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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Only 309 views at the time I'm sharing this with you ... is it sad that I am more in touch with your guys' fandom than you guys are? I guess it's all in who you know.

Sneak peak for Season 2 episode "Discord"

You can thank an IRL friend of mine who is probably a bigger fan of this show than this entire thead combined. Yes, even with you, Sneezey.
Nice of you to link, Talon (Yes we already knew about it, the official pony page on Facebook told me as soon as it was up) but no need to be self-important about it. And it's fairly presumptuous to say your friend is a bigger fan when you're not really qualified to judge since although you may know a lot about his obsession/interest in the Pony Folk, you know next to nothing about ours. So sayeth Muyo, purchaser of the pony toys, taker of the screenshots. But we pony folk love you anyway.

Man I'm so stoked for season 2. And My Little Investigations looks like it's coming along awesomely as well! (For those who don't know about it yet: If it gets finished it will make my year.
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