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Started Nuzlocke on Fire Red yesterday. Playing with the following rules:
-Normal rules
-Duplicates can be skipped if you've already caught them
-Black out/white out is game over for good
-Keeping in line with new standards, fainting outside of battle due to poison does not "kill" the Pokemon afflicted.

Name: Hiero

Nuzlocke Journal, Day 1

Started my journey. After much deliberating, I decided to go with Squirtle over Charmander simply because Squirtle is the coolest guy ever. So we set off on our journey, delivered Oaks parcel, got the town map, and beat my rival's Bulbasaur into oblivion. We carried on over to Viridian, and on the way, I ran into my first capture, being Rattata. Caught at Lvl 3, I nicknamed her 'Shorts' because they're comfy and easy to wear. I headed on over to Route 2 where I befriended a Pidgey which I named 'Speed', due to the Pidgey line's ability to fly at speeds up to mach 6, and since Speed Racer drove the Mach 5, I knew what had to be done.

We did some minor training in the Viridian Forest, and ran into my eventual only capture of the forest. The bad news, it was a Weedle. The good news, Beedrill is a Pokemon I like but have unintentionally ignored altogether for the longest time. So after giving her the nickname of Fallus for obvious reasons and because missepelling words is the in thing to do, we moved on to more training and were able to take down two trainers with ease.

We headed back south to Route 22, where we ran into a Mankey who looked like she really wanted to be caught. I happily obliged to that request... by unintentionally killing her. The bitch had it coming, though, as the youngest member of the team was also the first to fall. Midway through our battle, Fallus was brutally murdered when Mankey managed to land a critical hit, breaking the fragile Weedle. Even if it was accidentally, I made damn sure she was avenged.

And then I was mad that I didn't get a fucking Mankey.

We headed back up to Viridian Forest to train some more...

Notable events-
Started journey with Squirtle.
Caught Rattata, Pidgey, and Weedle.
Almost caught a Mankey, lost my chance for any Pokemon on that route when I knocked it out with a critical hit. Would have named it Mandy

Squirtle - Lvl 9 Squirtle
Shorts - Lvl 8 Rattata
Speed - Lvl 3 Pidgey

Fallus - Lvl 4 Weedle

Badges - 0
Location - Viridian Forest

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