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For the record, I have no problem referring to myself as a brony, and I will happily group myself in with bronies (even if the rest of the group is male). But if I'm referring to myself specifically as a female, I'll use pegasister... just because specifying "female brony" sounds silly. xd

すれ違うだけの距離が歯痒い 手を伸ばせば届きそうなのに
意味があるのなら教えて欲しい 締め付ける胸の痛みの
「イツダッテ ウソミタイ アイシタテ ノ ユメミライ」

f i z z y b u b b l e s | w i l d f u t u r e

morningstar - Today at 12:46 PM
her whole being is Arashi

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