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Dude, I was just thinking of making a music thread! Clearly great minds think alike.

You can usually find me listening to generic rock music when left to my own devices, though I'm open to most genres. The bands that take up the most space on my hard drive would be Biffy Clyro (favourite band ever), Muse, Metallica, Foo Fighters and Linkin Park. So pretty generic.

I've recently picked up a few newer albums from up and coming artists, including some of this year's big breakthroughs such as The Vaccines and Ed Sheeran, along with the new albums from The Wombats, Friendly Fires and Example. Not had much chance to listen to them since the radio dominates most of my listening time.

As for the radio, I usually listen to BBC Radio 1 (generic pop music station but the DJ banter's good and they often strike gold with the Introducing program for newer artists) and Jack FM, which plays a host of vintage songs from the '60s onward (a lot of Queen, Dire Straits and Blondie, amongst others). I've got a wide range of tastes, only things I really can't stand are generic dance music and stuff like that.
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