new family, afraid that she will lose this one as well.

Special Training – Red Dragon (Dragon)
Ruby is proficient in the usage of Dragon moves, able to use Dragon-type attacks 10% faster while consuming 10% less energy, while her Fire and Flying-type attacks cost 10% more energy and take 10% longer to execute.
Attached Item: Charizardite X

Turqoise Level 5 Male Torkoal
Hidden Power (Grass)
Spoiler: show
Turq doesn't really much of his early childhood, having lost his parents by a raid of Golem in the Fiery Path. Turq was nearly killed as well when a wandering Squirtle came by and saved him just in time with his water capabilities. Now orphaned, the Squirtle befriended Turq and took him to his home. They travelled together through Hoenn, as the Squirtle gradually gained the Torkoal's trust. Finally they reached the shore of a beach that Turq's friend was from. The leader of the clan of Squirtle that lived there, a Blastoise, welcomed the fire turtle and treated Turq as one of their own. Due to the longevity of the Torkoal's life, his lifespan far exceeded that of his new brethren. He watched as generations of his dear friends' children pass, while he himself had much life in him. He grew to feel out of place with his comrades, the differences in their species evidently showing. Although he loves his family with all his heart, he knew he didn't belong there. After 60 years living on the shore, Turq honed his skills and went back to the Fiery Path to face his past. There he found the following generation of Golem and Graveler who had killed his parents. Deep anger swarmed within the Torkoal as the years of loneliness swelled up within him. He launched his attack on the group, though it wasn't the typical Fire attack that fumed out of him- it was Water. Scalding hot water poured from his snout as he drenched his old enemies. Single-handedly defeating them, Turq felt a weight lifted off his shoulder. He could finally feel at ease, but now he felt purposeless. After spending most of his life concentrating on getting his revenge, he know longer knew what to do with him. I found him on my travels through Hoenn, noticing the unique attribute the Torkoal had as I fought him and knew he would be a welcome addition to my team. After a fierce battle, I managed to catch him and over time- the Torkoal grew to find his purpose within the squad of his new teammates.

Type Change - I WILL BE SQUIRTLE!!!! (Water)
After spending years with a clan of Squirtle, Turqoise has learned to become similar to them, now having a Fire/Water-typing with the associated resistances and weaknesses. However, his inability to adapt to the rough waters that his brethren can weather continues to make him take super-effective damage from Water-type moves. He has learned Scald and Water Pulse, and since he hasn't spent much time with Fire-types growing up, he hasn't learned many Fire-type moves. These moves are: Inferno, Overheat, Heat Wave, and Eruption.

Cinderlite Level 5 Female Chandelure
Hidden Power (Grass)
Special Attack: Phantom Ray (Ghost)
Cinderlite charges a solid amount of ghost energy before releasing a bright ray of purple light at the opponent. Similarly to Flash, the light can discomfort the eyes of the victim for 5 or so seconds and the victim may have some trouble seeing for a few moments afterwards. Along with this blinding effect, the Phantom Ray also lowers the foe's special attack considerably. The reduction is equivalent to the boost of a Nasty Plot, except the foe is losing special attack power instead of gaining. The effect of the stat loss weakens each round and wears off at around the same time an ordinary Nasty Plot would. Cinderlite may only use this move once on each opponent per battle.

Hibashira Level 5 Male Arcanine
Hidden Power (Grass)
Hibashira is a descendant of a family of Growlithe and Arcanine known as the White Flame Clan. Owning up to the name, descendants of this clan were able to harness a flame so intense that it gave off a white color rather than a red-orange. The destructive power of the white flame is too dangerous for the innocent and kind-hearted Hibashira, who trained hard to control and lessen the power of his bloodline's special power.
Special Attack - Dawn Burst (Fire)
Hiba charges solid fire energy before releasing a ball of white fire at his target. The white fireball only deals mild damage but has a 55% chance of burning the area hit. He has forgotten Will-o-Wisp and can only use this signature move up to 3 times per battle.

Shinka Level 5 Female Ninetales
Hidden Power (Water)
Shinka originally belonged to a Pokemon Ranger. The two of them regularly go on missions, but since these missions usually were in forests or other green-filled areas, it was quite dangerous for the fiery fox to tag along due to the fact that she could easily cause a forest fire. Eventually, Shinka grew too strong in her fire capabilities to hang around forests with her ranger owner- forcing the ranger to release her. I found her on my travels, looking sad and lost that her dear master abandoned her, so I decided to take her under my wing. But it took some time before she truly settled in. As time went on, I learned that Shinka is very carefree and happy-go-lucky but she's a loyal Pokemon to have by my side. I also learned that the time she spent in forests did not go in vain, in fact, she has learned quite a bit from it.
Special Training - Nature's Fox (Grass)
Due to the time Shinka spent in forests and interacting with the grass pokemon there, she has gained familiarity with the grass type. She has also learned how to use Seed Bomb and Giga Drain. She has never learned Attract, Swagger, Captivate, Endure, Double-Edge, Round, Return, and Frustration. Also, she has forgotten Incinerate, Fire Spin, and Overheat because she believes these moves are too destructive.

Krosis Level 5 Male Houndoom
Hidden Power (Grass)
Special Training - Fear of Hell

Krosis' fear inducing attacks (Roar, Snarl, Leer) are more effective at inducing fear than usual at the expense of taking 20% more energy to use them. He can even scare Pokemon who are somewhat bigger than him (ref discretion), but not by a huge margin such as Pokemon like Snorlax or Hairyama.

Christina Level 5 Female Delphox
Hidden Power (Grass)

Christina has always been a talented mage in the arts of pyromancy, but her true passion always lied in the pixie arts of Fairy magic. She always admired the finesse and delicacy that the Fairy-type held to their environment, in and out of the battlefield, contributing to her own behavior and personality- leading the other squad members to refer to her as the "princess" of the squad. She doesn't mind the title, however, and works ever so hard to become the true pixie fox she wishes to be- training extensively to learn and perfect the magic she so dearly loves.
Special Training - Fairy Mage (Fairy)
Christina is considered familiar with the Fairy-type. She learned Moon Blast, Sweet Kiss, Fairy Lock, and Play Rough, but has forgotten Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, Blast Burn, Fire Pledge, Heat Wave, and Power-Up Punch.

Bolmer Level 5 Male *Shiny* Camerupt
Hidden Power (Ground)
I was astounded when I hatched this Shiny Numel, having hatched several Numel in the past, Bolmer was the first to actually hold a permanent spot on the team. Bolmer, himself, is a rather mellow Numel and later Camerupt- not to be mistaken with the simple, dumb-witted nature that most of his species hold. A Numel/Camerupt of few words, Bolmer has little to say unless it's worth saying. He takes constant naps, and just lounges around when he's awake, leading the other members of my team to question why he's even deserving of a place on my team- seeing as he's been serving as merely a trophy thus far. Aside from the sparkly appeal of the Numel/Camerupt's shiny appearance, Charm is convinced that Bolmer will one day show his true colors and be of use. Later on Bolmer gradually grew an interest for battles and even came up with a clever way to make use of the lava in his hump.
Special Attack - Lava Prison (Fire)
Using considerable energy, Bolmer releases lava similarly to Lava Plume which rapidly cools in the air before landing on the foe for light fire damage with a 5% chance to burn. Though light in damage, the lava is released in a wide enough diameter cover the foe (or a very large portion of the foe if the foe is exceptionally large) as the lava quickly cools into molten rock. This molten rock casing greatly hinders the victim's movement for the next round before crumbling and dissipating into near nothingness. However, like Rock Tomb, the Lava Prison can be broken from the inside or out with moves that are considered strong enough to break a Rock Tomb. Bolmer can use this signature move up to three times per battle.

420BakeIt Level 5 Genderless Rotom-H
Hidden Power (Fire)
Unlike other Heat Rotoms, who stay in the kitchen at the service of chefs and housewives, 420BakeIt has always enjoyed the outdoors. Whether it's barbecuing under the summer heat, playing at the beach, or getting baked with friends- 420BakeIt is a complete summer child. The sun's energy itself seemed to have made 420BakeIt an all around happier and energetic Rotom. Only later did I find out that his love for the outdoors partially came from the solar panels installed in the oven 420BakeIt possessed.
Special Training - Solar Oven
The special qualities of this particular solar-powered oven that 420BakeIt possessed granted him a few perks that other Heat Rotoms do not possess. After constant training to harness the sun's energy for use in battle, 420BakeIt managed to learn Solar Beam, Morning Sun, and Heat Wave. Along with this, his electrical attacks have been honed from constantly being under the sun to not refract or weaken under heat or fire. In return for learning this, he has forgotten Toxic, Rain Dance, and Thunderbolt.

Regular Squad:

Mysta Level 6 Female Dragonite (Uplevel)
Hidden Power (Steel)
As a mythical beast from the north, Mysta has grown up facing the frigid tundra and cold oceans as her ancestry have done for generations. I came across Mysta in my travels, watching her show an impressive resilience to the cold, I knew I had to catch and raise such a rare species.
Special Training - Cold Dragon (Ice)
Mysta constantly exudes a light frosty mist a few feet from her body. This mist does not impede any vision, but serves as a buffer for the first two Ice-type attacks which strike her, causing them to deal neutral damage. The mist fizzles out after neutralizing the two Ice strikes. Along with this, Mysta is considered familiar with the Ice-type, and has forgotten all her Fire-type moves due to this. She does not enjoy the comfort in warm temperatures that other Dragons feel, instead feeling somewhat uncomfortable while feeling quite comfortable in colder temperatures.

Bobo-bot Level 6 Genderless Metagross (Uplevel)
Hidden Power (Water)
I found Bobo-bot lurking through an abandoned laboratory. Having nothing to do, it honed its skills in harnessing its luster and light. Upon entering the room at which it laid, I found myself blinded as soon as I stepped in before watching it run off. It took days to find it again, only to suffer from the same trick twice. After a week long trek of searching for it, I finally managed to capture Bobo-bot and learned to harness his skills for battle.
Special Attack - Flash Bomb (Steel)
Bobo expends major energy to hurl a large ball of steel energy into the air. A small portion of the ball splits off into a smaller ball, launching itself into the enemy as the rest sinks into the arena for later. This smaller bomb explodes in a bright flashing light, dealing no damage, but disrupting the victim's vision and startling them in a fashion similar to Flash, for the same duration time while also slightly reducing their defense. Every time a new enemy Pokemon is sent out, another Flash Bomb will pop out of the arena and launch itself into the enemy in the same fashion. As an entry hazard sig, this move can be removed through the same means as needed to remove other entry hazards. Standard boost stipulations apply and Pokemon that are blind or do not rely on vision will not be affected by the flash effect but will still suffer the defense loss. This signature move can only be used once per battle.

Boltman Level 5 Male Electivire
Hidden Power (Ice)
Special Attack - Hero's Cape (Electric)
Boltman surges a significant amount of electrical energy throughout the arena, some of which stays behind and forms an electrical cape around Boltman. This cape surges back benefits into the user, giving Boltman a 10% boost in both of his defensive stats. Standard boost stipulations apply, however, and the cape eventually fades away when the boosts run out. Every time a friendly Pokemon is sent out, some more electrical energy surges onto the Pokemon, creating another cape and providing the same boost. This cape is not destructible by any means as attacks would simply faze through it without harming anyone- it's merely a fashion statement to show the true hero in all of us. This is treated as an entry hazard that effects allied Pokemon. Boltman has forgotten Hyper Beam and Giga Impact in the process of learning this. This move can only be used once per match.

Hawkeye Level 5 Female Pidgeot
Hidden Power (Ground)

Hawkeye is a deadly archer who never misses her target. She often enjoys using wild Pokemon as target practice, despite me chiding her not to. She is a very serious and slightly competitive Pidgeotto, rarely smiling and often thinking egotistically. Despite this, she is a good voice of reason and is often calm in situations where others aren't. Wanting to improve her battle-style, she has taken up a hobby of eating mud at any possible time. With enough practice, she found herself mastering a new ability.
Special Training - Down and Dirty
Hawkeye has eaten so much mud in her life-time that she can now utilize this mud in battle. She has learned Mud Shot with enough energy to use it three times per battle, but has forgotten Hyper Beam, Giga Impact, and Brave Bird.

Sapphire Level 5 Male Blastoise
Hidden Power (Ground)

Sapphire lived within the depths of the waters surrounding the Sevii Islands. He was a bright and carefree Squirtle, who spent much of his time swimming aimlessly throughout the salt waters. Growing up, he developed extensive rivalries with the residential Water-type, which honed his battle skills throughout the years. After one particular battle with a Quagsire, he has learned to utilize the salt water in a particular attack.
Special Attack - Blue Fist (Water)
Sapphire's fist turns bright blue as he charges a considerable amount of water energy before punching the foe for considerable water damage. Upon impact the energy bursts into salty Brine-like water, soaking the foe and having a 20% chance to hinder the opponent's eyesight for a few moments if salt made contact with their eyes.

Emerald Level 5 Male *Shiny* Venusaur
Hidden Power (Fire)
Last to fill Charm's Kanto trio, Emerald was found lurking Viridian Forest when Charm found him trying to fight against the local Pidgey. Losing endlessly, Emerald suffered physically and mentally due to the strain of defeat. It was only through consistent training that Emerald learned to utilize vines and trees in a whole new way.
Special Attack - Green Tree (Grass)
Using heavy grass energy, Emerald can summon a 15 foot tall, energy-made tree which stays on the arena for three rounds. Being made out of energy, the tree cannot be damaged and any moves used against it will phase through harmlessly. Using Green Tree allows Emerald to use Vine Whip and Power Whip from the tree as a source, giving Emerald extended reach to farther and higher foes. Emerald can use this signature move twice per match.
Attached Item: Venusaurite

Mr. Kill Level 5 Male Hitmonchan
Hidden Power (Electric)
Unlike other fighting types, Mr. Kill doesn't seek honor and glory through battle. He only seeks to kill. I found Mr. Kill as a poor Tyrogue lurking the run down and dirty parts of Goldenrod City. He was often bullied by a group of darks types led by a Scrafty, who constantly ganged up on him and left him with many injuries. The tough times he faced led his heart to grow bitter, causing him to litteraly kill one of the offending Scraggy in a fit of rage. I found him standing atop the Scraggy, about to be surrounded by his fellow gang members. I managed to protect the Tyrogue, shooing off the gang with the help of my Pokemon. The Tyrogue has since had eternal respect for me and I decided to bring him along, naming him after the kill he performed on the Scraggy. He may be in safe hands now, but his experiances in the ghetto have forever tainted his soul.
Special Attack - Death Punch (Dark)
Mr. Kill charges considerable dark energy into his fist before punching the air, releasing the energy in the form of a fist which flies forward, hitting the opponent for considerable damage and having a 25% chance to flinch the opponent. Mr. Kill can use a Direct Contact version of this, which works the same as the elemental punches except with dark energy and still maintaining the 25% flinch chance. The Direct Contact version uses the same energy and deals the same damage as the ranged version, however. Mr. Kill has enough energy to use this signature move up to three times per battle.

Bones Level 5 Male Marowak
Hidden Power (Ground)
Special Attack - Bone Switch (Ground)

This is basically a Ground type Volt Switch. Bones charges a significant amount of ground energy into his bone. He then throws the bone at his target, dealing moderate damage to it. Then the bone returns to his hand, similarly to a Bonemerang. The rest of the energy is used to force Bones into his pokeball while a different pokemon takes his place with the same Psychological and physical mindset as Bones. The bone is set to return to Bones' hand so even if the attack were to miss, the bone would return back in his hand and the switch would occur unless the bone was physically stopped before returning to his hand. This is allowed in a Switch=KO match like Volt Switch, U-turn, and Baton Pass. This can only be used once per battle.

October Level 5 Female Gothitelle
Hidden Power (Fighting)
October was born, coincidentally, in October. However, as she grew older she found her favorite month to be February. As a constant flirt, October loved Valentine's Day. Having gained and broken many Pokehearts, October has become quite skilled in the art of lust.
Special Training – Lust Incarnate
October's Attract works more effectively than other Gothitelle, able to even slightly deter males who aren't of physically similar to her. She has gained access to Sweet Kiss and Draining Kiss, but has forgotten Foul Play, Frustration, and Payback.

Garnacia Level 5 Male Donphan
Hidden Power (Ground)
Special Attack - Super Rolly (Various)
Garnacia infuses his trunk with a good amount of energy of a specified type he has access to while rolling forth as he would in a normal Rollout attack before colliding with his target. The collision deals a good amount of damage of the type he utilized along with the amount of Rollout damage he would deal in that instance, and thus the energy usage would equate to a good amount of type energy along with the energy used for Rollout. Garnacia can only use Super Rolly with damage dealing types he has access to. He can use Super Rolly up to 4 times per battle, and only up to two times with one type.

Laura Level 5 Female Mawile
Hidden Power (Water)
Laura is a very, very shy Mawile. She often keeps to herself, lost in her own thought about who knows what. Laura tends to play with her little collection of glass toys in a corner while the other squad members are out enjoying themselves and interacting. Despite her shyness, she deeply cares for all her comrades despite not showing it. Her feelings are easily hurt, almost glass-like in terms of fragileness, so we take extra care to make sure she doesn't burst out crying. No one really knows what she's like when she's more at ease and we're not quite sure when that will happen since she lacks a lot of confidence in herself.
Special Training - Delicate Pixie (Fairy)
Laura learned Moon Blast, but forgot Play Rough.

Billy Level 5 Male Zangoose
Hidden Power (Psychic)
Special Training - Claws are for Cutting
Billy learned Cut.

Riff Level 5 Male Crawdaunt
Hidden Power (Poison)
Special Attack - Star Shower (Various)
Basically a multi-type version of Swift. Riff releases a various colored Swift (depending on the type of the attack) that hits the opponent for good damage using good energy. Similarly to Swift, it is fast moving and can deal partial blows if only some of the stars hit. Riff can use Star Shower with any damage dealing type he has access to. He may only use this signature up to 4 times, and only up to 2 times with one type.

Peter the Petrasaur Level 5 Male Aerodactyl
Hidden Power (Grass)
Special Attack - Rock Wing (Rock)
Basically a Rock-type Steel Wing, except his wings glow dark brown instead of a metallic silver. Energy usage is equivalent to a Steel Wing but it will deal significant damage to soft bodies while only dealing decent damage to hard bodies. Damage will be in between significant and decent (around solid damage) if the body isn't soft or hard enough to be classified as either.

Gaius Level 5 Male Pinsir
Hidden Power (Ground)
I found Gaius while traveling through Viridian Forest one day. Strangely enough, he wasn't lurking through tall grass, or hunched up on a tree. He was underground, quaking the earth and scaring away other Bug-type Pokemon. It took quite some effort to make Gaius come out of the ground that he made his home, but afterwards a tough battle commenced and I finally caught the little bugger.
Special Training - The Earth is Where is the Home is (Ground)
Gaius is considered familiar with the Ground-type. Along with this, his pinsers are adapted in a way that makes Digging easier, giving him the ability to use Dig almost as fast and efficiently as a Drillbur. Due to his preference for the ground, his movement above ground is even worse than an ordinary Pinsir's.

Shinobi Level 5 Male *Black* Scizor
Hidden Power (Rock)
As a Scyther, Shinobi was a top tier ninja. He completed assassinations and other missions without falter. Although when he evolved, that all changed. The added bulk that a Scizor attains from evolution made Shinobi slower and less agile than his glory days as a Scyther. Through extensive training, Shinobi learned how to overcome this.
Special Training - True Ninja
Shinobi's speed, agility, and flight capabilities are now equal to that of a Scyther's, however, his defenses are now as weak as a Scyther's defenses. Along with this, Shinobi can now use the attack: Fly.

Gilan Level 5 Male Absol
Hidden Power (Flying)
In his previous life, Gilan was a member of the Rangers Corps. of the kingdom of Araluen. Known as a calm, cool, and collected individual, Gilan was also the only member of the Corps. who was well versed in the art of swordsmanship.
Special Training - Master Swordsman
All attacks that involve Gilan's head scythe will do 10% more damage, however, all attacks that involve his tail, claws, and teeth will do 10% less damage.

Manny Level 5 Male Mamoswine
Hidden Power (Flying)
Manny grew up in the times of the Ice Age, going through the realms of the frozen and accustoming himself to his environment. Upon one fateful day, Manny fell into a large icy crevice which trapped him until he was eventually frozen within it. Thousands of years passed and Manny was finally freed, suddenly forced to adapt to a new non-frozen world. The powers of his time didn't leave him, however, granting him special control over the ancient ice powers within him.
Special Attack - Ice Berg Climb (Ice)
Manny surges severe Ice-type energy into the ground, causing a sloped ice berg, to a height of about 2 meters, to form before climbing it and tackling the opponent for significant neutral damage similarly to Rock Climb. This ice is formed from Manny's own energy and thus could be used on any sort of terrain. The formed ice also slightly chills any close to it (about 1 meter) who are not used to cold weather while making Ice-types who are within 1 meter of it slightly more enthusiastic.

Ralph Level 5 Male Goodra
Hidden Power (Fighting)

Special Resistance - Fairy
This Goodra was awarded as the top prize for winning the Winter 2013 Grand Melee, and hence does not count towards squad limits. After excessive training by only the best, it is exceptionally tough. This toughness prevents it from taking super effective damage from Fairy type attacks. Instead, it will receive neutral damage from them.

Hippie Level 5 Male Cacturne
Hidden Power (Rock)
Hippy was the prize for ranking first in the Spring 2014 Grand Melee. He does not count toward squad limits.
Special Training - Nuked Sun (Fire)
Hippy likes to tell people that he was tested on for years. In reality, he probably swallowed something he wasn't supposed to. Whatever the case may be, he now permanently has an odd glow. This causes him to be permanently under the effects of Sunny Day. Any attack or move that requires the sun of the sun is bestowed upon Hippy, even in other weather conditions, indoors or at night. As a side effect, the odd green glow will easily give away his position in darkness or while hiding, although the look can be considered menacing.

Tywin Level 5 Male Tyrantrum
Hidden Power (Dragon)

Special Training - Get back down here! (Rock)
Tywin learned Smack Down, but has forgotten Horn Drill and Thrash.

Don Level 3 Male Honchkrow
Hidden Power (Steel)
No Signature Move

Swagsire Level 4 Male Quagsire
Hidden Power (Bug)
No Signature Move

Rune Level 5 Female Flygon
Hidden Power (Steel)
No Signature Move

Alena Level 5 Female Lanturn
Hidden Power (Poison)
No Signature Move

Salt Level 3 Female Froslass
Hidden Power (Ground)
No Signature Move

Athena Level 1 Female Larvitar
Hidden Power Flying
No Signature Move

Sizira Level 2 Male Skarmory
Hidden Power Ground
No Signature Move

Lawrence Level 5 *Black* Male Gallade
Hidden Power Dark
Preferred to be called King Lawrence, the Gallade hates to be looked down on by others. His proud nature makes his more vengeful than heroic. This matches his appearance, where black and dark hues cover what would normally be green and blue on the Gallade.
Special Attack - Unholy Sword (Dark)
Lawrence charges significant dark energy into his blade before slicing the foe for significant dark damage. This move is particularly good at fighting the evil spirits, dealing full damage to ethereal ghosts. Lawrence has forgotten Night Slash and can only use this signature move two times per battle.

El Santo Level 1 Male Hawlucha
Hidden Power (Steel)

No Signature Move

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