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Seeing as I can't seem to split my videos into youtube sized chunks without destroying the audio completely, I'll just write for now.

I started off with Terrance the Tepig, and nearly lost the entire thing a few moments later when Cheren's Oshawott got two criticals. Shortly after, we were joined by Steadwell the Lilipup and Mac the Patrat. Later, at the dreamyard, Costello the Pansage joined the team, and the combined effort of Mac and Costello easily defeated Cress in the gym. Headed west and caught Josef the Blitzle on route 3 (yes, I'm a bad person) and MickJagger the Roggenrola in Wellspring cave.

Pinwheel forest, however, has not been kind to me. First, I catch a Tympole (whose line I strongly dislike and almost certainly won't use). Then, a crit from the Nurse's level 15 Munna fells Costello in a single blow (probably my favourite teammate at that point, too), and later a critical hit from a Battle Girl's Timburr fells Josef (which scuppers my plan of having him paralyse with thunderwave then volt switch to pass agility boosts). Thus, I'm left with Pustoad the Tympole (who I'm still not using), MickJagger the Roggenrola, Terrance the Tepig, Mac the Patrat and Steadwell the Lilipup, who I'm going to train up to level 15/16 back on route 3 before attempting the gym. Thankfully, the two pokemon I'll really want for the next two gyms are still alive, but it's small comfort having lost one of my favourite gen v pokemon and another that I had big late game plans for.

EDIT the first: Terrance fell to a critical hit from Lenora's Herdier's take down. FFFFF.

EDIT the second: And another critical hit takes out Steadwell. Fucking criticals everywhere! MickJagger won me the fight, but now I'm left with just Mac the Patrat and MickJagger the Roggenrola, and am seriously considering busting out the Tympole I caught earlier purely to bolster numbers.
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