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I'm currently running 2 nuzlockes.

FireRed: Currently grinding after losing Pumper, my blastoise, and another pokemon. I'm at the Abandoned Mansion on Cinnebar and just recently caught Articuno using repels to reach it. Named it Lovely.

Current Team:
Halitosis, lvl 42 Snorlax
Lap Dance, Lvl 25 Lapras
Magmaw, lvl 25 Arcanine (taught it flamethrower)
Casper, lvl 46 Haunter
Lovely, Lvl 50 Articuno
Multispecs, lvl 43 Jolteon

Emerald Nuzlocke: I just defeated team Magma on top of the volcano by Rustboro. No recent losses.

Current team:
Fawkes, lvl 29 Combusken
AlakaSLAM!, lvl 28 Kadabra
Tyson, lvl 29 Breloom
Klepto, lvl 9 Zigzagoon (hm/pickup slave)
Grace, lvl 28 Beautifly
RockNsoul, lvl 15 Solrock (recently caught)

They're going pretty well.
C+ Ref

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