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Originally Posted by Muyotwo View Post
I really like the idea of one of the CMC (Sweetie Belle?)idolizing Pinkie Pie for an episode and trying to do some of the wacky-physics defying stuff that Pinkie pulls out of nowhere and failing while Pinkie seems utterly mystified that Sweetie Belle isn't able to hang upside down from the top of the screen with no support, or can't get to places ahead of Rainbow Dash. The attention Sweetie Belle pays to Pinkie makes Rarity jealous, and she tries to show her little sister the fabulous arts, with no success. Towards the end of the episode there's a situation that Pinkie gets stuck trying to get Sweetie Belle out of and Twilight and Rarity (mostly Rarity) save the day. Immediately Sweetie Belle decides that being like Pinkie Pie isn't for her, and decides instead to follow... Twilight Sparkle offscreen while Rarity facehoofs.

Boom, Episode'd

I'd watch the shit out of that episode.

Somepony took the presumed design of Discord from the stained glass windows in the screenshots for the first episode and made him a character.

Spoiler: show

Oh yeah... I heard they're going to be showing more pony families this season, so I'd imagine we'll see Rainbow Dash's, Fluttershy's, and Pinkie's. Mayhaps Twilight's as well?
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