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Hi I'm Handy and I'm doing a nuzlocke because all my friends are playing Firered so I am too wooooo.

I felt literaturey so I named myself Will and my rival Charlie. Perhaps the two most well known British writers of olden times set off on our journey of nuzlocky awesomeness. I did all that the Professor Oak asked, and was granted pokeballs. With them, I caught my second companion, Viola the Pidgey. I trained for a while, and captured two more friends, Costard and Octavian. And then, we headed into Viridian Forest and met Ophelia. Training lasted a while, before we had our first trainer battle. It ended with a poisoned Viola. My heart sank. She died before we could reach A&E. The first casualty.

From there, we headed forth with vengeance, killing every Pokemon in our path. We purposely avoided our Rival, as we knew of his advantage over us. Finally, we came upon Brock, and with a surge of strength, annihilated him. He was light-years away from us. We proceeded into the next route, wreaked havoc and crying lasses in our path, and caught Portia, who joined the team. Finally, we snuck into Mount Moon, capturing LadyMcbeth who is cursed by her name length.

I am currently debating over whether I should buy Magikarp and what that would actually mean Nuzlocke wise.

Portia – Level 7 Jigglypuff
Romeo – Level 13 Bulbasaur
Octavian – Level 11 Beedrill
Costard – Level 12 Mankey
Ophelia – Level 10 Butterfree
LadyMcbeth – Level 8 Zubat

Viola the Pidgey
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