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Mac the Patrat fell quickly in Pinwheel Forest to yet another critical hit (I should really start expecting those at all times and planning accordingly). Managed to get through the forest with Roggenrola alone, then quickly bypassed everything else to hit route 4 and managed to catch myself a Darumaka (named Zenjitsu). At first I was kinda pleased with this until I realised it meant that I had two water weak pokemon and Cheren had Dewott ;;. I reluctantly bought Tympole out of the PC, and after defeating Burgh I headed north. Somehow, a single critical hit from a resisted razor shell is enough to kill a Tympole two levels above the Dewott from full health. Who'd have thunk. Managed to beat Cheren though, and forged ahead on a catching spree.

Upon reaching Desert Resort;

Wild Scraggy appeared!
Darumaka used facade! Critical hit! Wild Scraggy fainted!

Relic Castle was a bit kinder to me and I caught Gogzilla the Sandile, and routes 16 and 5 yielded Clouseau the Liepard and Cuddles the Minccino respectively. With the team ranging from level 19-25, I intend to go back and deal with all the trainers I deliberately skipped for this purpose in the Castelia City-Nimbasa City region and do anything else I possibly can before attempting the gym, because I remember Elesa being a total cow. At least I have Sandile. Once trained up I'll probably leave one of them in the PC as a backup agains the possibility of a wipe. I seem to recall that Elesa is as far as Elsie got when attempting to nuzlocke White the first time he played it (may have been someone else but I think it was Elsie). Hopefully with the advantage of having played the damn thing once before I'll get further. Once through the gym, my plan is to get to Driftveil Bridge/Cold Storage/Route 6 as fast as possible, skipping as much as possible en route, and pick up three new pokemon. On top of my current five, that'll give me enough to take a team of four or five around with me and keep a backup team in case of emergencies and to freely rotate as my needs change.

EDIT the first: And Cuddles dies almost instantly. Great. FUCKING CRITICAL HITS especially wtfing at that one because the previous mega drain did 16 damage and this critical one did at least 45.

EDIT the second: Is it just me, or is the critical hit rate in this game really fucking high? Lost Sandile to a critical Aerial Ace from one of Elesa's Emolgas (from full health, three levels above), then lost Boldore to a critical volt switch from the other Emolga (this last one was admittedly my fault, I was one attack from victory so threw caution to the winds). But still, I'd still have every pokemon I've so far lost but for critical hits. I am really fucking annoyed, particularly about the loss of Boldore who was a grade A badass, and am once more down to two pokemon (Liepard and Darumaka). They're at level 26 and 27 respectively now so going to go train them both up to level 30, kill Cheren, skip ahead to pick up three new pokemon then train those to catch up to level 30 before I even think about trying to carry on with the plot (which iirc involves more Plasma around the next city before the gym leader).
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